Bruh Filming Locations

There have been very few comedy shows that depict friendship between African-American males as a core premise. Tyler Perry’sBruh‘ is about to change that. The BET+ series promises tons of laughs in classic, sitcom fashion while making the genre more inclusive. ‘Bruh’ revolves around a group of men who are in their 30s. By doing so, the show explores dating and friendship in the modern age. It depicts its characters attempting to balance their romantic life and their professional responsibilities. ‘Bruh’ also tries to subvert various stereotypes about African-American men.

Barry Brewer stars as John Watts. Mahdi Cocci plays the character of a doctor named Tom Brooks. Apart from that, Philip Mullings Jr. plays a lawyer named Mike Alexander while Monti Washington plays Bill Frasier, an architect.

Where was Tyler Perry’s Bruh Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, ‘Bruh’ is a comedy series about a group of friends who try to balance their romantic life and their professional responsibilities in their early 30s. Because of the nature of the story, most of the action on the plot is set in frequently-recurring locations like the characters’ houses and workplaces. Hence, the show does not really need to use a diverse set of places to shoot the series. Viewers must have wondered where the Tyler Perry show has been shot.

Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, Georgia

To begin with, ‘Bruh’ is filmed in the city of Atlanta in Georgia, United States. This was confirmed by a photo that was shared by Mahdi Cocci. Have a look:

There have been a lot of projects filming in Georgia of late. That is the reason the state is now dubbed as the “Hollywood of the South.” The reason that the state has been able to attract so many filming projects is its lucrative tax credits program. A twenty percent tax break is given to productions that spend more than $500,000 in the state. Apart from that, an additional 10 percent break is also given to these productions if they attach a promotional logo in the finished project.

To be more specific, filming for ‘Bruh’ is carried out at Tyler Perry Studios. This was confirmed by a casting call that was posted on Instagram. Have a look:

Tyler Perry Studios is one of the largest production facilities in the United States and sprawls over 330 acres. It contains 12 state-of-the-art soundstages. Apart from that, the facility also includes a White House set that is 80% to scale. Plus, there are also sets for a cabin near a lake, a county jail, a bank, a trailer park, a commercial jet, and a suburban street. Have a look at the following behind-the-scenes photo shared by Barry Brewer:

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