Where Is Bulgasal Immortal Souls Filmed?

Helmed by Young-woo Jang from a screenplay written by So-ra Kwon and Jae Won Seo, the Korean original fantasy horror series ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ (alternatively titled ‘Immortality’) is a treat for the eyes. The story takes us to an ancient world where the presence of Monsters threatens humans. Humans seek to eradicate monsters in an era of transition, but Bulgasal cannot be killed as it has no soul. When it sets eyes upon a soul, the child must become immortal to pay for the sins.

A child cursed by Bulgasal becomes the subject of torment by the villagers who think him to be the cause for the deaths in the village. But destiny entails the child to become one of the most feared demon slayers to go down in history. The story unfolds in breathtaking mountainous and forested regions while retaining the old-world charm. The sheer production value makes the show captivating, and a star-studded cast ensemble brings the fantasy world to life. However, you may have wondered where the series is filmed, and in that case, allow us to divulge everything.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Filming Locations

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ is filmed in its entirety in South Korea, especially in and around Seoul. Following the release of Award-winning movies and shows like ‘Parasite‘ and ‘The Squid Game,’ the South Korean culture boom has drawn the world’s attention. The country is fast becoming a central hub of cinematic production since streaming platforms such as Netflix have broken cultural and language barriers.

Although most Korean language movies and shows are filmed in the country, the global standard productions are steadily unveiling a refreshing breadth of vision. This show is quite heavy on visual effects, and Westworld, MOO Media, Realade, OPIM Digital, and Undesigned Museum jointly handled the VFX chore. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the show is filmed.

Seoul, Korea

The show is filmed in its entirety in and around Seoul, the enchanting capital of South Korea. The crew set up a base in a spacious studio outside Seoul, where they created detailed and elaborate sets to facilitate filming. The team was diligent in every aspect of the production and took time to perfect the shots. Moreover, they also occasionally ventured out of the capital to capture the region’s scenic beauty. Above all, the show captivates the audiences with the lush pastoral setting. The enormous metropolis features architectural, cultural, and gastronomical innovation – billboards showcasing K-Pop artists, Buddhist temples, and dingy marketplaces feature side by side in the city’s skyline.

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