Buying Beverly Hills Season 2: Where Are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ is known for providing viewers with an insight into the lives of some of the top names in The Agency. Based in Los Angeles, California, these real estate agents are known for balancing their professional and personal connections in a way that keeps the viewers highly intrigued. From high-end breathtaking properties to drama-filled tense situations, there is much to be seen in the recently released season 2 of the show. The captivating series of events is certainly a big reason behind the viewers’ continued interest in the lives of their favorite realtors.

Mauricio Umansky Has Separated From His Wife

The man at the helm of the whole operation, Mauricio Umansky is the Founder and CEO of The Agency. He has established himself as one of the most prominent names in the real estate industry and is proud of each and every accomplishment that his employees make. Additionally, he is an author whose book, ‘The Dealmaker,’ was launched on April 11, 2023. Additionally, he appeared in the thirty-second season of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ but was the sixth person to be eliminated from the competition.

As for his personal life, Mauricio seems to be navigating some tough times. As fans might know, he has been married to ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ star Kyle Richards since 1996. However, in October 2023, it was confirmed that the two had separated officially, though they continue to live in the same house. Together, the couple is navigating their new circumstances while trying to be there for their four daughters – Farrah Brittany, Alexia Umansky, Alexia Umansky, and Portia Umansky.

Farrah Brittany is Now Single

Farrah Brittany Aldjufrie is the eldest daughter of Kyle Richards and stepdaughter to Mauricio Umansky. Her presence in the Netflix series is prominent, and she has left the public heavily invested in her life. She is one of the founders of The Agency and is presently part of the Umansky Team as an agent. Additionally, she serves as the company’s Director of Client Relations and is a crucial member of the company. As for her personal life, she had gotten engaged to Alex Manos in November 2021. However, the engagement ended with both parties going their separate ways. As such, Farrah is now single, and it does not seem like she has a partner. That said, she maintains a good relationship with her sisters and expressed concerns over the separation of her parents, Mauricio and Kyle.

Alexia Umansky is in a Happy Relationship

Up next, we have Alexia Umansky, who is also working for The Agency. Specifically, she is an agent for the Umansky Team and works as the group’s marketing specialist. Having blossomed into her professional role under the guidance of her father and older sister (Farrah Brittany), Alexia has made quite a name for herself as a real estate agent. Her expertise seems to lie in the field of social media marketing, as she uses various platforms to promote different properties and events.

We are also delighted to share that Alexia is in a relationship with Jake Zingerman. The two have been friends since they were in third grade and became a couple only a few years ago. Both of them are known for being open about their love for each other on social media, often sharing their appreciation publically on the internet, much to the delight of their fans. Alexia also seems to have been taken aback by her parents’ separation but seems determined to support them in anyway possible.

Sophia Umansky Has Followed in Her Father’s Footsteps

Sophia Umansky is the second youngest daughter of Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards. She became a prominent figure in ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ season 2 and has quickly garnered much support. Though she is part of The Agency, Sophia is currently an Intern for the organization and has not yet started working as an Agent. The George Washington University is learning much from her father, as well as her two sisters, Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky.

Currently single, Sophia enjoys spending time with her family and friends and seems to have a very good bond with her sisters, especially Farrah. Like her sisters, Sophia was seen concerned about the recent revelations regarding her parents’ marriage, having expressed much of her thoughts in the Netflix series itself.

Joey Ben-Zvi is Taking the Lead

An emerging figure in the Los Angeles real estate market, Joey Ben-Zvi has certainly showcased just what he is capable of. Part of The Agency, Joey was previously a member of the Umansky Team but now has a group of his own within the organization. Along with Brandon Piller, he is one of the founders of the BZP Group, for which Joshua Kashani serves as a Partner as well. Many of Joey’s recent sales have been in double-digit million figures, which has helped him cultivate even more connections. Though seemingly single at the moment, Joey’s main focus seems to be on his career.

Melissa Platt is an Avid Volunteer

Part of the real estate industry for almost a decade, Melissa Platt is one person you simply cannot help but be intrigued by. The reality TV star is presently active in two different states as a real estate agent. For her dealings in California, she works alongside The Agency to make sure that her clients have the best possible amenities available to them. Additionally, Melissa is active in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in association with Allie Beth Allman and Associates.

Moreover, Melissa enjoys volunteer work and has been serving as a Classroom Owner for Vogel Alcove since January 2018. She also works alongside The Salvation Army as a volunteer, with a connection dating back to January 2000. When not working hard, the real estate agent can be seen spending time with her friends and family. She is also quite attached to her dog, King, who can often be seen on her social media.

Ben Belack Has Been in a Relationship For a Year

Let’s now talk about Ben Belack, whose drive for work is one that is hard for many to match. He is the head of the Ben Belack Group and currently serves as a Residential Estates Director. Ben’s work has helped him gain recognition from many reputed publications and organizations. Additionally, he is the co-host of ‘To Live and Buy in Los Angeles,’ a podcast he co-hosts alongside his friend and fellow real estate agent, Zach Goldsmith. The podcast often addresses the issues within the Los Angeles real estate market and features other agents and prominent figures. As for his love life, it seems like Ben is now in a romantic relationship with Jade Bingham. The two celebrated their first anniversary as a couple on February 14, 2024, and are looking forward to their future together.

Zach Goldsmith is a Proud Husband and Father

A new face to the main roster of ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ season 2, Zach Goldsmith is no slouch when it comes to selling properties. He has been active in the industry for over two decades, having learned the craft from his own mother. Now, he works with The Agency as an Estates Division Director and specializes in off-market properties. Thanks to his impressive work, Zach has often been declared as one of the top agents in the Los Angeles area by publications like Variety and Los Angeles Business Journal.

Zach also enjoys using his sense of humor to make others laugh, a skill he showcases often as the co-host of ‘To Live and Buy in Los Angeles.’ The podcast also features Ben Belack as a co-host. More than anything, though, Zach seems to adore spending time with his wife, Jennifer Hamilton-Goldsmith. The couple are proud parents to two boys – Adler and Miles, with whom Zach tries to spend as much time as possible.

Michelle Schwartz is Proud of Her Two Sons

One of the Founders of The Agency, Michelle Schwartz is well-known in the real estate market of Los Angeles. Apart from working as an Agent for the company, she also serves as the Manager Partner for Sherman Oaks, Studio City, and Calabasas. With a background in public relations and marketing, Michelle believes she has what it takes to be a leader, especially when it comes to commanding the attention of a room.

As of writing, Michelle is happily married to her husband, Alon Schwartz. The couple completed fifteen years of their marriage in June 2023 and seem to be looking forward to many more years of companionship. Together, they have two sons, whom they love very much. Their older son, Ethan, turned 14 in February 2024, while their younger son, Asher, celebrated his 12th birthday in September 2023. Proud of her Mexican and Jewish roots, Michelle enjoys celebrating her culture and educating her sons on the same.

Tyler Hill is Now a Mother

Tyler Hill was yet another new face to appear in season 2 of ‘Buying Beverly Hills.’ She has been affiliated with The Agency since June 2018 and is a crucial part of the Ben Belack Group. Not only does she ensure her client’s needs, but she is also known for sharing real estate industry tips on social media, which has helped her earn much appreciation. The Loyola Marymount University alumna has expertise in Business Marketing and seems to be on good terms with her fellow real estate agents.

On a more personal note, Tyler is quite happily married to Kyle Hill. The couple celebrated the tenth anniversary of their relationship in February 2024 and has been married since May 2019. In fact, on September 18, 2022, they became proud parents to a beautiful baby girl called Harlow, who is much adored by both Tyler and Kyle.

Brandon Graves Has a Boyfriend He Adores

If there is one person whose determination to make an impact is clear as day, it is Brandon Graves. The real estate agent has been working with The Agency since June 2018. Though he was once part of the Grauman Rosenfeld Group, it seems like that is no longer true. Since May 2019, he has also been associated with Pinnacle Estate Properties. Brandon also has a podcast called ‘Basically Brandon Podcast.’ As for his personal life, the real estate seems to be in a happy relationship with Saleem. The couple completed their first year of relationship in October 2023 and seem to be very much in love, something that has delighted Brandon’s fans.

Sonika Vaid Works as a Recording Artist

Interestingly, ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ was not the first time that Sonika appeared in a reality TV show. As it turns out, she was one of the participants in ‘American Idol’ season 15 and bagged fifth position in the competition. Though the reality TV star appeared in the first two seasons of the Netflix show as an employee of The Agency, it seems like she is no longer affiliated with the organization. She continues to work as a recording artist and seems to be single at the moment. Though she had previously been in a relationship with Kevin Stewart, the couple has since broken up, with the latter even deciding to sell the house that they had hoped to live in together. Quite recently, Sonika went on a European trip to visit countries like Spain and France.

Jon Grauman is a Family Man

Jon Grauman is undeniably one of the best real estate agents currently working in the Los Angeles real estate industry. In fact, he was ranked the third-best agent in the city by the Los Angeles Business Journal and was among the Hollywood Reporter’s 2023 Top Agents list. He is a proud Founder and Principal of the Grauman Rosenfeld Group within The Agency and has helped mentor many budding real estate agents alongside Adam Rosenfeld.

When not working hard, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife, Laura Grauman, who is also a part of The Agency, serving as an Estates Agent as well as the CEO of the Grauman Rosenfeld Group. The couple has been married since August 2015 and has two children – Easton Grauman and Olivia Grauman, who are now six and four, respectively. Easton was born in April 2017, while Olivia came into this world in February 2020.

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