Britney and Kerok From Love During Lockup: All We Know About The Couple

Enveloped in drama and systemic structures, ‘Love During Lockup’ chronicles the life of inmates and their partners. As felons and their significant others try to storm the challenges in their way, the reality television show maps secrets, heartbreak, and raw emotions. With a number of liberties curtailed, the show features the struggles that couples undergo without a proper relationship. The fifth installment of the show features Britney and Kerok as one of the couples.

Britney and Kerok’s Background

With a number of tribulations that marred their early years, Britney and Kerok have endured a number of ups and downs throughout their life. Nevertheless, the duo, now past their early 20s, are trying to come to terms with the number of issues that plague them personally and beyond. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the relationship between Britney and Kerok has evolved to the point that the former is now staying with Kerok’s family. As such, even though the duo have had to bear their share of struggle, they have also made progress. Now a free woman, Britney has enrolled in a beauty school and looks forward to creating change in her life.

Britney and Kerok’s Professional Journey

While their aspirations to start anew are inspiring, Britney and Kerok have shared a tumultuous journey. After getting released from prison after three years, Britney has just started to get her life back on track. So, even though the reality star has had a rough past, she is still trying to evolve and carve a niche for herself in the beauty industry. Using her talent and insight in hair, nails, makeup, and cosmetology, Britney is trying to alleviate her past and embark on her journey in the industry.

As for Kerok, the inmate’s journey in prison prolongs. Kerok was initially incarcerated in a female facility. However, he later began his transition. During this time, the C.O. of the prison ended up mishandling the medications and schedule of the medicines, which led to a number of issues for Kerok. Nevertheless, two years into his transition, Kerok, who identifies with he/him pronouns, is now on the path to redemption in a number of ways.

Britney and Kerok’s Relationship Status: Navigating Troubles Together

After a brief spat following infidelity, Britney and Kerok have decided to work out the issues in their relationship and try to be more understanding and receptive to each other. Moreover, now that Britney is no longer incarcerated, the reality star has also decided to start IVF treatment so that she and Kerok can finally begin a family of their own. While the duo are hopeful about their future, the complications in their relationship still exist.

With family members and friends acting as spies and adding more drama into the mix, Kerok and Britney continue to experience bouts of doubt. Even though Kerok and Britney are trying to fulfill each other’s wishes and understand their partner much more deeply, their raw emotions are clearly reflected in ‘Love During Lockup.’ So, even though a number of impediments block their path, we continue to hope that the duo manages to create more milestones in the future!

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