Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Young-woo Jang directs the Korean-original dark and gory horror drama series ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.’ So-ra Kwon and Jae Won Seo serve as the writers for the series. The story probes into the immortal life of Hwal on his path of revenge, moving between past and present. After Bulgasal assails his family, he lives in the shadows of the past, making vengeance the mantra of his life.

In the modern-day, he looks for Min Sang-Un, who has reincarnated as a human after imbibing the soul of Hwal. In the fourth episode, the story veers off course with the appearance of another immortal monster. If you seek to follow the episode’s final moments from close quarters, let us take you back to the demon-infested world. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 4 Recap

Following the cliffhanger of the third episode, the fourth part brings sisters Min Sang-Un and Min Si-Ho for a confrontation. We come to know that Min Si-Ho is pregnant, and Min Sang-Un does not lose her smile. Hwal reminisces about his Joseon period life with Dan Sol on the way back. The snippets give us a recap of their past lives, from their upbringing together to the fateful marriage.

In the meantime, the old witch has also become an associate of Hwal in this life. Hwal tells her how important it is for him to get the girl and exact revenge. Elsewhere, we come to know the identity of the other monster that was about to prey on Min Sang-Un before Hwal appeared on the scene. He is Geuseunsae, a demon who attacks people on rainy days. Geuseunsae seems to be in league with someone mysteriously named the Dark Hole.

After being saved by Hwal from Dueoksini, Nam Do-Yun, the boy from the trunk, does not leave the trail of Hwal. He appears at Hwal’s doorstep, asking for a place to hide. On the other hand, General Dan Geuk, or detective Kwon Ho-Yeol in his present life, asks for Hwal’s number from the other detective. Although the detective is hesitant, he gives Kwon Hwal’s number.

When Kwon calls him up, however, Hwal is not at home. Nam Do-Yun receives the call, and Kwon asks for the number. Later, when Kwon gets the address and heads to the house, Hwal is not there. He is instead busy saving Min Si-Ho from Geuseunsae. Hwal chases the monster to a parking lot and plans to kill the beast. However, it starts to rain, and Geuseunsae becomes more powerful.

Moreover, Kwon reaches the scene, and Hwal stops at the sight of him. Kwon plans to take the monster to the police, but we are in for a blast and some more gore. In the meantime, Hwal meets a stranger who also claims the soul of Min Sang-Un. Hwal comes close to killing Min Sang-Un, but he hesitates when she asks him for help. Only Hwal, the man with a scar on his right hand, can assail the monster that killed Min Sang-Un’s family.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 4 Ending: Who Killed Min Sang-Un’s Family?

A hooded stranger kills Min Sang-Un’s family. We initially jump to the conclusion that Hwal is the assailant of Min Sang-Un’s mother and sister. However, the fourth episode reveals that Hwal did not kill them. Geuseunsae, who has been chasing Min Sang-Un from an early age, spills that there are other monsters hellbent on claiming Min Sang-Un’s soul. The dreamy scenes further reveal the face of the killer.

A particular Dark Hole employs Geuseunsae to locate Min Sang-Un. In the past, the Dueoksini incarnate artist spoke about a person with a dark hole near his heart. The Dark Hole is another monster and probably the one who killed Min Sang-Un’s family. When Min Sang-Un accuses Hwal of assailing her family in the tunnel, Hwal does not know what she is talking about. He seems surprised, but the Dark Hole himself reaches the scene and clarifies the doubts shortly after. He admits to killing the family.

Is Nam Do-Yun Dead or Alive?

Detective Kwon captures Nam Do-Yun in the suspicion that he knows something. As an overtly chatty teenager, Nam Do-Yun complies. After releasing the monster Geuseunsae from the deadly clutches of Hwal, Kwon takes Geuseunsae and Nam Do-Yun on a trip to hunt down some monsters. He asks Geuseunsae whether the monster knows anything about Bulgasal. Geuseunsae enthusiastically spills that he has heard the name from his employer.

The vehicle gets into an accident while the passengers escape the car in the nick of time. The car catches fire to Kwon’s dismay, and a burst follows. Meanwhile, he attempts to locate the others. The nocturnal darkness does not reveal much, but we get the idea that Geuseunsae is feasting on Nam Do-Yun. Kwon catches a glimpse of the sinister act, while Geuseunsae does not stop drinking Nam Do-Yun’s blood. With the gore and disturbing sight, it seems that Nam Do-Yun is indeed dead.

Who is the Dark Hole? Are There More Bulgasals?

There should be more Bulgasals, as per the plurality of the subtitle “Immortal Souls.” In this episode, we come to realize that Hwal may not be the only person looking for Min Sang-Un for 600 years. After meeting the grandma, a person approaches Min Sang-Un on her way back from the hospital. He gets the blade out, and Min Sang-Un instantly recognizes it from the Joseon period.

It is possibly the same sword that her sister told her about, and the person holding the blade seems to be the Dark Hole. He stabs the sword into Hwal because he finds Hwal a hindrance in the way of Min Sang-Un. According to the monster, Min Sang-Un’s soul belongs to him after Min Sang-Un trapped him in immortality in the previous life. With this acknowledgment, he seems to be another Bulgasal. Therefore, there are probably more Bulgasals than Hwal’s knowledge.

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