Everything We Know About Brightburn Sequel

Superhero films are the talk of the town, and the enviable business they have done over the years, nearly dominating the box office every time one of them has released, coupled with the numerous new properties being introduced steadily through spinoffs, sequels and prequels of even a mildly successful property getting greenlit left right and centre, has led some of the people in the business to believe that the genre and the market soon may be overstuffed with superheroes to the point of saturation. In such a scenario, I strongly believe that something like ‘Brighburn’ is the way forward. I sincerely think that something like ‘Brightburn’ was the conceptual brainchild of that very fear of saturation, and the desire to do something different with something extremely popular.

Regardless of the quality or success of the previous film, it’s a win-win, even if in showing other filmmakers the infinite number of possibilities within the realm of superheroes.  Naturally, that doesn’t mean that the makers of this one wouldn’t want to cash in on the perceived or even conceptual success of this one. As the credits sequence of ‘Brightburn’ would suggest, a new shared universe is very well in the making, and ‘Brightburn’ could soon very well see a sequel or a spinoff to meet with this film at some point in the future. Here is everything we know about it.

Brightburn 2 Plot: What can it be about?

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While there is no overtly placed mid or post credits scene in ‘Brightburn’, a sequence of news clips accompanies the credits almost as soon as they start rolling, that both reveal what Brandon is up to now that virtually no one he knows would stand in the way of his world dominion. Quickly flashing news sequences now dub him “Brightburn” and Brandon is shown committing acts of destruction with his powers, destroying buildings and killing hundreds of people, also on one instant burning his double B insignia on a field.

This, however horrific in its realisation, is a seemingly diametrically opposite end you would expect from a ‘Superman’ film, that we now know better to end on an optimistic and hopeful note, establishing ‘Brightburn’ as an almost complete antithesis of any of the ‘Superman’ films, from his origins, to internal struggles to finally being a man simply trying to do some good. If the makers decide to go with a direct sequel immediately after this one, I am sure that a few seconds of that news footage gives us a fair idea of what that’s going to be about, before branching off into a shared universe as the next segment would suggest.

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The second part of the credits sequence is what gets me seriously hyped up. Michael Rooker, who also played Yondu in the previous two James Gunn directed ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ films, appears as a conspiracy theorist while the news reel plays, revealing a Brightburn like figure hovering over sites of mass destruction. He lamentably states that his theories of other superpowered monsters being among them have been proven true by the existence of Brightburn. He then goes on to mention a human like sea monster that has been known to eat people, evidently a horrific spin on another popular DC property, Aquaman, or the witch who strangled people with her inventive rope knots, evidently a horrific spin on Slipknot.

Now, speaking honestly, this credits sequence left me high and dry, especially since the film wasn’t exactly a homerun either, albeit excited for how all of this might look like. We are not even sure whether this ConjuringXDC universe as teased will take off, but it surely sounds like something interesting and twisty. As of this point, what direction the franchise takes, and whether it even develops in the first place is anybody’s guess.

We have seen a fair number of films that promise so much more of what was delivered as still yet to come. This is undoubtedly the age of crossovers, easter eggs and more importantly, shared universes, and the ground for the same is ripe and up for the taking just as the MCU showed the world how it’s done. Naturally, the makers of ‘Brightburn’ have also envisaged a shared universe for Brightburn to inhabit, consisting of monsters with origins similar to superheroes.

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To be completely pragmatic here, not all of the movies that have post credits scenes or Easter Eggs materialise into sequels or full-fledged franchises. Let’s consider the case of ‘Hellboy’ released last month that had a tone easter eggs and as many as three mid and post credits scenes. Seeing as though the film failed to deliver, there is no saying whether any of them would be happening. Therefore, it might be simply put down to commerce, stating that the fate of any franchise for that matter depends on the audience it can draw into theatres, and the ones it can make stay years after the credits have rolled on the first one.

Brightburn 2: Who is Going to be Behind it?

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Depending on how much money ‘Brightburn’ makes at the box-office, Sony would surely be willing to invest in a sequel as distributor and producer, seeing as though competition is severely tough out there, and Sony might be running dry of properties to bank upon, especially since among its most successful ones, Spider Man, is partially owned by the MCU. Having successfully revived ‘Men in Black’ this year with ‘International’, they might soon be looking at potential new properties if the last one doesn’t come through quite as expected. Within reasonable limits of assumption, it would also be prudent to conclude that if a sequel or spinoff happens, the Gunn brothers would all definitely be involved, seeing as though ‘Brightburn’ is their brainchild, with James Gunn also producing the film, an arrangement I suspect will be repeated for upcoming films if any.

Brightburn 2 Cast: Who is going to be in it?

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If you have seen ‘Brightburn’, you would be absolutely unanimous in agreeing with me when I say that the only confirmed cast member who is in any position to return for any sort of future outings would be Jackson A Dunn, playing the titular ‘Brightburn’, since he is the only primary character to have made it out of the film. The rest, including David Denman and Elizabeth Banks were unfailingly, brutally killed in the film, decimating any chances of them returning. My guess would be that in case of a direct sequel, it could be a new family that Brandon terrorises, while secretly continuing his quest of world domination. Again, similar to a superhero movie, him trying to balance the two could be vastly interesting to see. If a shared universe is the way to go, completely new casting calls are on the way.

Brightburn 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

At this point, it is too early to tell when will the Brightburn sequel release. For that to happen, Sony will have to first greenlight the film. Assuming it does, we have to take into account the fact that a film of this scale can take anywhere around two to three years of production time. Not to mention, the availability of Gunn brothers is also a big question mark since they have several projects lined up. Everything considered, the most optimistic estimate of Brightburn 2 release date would be 2022.

Is Brightburn DC Movie?

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No, absolutely not. The first hint for whoever is asking this should come from the production house and distributors. Neither James Gunn nor Sony is involved in any capacity with producing any DC related material, except that Gunn will soon be directing a ‘Suicide Squad’ film, also written by him.

‘Brightburn’ is obviously a spin on the immensely popular character history and mythos of Superman, but that’s where it ends. It remains a standalone film looking to start its own shared universe of superpowered horrific beings that contrary to their superhero counterparts mean the Earth or its residents no good, as seen from the credits of ‘Brightburn’.

Although, it is not at all surprising to see that DC didn’t push back on infringement grounds on Gunn and company, seeing as though they currently have a good, professional relationship with Gunn after he was announced director of the new ‘Suicide Squad’ film following his temporary firing from Disney’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’. Plus, a number of other filmmakers and storytellers have twisted historical icons to tell stories that break new grounds for the sake of entertainment and a creative expression “license”. As long as it is not distasteful mockery, which I can ensure you ‘Brightburn’ isn’t, it is all in good spirit. However, for all foreseeable future, Brightburn is not a part of the DC universe, in comic books or in films, and will continue to remain as such.

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