Byron Baes Auditions: How to Join its Cast?

Image Credit: Paul A. Broben/Netflix

As Netflix’s first-ever docusoap from down under, ‘Byron Baes’ can only be described as the perfect blend of beauty, creativity, and drama — kind of like ‘Twentysomethings: Austin‘ or ‘Selling Sunset.’ After all, it follows a specific yet vibrant group of artists, content creators, and entrepreneurs as they navigate their personal as well as professional experiences in the coastal town of Byron Bay. This series thus gives us an authentic look into the everyday lives of Australia’s social media entertainers. Now, if you wish to know how even you can join that crew, we’ve got you covered.

How to Join the Cast of Byron Baes?

If you are or have ever dreamed of becoming an influencer in Australia, primarily in the shire dubbed “a mecca for influencers” on the north coast of New South Wales, only then is ‘Byron Baes’ a good fit for you. Otherwise, you won’t even match the concept of the series, let alone be considered a viable applicant; not that the audition call for it is open on any official Netflix or Australian casting pages as of writing. With that said, if you are serious about entering this world if and when the opportunity does arise, it would be best if you start building an online audience right now, just to be safe.

Image Credit: Paul A. Broben/Netflix

However, we should mention that the producers approached the local personalities of Byron Bay and surrounding areas themselves for the first season. And it seems like a lot of them believe they were tricked into auditioning, including musician Billy Otto, influencer Sally Mustang, and online figure Montana Lower. “I was asked [by] a media representative that there was a new show being filmed about interesting people living in Byron Bay. And I (like a copious amount of my friends in Byron) was asked if I was interested,” Billy wrote on Instagram back in 2021 in protest of ‘Byron Baes.’

He continued, as seen below, “They told me they loved my story, that they loved how I talked about men’s mental health & vulnerability. And they even said they loved my music! I began to understand later the true nature of the program,” which is drama, “and it became clear to me that I didn’t align with the ethos of the show… This project isn’t for me, and I want to hold to my integrity… I would honestly love to see a platform like Netflix making a film series about the real stories of Byron, working alongside Bundjalung Elders and capturing the dreamers, creatives, and custodians that help make this place special.”

Furthermore, in an interview, Sally Mustang’s husband stated, “They said it was going to be this amazing documentary about new age Byron Bay, how it’s changing and why everyone wants to be here and blah blah blah. So Sal [and friend Montana Lower] agreed to do an audition.” It turns out that the latter did land a spot in the cast, yet she backed out — or well, “politely told them to f**k off” — once she got the full brief on what would eventually be created.

However, now that ‘Byron Baes’ is out and everyone knows its actuality, you can apply knowing full well what you’ll be getting into. That is, if/when casting opens, and we get to reveal all the details concerning the same, right here!

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