Bug Juice: Where Are the Cast Members Now?

Created by Douglas Ross and J Rupert Thompson, Disney’s ‘Bug Juice’ is a reality series that provides its fans a glimpse into the entertaining world of summer camps. Focusing on various kids and counselors that make the place what it is, the show first aired in 1998, with its third and last season released in 2001. The enthralling nature of the series has naturally helped it create its own fanbase, with the public eager to know where the various cast members are these days. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Rhett Bachner is Producing Entertainment Content Today

Boys Counselor Rhett Bachner continues to be a part of the entertainment industry though not in a way many might expect. While he has rarely appeared in front of a camera since his time on ‘Bug Juice,’ the Disney star is now an accomplished producer, director, and writer. Some of his notable projects include ‘Shark Tank‘ and ‘The Henry Rollins Show.’ Additionally, Rhett is an Executive Producer for B17 Entertainment, a company he helped establish in 2013 alongside Brien Meagher. As for his personal life, Rhett is happily married to his wife, Laura, and the couple has two beautiful children. The happy family lives in California.

Everett Boyle is Investing in New Media

As of writing, Everett Boyle holds the position of Investment Principal for New Media Ventures. The reality TV star has been a part of the company since April 2022. He is also a Partner at Social Justice Partners Los Angeles and a Senior Fellow at USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy. As many might have gathered, Everett is based in Los Angeles, California.

Connor Shaw is Leading a Multimedia Organization

Next on the list, we have Connor Shaw, a camper beloved by many due to his dashing looks and personality. It seems like the reality TV cast member is now based in New York City and serves as the owner of an accomplished multimedia organization. We hope Connor has maintained his success streak and will only shine brighter in the future.

Cameron Delany is Directing Sales at Paramount

Cameron Delany seems to be thriving in the entertainment industry, though she prefers to keep the details of her personal life private. That said, she is presently the Vice President for Sales for Paramount, a role she took up in December 2018. Interestingly, the reality TV star holds the same position for CBS Interactive and ViacomCBS. Before that, Cameron worked with companies like CBS Interactive, Kaagan Research Associates, and Evolution Film and Tape.

Jon Adler is Advocating for Public Policy

Jonathan “Jon” Adler is based in Los Angeles, California, and has accomplished much. Currently, he is the Senior Director of Global Public Policy for Bird. Before this particular organization, the Johns Hopkins University alum had been a part of companies like Dewey Square Group, M+R Strategic Services, Department of the Interior, etc.

Eve LaFountain is Sharing Her Story

Featured in season 3 of the show, Eve LaFountain’s exit from the camp was undoubtedly heartwrenching and memorable. She is now part of the entertainment industry as an artist and cameraman and has mixed feelings about her time on the show. In fact, Eve recently shared her side of the story about what led to her dismissal from the camp. Another camper had hidden marijuana in her belongings to not get in trouble

. This led to Eve being implicated for the same, and she was asked to leave as early as possible. She stated that her producer and camera crew claimed that she had done nothing wrong, and they had her on the tape, given that almost every single moment of her time in the camp was filmed. Yet, she was still removed.

Malik Sollas is Facilitating Community Education

Malik Sollas has come a long way when it comes to professional growth. The University at Buffalo alum serves as a Community School Facilitator for public schools in Baltimore, Maryland. Earlier, he was part of the Leadership Development Program at Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys. In June 2021, he gained his master’s degree in Special Education from New York University. Malik also has a Master of Public Administration degree from Alfred University.

Sarah Ceglarski is Leading Marketing Strategies

Currently, Sarah Ceglarski is Omelet’s Partner and Chief Marketing Officer. She has been affiliated with the organization for more than a decade. Additionally, Sarah volunteers as a mentor in various local schools and is a Board Member of ThinkLA. Based in Culver City, California, she is always ready to ensure that her vision is implemented most effectively and creatively as possible.

Asa Korsen is Enjoying Fatherhood and Coffee

Since his time on the reality show, Asa Korsen has seemingly explored his musical talents. He was allegedly a bassist for a band called Houseboat in and around 2008. Since then, the reality TV star has become a father and is always happy with a cup of well-roasted coffee.

Anna Korsen is Directing a Nonprofit Program

As of writing, Anna Korsen, Asa’s sister, is the Program Director of Full Plates Full Potential. Based in Portland, Maine, she is a proud mother who is always happy to discuss various social issues that she feels should be addressed. Anna’s role as an activist only serves to add to her charisma, with people eager to see what she does next.

Stephanie Etkin is Counseling Students

Up next, we have Stephanie Etkin, who has apparently taken up the role of an Educator. Now reportedly married and a mother, she is seemingly based in Texas and works as a Guidance Counselor. We wish Stephanie and her family the best and hope they have a fantastic future.

Jason Wool is Practicing Cybersecurity Law

Well known for his penchant for breaking the rules to distribute candy among his fellow campers, Jason Wool has interestingly taken up law as his professional path. The reality TV star now works as a Lawyer focusing on cybersecurity and lives in Washington DC.

Patrick Milhaupt is Selling Real Estate

Patrick Milhaupt now works as a Real Estate Agent for Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty and seems to be thriving as a Realtor. Based in Lake Forest, Illinois, the reality TV star married his wife, Debs Milhaupt, on September 23, 2017. The happy couple has a daughter named Charlotte, born in February 2020.

Andy White is Leading Middle School Education

It does seem like Andrew “Andy” White is thriving in his life as an Educator. The reality star became the Middle School Principal of Friends’​ Central School and lives in New York. Andy also volunteers as a Tutor for Harlem Lacrosse to provide students with one-on-one teaching experience.

Caitlin Welby is Coaching and Consulting

Caitlin Welby is presently the Founder, Coach, and Chaplain of Wisdom of the System. She works as a freelance Brainspotting Consultant and as a partner at Karma Ventures. Caitlin describes herself as a “Recovering Conceptual Artist Navigating Ambiguity On Her Way Home” and is always happy to share her artistic and entrepreneurial vision with her followers and clients. Furthermore, the artist has a knack for photography and often shares clicked pictures on social media.

Alison Harding is Specializing in Communications

None can deny the sheer achievements that Alison Harding has accomplished over the years and how far she has come. The Woburn, Massachusetts, resident is a communication expert whose language skills are commendable. She is a Senior Communications/Marketing Specialist for Cummings Properties and has been professionally active since 2001.

Hassan Omar is Operating in the Shuttle Industry

After his time on the show, Hassan A Omar became a student at Tufts University and learned about American History. In 2011, he became affiliated with Time To Go Taxi, a Taxi/Limo Operator. Hassan lives in Pittsboro, North Carolina, and has been in the shuttle industry for over a decade.

Max Fishko is a Senior Director at Superblue

Max Fishko lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has accomplished much over the years. The Skidmore College alum is a Senior Director at Superblue and has previously worked with artMRKT, HEG, Arbiter Productions, etc. The various services the reality TV star provides include event planning, project management, consultation, and more.

How Did Peter Kerns Die?

Camp Waziyatah director Peter Kerns passed away in January 2001 during a trip to Germany. He and his wife, Penny Kerns, had bought the camp in 1997 and directed it together. However, his demise during the overseas recruiting trip was certainly heartbreaking for many. Before his death, Peter was heavily involved in the camping community and took delight in his role as a mentor. After his death, Penny sold the camp to Gregg and Mitch Parker in 2007.

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