Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

The monsters under your bed come alive in the fantasy horror KDrama ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.’ Created by So-ra Kwon and Jae Won Seo and vividly directed by Young-woo Jang, the story revolves around the myth of the titular monster. Six hundred years ago, in the Joseon Era, famous monster slayer Dan Hwal became immortal when Bulgasal claimed his soul.

In the present day, he looks for Min Sang-Un, who may or may not be a reincarnation of the dreadful creature. Min Si-Ho’s kidnapping ends the story on a tense note in the fourth episode. However, the fifth part changes all equations, and we get the idea that Hwal is the archetypal ignorant hero. If you seek to recollect the sixth episode’s final moments, let us put an end to your quest. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 6 Recap

The story paces forward, following the cliffhanger finale of the fifth part. Teoreokson, the monster reincarnated as serial killer Kang Cheol-Yong, has taken Min Si-Ho hostage. Hwal promises Min Sang-Un that he would do everything in his accord to save Min Si-Ho, but he does not spill why he cares for her. Hwal asks Detective Kwon to look for reservoirs in the area with multiple missing reports and a unique pattern.

Detective Kwon heads back to Detective Ham, offering a bowl of instant noodles. Although Ham is hesitant at first, he tells Kwon that several people have gone missing and died in the Dalmyeong Reservoir, all with a dislocated leg. As the reservoir in question is not far from where they find Min Si-Ho’s scarf, Kwon finds it plausible that Min Si-Ho is in the area. They head to the place, and although the door is locked, Min Sang-Un can sense the monster inside. Hwal breaks into the facility and chases the monster to a pool on the upper floor.

Hwal seems to overpower the beast until Kwon’s hand starts hurting from a memory of his previous life. To tend after his father’s reincarnation, Hwal leaves the hairy beast. Min Sang-Un, meanwhile, finds Min Si-Ho inside a room adjacent to the pool. The monster also identifies her and grabs her by the leg, but Min Sang-Un stabs him with Hwal’s dagger in the nick of time. The monster seemingly dies after some more commotion underwater while Min Sang-Un rescues Hwal. She takes him ashore and back to his home while he remains unconscious all the while.

Min Sang-Un attempts CPR, and upon waking, Hwal needs blood to cater to his wound. Nam Do-Yun, Min Sang-Un, and Min Si-Ho have not eaten much either, and Hwal’s butcher-associate brings them fresh meat. Meanwhile, Kwon is the only witness to the murder of Kang Cheol-Yong, and Detective Ham brings him in for questioning. However, Kwon is not of much help for his “blurred vision,” and the police conclude that the death is a suicide. We also find that Ok Eul-Tae, the Dark Hole, has connections with the police.

After drinking some blood from an officer, he meets the mayor, referring to him as the dog. The mayor shudders from fear. Hwal has a dream about Min Sang-Un killing him in his sleep. He wakes up to see the others chatting and having breakfast. Detective Kwon wants to help Hwal catch the Bulgasal. He takes Min Si-Ho back to Min Si-Ho’s ancestral home, but we see that the Dark Hole is early to reach the scene. Nam Do-Yun and the butcher leave to get more food. Following Hwal’s warning, Min Sang-Un stays with him, and they finally have a proper conversation. Hwal is in for another shock.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Episode 6 Ending: Was Min Sang-Un Really Bulgasal In Her Past Life?

Following Hwal’s relentless pursuit, we figure that Min Sang-Un was Bulgasal in her past life. She also looks the part, but the finale of the sixth episode suggests otherwise. Entering Hwal’s room, Min Sang-Un sees her 16th-century portrait and ponders for a while. Hwal retrieved the picture from Dueoksini reincarnated as a painter, and subsequently, he has gathered more photos of various reincarnations of Min Sang-Un over the years. After seeing her portrait, Min Sang-Un agrees that she was Bulgasal and promises to give Hwal his soul back once the Dark Hole is dead.

When Min Sang-Un asks for proof, Hwal states that the monsters are after her since she has Hwal’s soul. However, she needs further confirmation about her past life as Bulgasal. Hwal asks her to check her shoulder and see if there is a scar there. However, while Min Sang-Un remembers her deceased sister having a scar like that, she has none. Therefore, we conclude that Min Sang-Un was not Bulgasal after all, even when she may conceal Hwal’s soul within her. When she got reincarnated as twins, her properties were presumably split — while Min Sang-Yeon got the scar and the memories, Min Sang-Un only has the soul.

Does Kwon Remember The Past?

Detective Kwon begins to remember his past as General Dan Geuk. While on their way to rescue Min Sang-Un, Kwon has a sharp pain in his left arm. It was the same arm that he lost while combatting Teoreokson in the past life. When Hwal chokes Teoreokson by the reservoir, Kwon is in the scene, and the pain comes back. Later, he discovers that the arm is intact, while Hwal tells him that it is only a memory from his past life.

Later in the episode, Kwon stops when he looks at Min Si-Ho (his daughter from the previous life) and tells her that she looks oddly familiar. With these minor incidents, it seems that Kwon remembers parts of his past life. The following episodes may remind him further of his past royal lineage, which will be interesting to see.

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