Brennan and Emily From Married at First Sight: Everything We Know

Taking a leap of faith, the seventeenth edition of ‘Married at First Sight’ features Denver-based couple Brennan and Emily. Having met each other for just a few moments, the two are bound in holy matrimony in season 17 of the reality television show. As the series progresses, Brennan and Emily find out if they are truly compatible with one another. Given their unique viewpoints on marriage and relationships, fans have continued to wonder more about the couple and their life behind the scenes. So, if you’re also curious and want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Everything We Know About Brennan Shoykhet

Originally from New York, Brennan grew up accustomed to the fast-paced energy of New York. The former personal trainer diversified his work profile and worked with companies as a real estate broker, too. Later, he shifted into consultancy and moved to Denver, Colorado, in 2017. Relocating to Denver didn’t just bring a cultural change for the television personality but also led him to think more deeply about his romantic prospects.

Brennan highly believes in the sanctity of marriage. For him, divorce is out of the picture. Despite developing a deep connection with several women, the reality star couldn’t find someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He shares a unique habit of rotating his pillow whenever he gets into bed. Since he sleeps alone, he ensures that the pillows do not feel alone. Therefore, to make sure they receive “equal love” and “don’t feel neglected,” the New York native has developed a habit of rotating his pillows.

Over the years, Brennan has managed to scale his abilities as a professional, as well. As an industry leader, he now holds a senior position at his current company. The 28-year-old joined Sikich in 2021 and has since been promoted to the position of Senior NetSuite Consultant. The Buffalo University alum specializes in implementing NetSuite, making his professional future ever-evolving. While his prospects as a competent worker are solidified, the television personality has yet to find the love of his life. Thankfully, he has discovered a chance at forevermore with Emily through ‘Married at First Sight.’

Everything We Know About Emily Balch

Emily had given up on the prospect of dating after seeing her romantic life riddled with uncertainty. As an avid traveler, she often finds herself taking off on new adventures. Albeit creating new experiences with her friends and family, the Ohio native has found it hard to find the same luck in romance. Over the years, the 29-year-old had dabbled in the dating scene only to find her ambitions for love crushed. After a streak of men ended up ghosting her, Emily decided that she would swear off dating, the result of which is that she’s never had a boyfriend.

Image Credit: Tamara Lynette Tales/YouTube

While jumping into marriage may prove to be challenging, host Kevin Frazier believes that she and Brennan possess the abilities to come out of the show as wonderful partners. Like Brennan, Emily is also climbing the ladder to success and has garnered wide recognition in her field. The Miami University graduate was previously based in Chicago, where she worked at CEB. Emily was associated with the company for almost three years and had been promoted to the position of Senior Account Management Specialist in B2B Sales and Marketing. In 2018, she made the shift to Gartner, which was previously known as CEB. Here, she used her eclectic knowledge to work as an Account Manager in Large Enterprises.

In 2021, the television personality relocated to Denver, Colorado, and was promoted to the position of Account Executive. While her professional trajectory continues to accelerate, the television personality has yet to find the same steadiness in her romantic life. She has enlisted the help of renowned matchmakers from ‘Married at First Sight’ to help her find the one she can share success with. From the looks of it, Emily has been receptive to enacting a life-long change with Brennan. Naturally, we hope that she and Brennan succeed in all their future endeavors.

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