Where is Brianne Dias From My 600-lb Life Today?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ documents the fantastic journey that several participants undergo to lose weight before they can be operated on by Dr. Now. These individuals are morbidly overweight, and their lives are at risk. Thanks to Dr. Now’s careful guidance and supervision, coupled with their determination, they can turn their lives around.

One of the most inspiring stories has been the case of Brianne Dias. Curious to find out where she is today? We have got you covered with the latest news and updates.

Brianne Dias My 600-lb Life Journey:

Brianne Dias joined the program when she weighed 700 pounds. She revealed that she’d struggled with weight problems most of her life and was waiting to die. Her issues with obesity started due to the psychological and emotional trauma she faced at the hands of her father when she was young. Dias turned to food for comfort, believing her father loved her siblings more than her.

By the time she was a teenager, Brianne had weighed 180 pounds. In response, her father locked the refrigerator and prevented her access, while other family members could freely access the fridge. At the age of 18, she moved away and started drinking and partying as a form of rebellion. After being sexually assaulted at this time, Brianne turned to the comfort of food once again, weighing 450 pounds by the age of 20. At this point, her father cut all ties with her.

She felt humiliated by her weight and the effect it had on her marriage with Rick. Her husband had to help her, and she was afraid it would ruin her marriage, eventually. Thus, she went to Dr. Now and is one of the few participants who diligently followed his instructions. By the end, she’d lost 382 pounds, which is more than half of her peak body weight. Brianne and Dr. Now seem to be on good terms, as you can see from the image below.


Where is Brianne Dias Now?

Brianne is one of the few participants who regularly posts Instagram updates, so we know how she’s doing at present. First, take a look at a transformation picture from 2019, that shows just how far she’s come in her journey.


While Brianne’s weight loss journey might be going great, there’s trouble brewing in her personal life. In February 2020, it was reported that Brianne’s husband was seen spending time with a woman in Florence. Complicating matters is the fact that this lady is considered to be a ‘demon woman.’ Rick is also considering divorcing Brianne, but the woman has her hopes up. You can check out a post on their anniversary where she says Rick broke her heart.


While many might believe that the personal setback would send Brianne spiraling into her old lifestyle, the ‘My 600-lb Life’ participant has made it clear that she’s bent on making positive changes. Brianne seems to have embraced the love of god and self-love as her mantra to keep her going forward. You can check out her most recent post below, where she’s addressed fans in a lengthy message urging them that they can turn their life into something better as well.


In conclusion, Brianne’s weight loss journey is still ongoing, and showing signs of success. She does have her share of problems in her personal sphere. However, the positive spirit seems to be the most significant motivating factor driving her to achieve the dream weight.

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