Bruce Perreault From Survivor 44: All We Know About Him

CBS’ ‘Survivor‘ is a show that many watch with the utmost interest because they love to see people tap into their maximum potential while being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Season 44 of this reality show is no different and has recruited some top-notch contestants, each with their own agenda and unique skillset. One of them is Bruce Perreault, a jolly man with a pearly white smile who can knock your teeth out if need be. He is truly a force to be reckoned with, but you only know the man, not the story that shaped him. So, here’s everything you need to learn about Bruce Perreault from ‘Survivor 44’.

Bruce Perreault’s Military Service Background

Bruce is a strong and focused 46-year-old from West Warwick, Rhode Island. He grew up in Warwick, and after changing multiple occupations, he has now settled in Warwick. Bruce describes himself as energetic, funny, and competitive. He chose to enter ‘Survival 44’ because he believes it is a great social experiment that allows one to test their limits.

If he’s not working, Bruce loves to spend his leisure time playing golf or boxing. Amongst the many strange things people do, he strongly dislikes people who run their teeth on the fork while eating, which is oddly specific. Bruce is also a US Navy Veteran, and 26 years ago, one of his expeditions was on USS Briscoe DD977.

The one experience that shaped Bruce and prepared him for the show was raising a family after being abandoned as a child and suffering its consequences until a white family adopted him. In his formative years, Bruce grew up in the foster-care system, which made him value all kinds of relationships. Along with him, his parents also adopted seven more children. One of the biggest inspirations of his life is his adoptive mother, who does not tolerate anyone and exuberates love and kindness.

Bruce Perreault’s Profession

In 2007, he started working as a Financial Advisor at MassMutual for more than five years. In June 2013, he held the same job profile but switched to Baystate Financial for another year. Shortly after that, he joined the Santander Bank as a Premier Banker, where he managed portfolios of multiple affluent customers for the next 2.9 years.

In September 2016, Bank Rhode Island hired Bruce as their Senior Personal Banking Representative till July 2019. Then he started his present job as Account Executive at Expert Insurance Agency, where he has been working since November 2019. Moreover, he’s also an entrepreneur and founder of Williams and Stuart Real Estate, where he primarily fulfills the role of a realtor by buying and selling properties.

Bruce Perreault’s Wife and Kids

Even after achieving numerous things, Bruce’s biggest accomplishment is raising his family. He is married to Melinda Duggan Perreault, who birthed his two beautiful children — 17-year-old Sydnee and 16-year-old Dylan. Both his kids play sports at the competitive level, and before they leave for a match, the family has a conversation where they ask their beloved child just to have fun. This time around, Dylan and Sydnee gave him the same advice, which Bruce wholeheartedly intends to follow.

He undoubtedly loves his family to the moon and back, and it was evident during his interview with Parade, where he was asked about his favorite moment in ‘Survivor’ history. He replied, “My favorite moments in watching Survivor would be the family visits. I know we haven’t seen them recently. But the family visit is my favorite part just for the fact that people have been away from their family for whatever period of time. And it gives them a little bit of a jolt of energy because they remember why they’re there.”

So, it seems Bruce has the right amount of experience, which might help him with physically challenging tasks and brainy tactics. We hope to see him do better every single day and embody the philosophy he preached throughout the show.

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