Captain Laserhawk Ending, Explained: Is Captain Laserhawk Dead?

Netflix’s ‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix’ is a French adult animated series developed for television by Adi Shankar (‘Castlevania’). It is based on the 2013 video game ‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon,’ with elements from other Ubisoft franchises also incorporated into the narrative. The series follows the titular cyborg soldier as he finds himself at the center of a fight for control over humanity in a futuristic hellscape. As Laserhawk teams up with a group of misfits for covert operations under the mysterious Warden, he uncovers a greater conspiracy. If you are looking for answers about what Laserhawk finds and his ultimate fate, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Captain Laserhawk.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Captain Laserhawk Plot Synopsis

‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix’ opens with Marcus Holloway detailing the fall of the United States and the rise of Eden Coporatin’s fascist regime. Meanwhile, Rayman, the ambassador of Eden’s propaganda, brands Marcus as a terrorist on his television show. Elsewhere, Dolph Laserhawk, aka Captain Laserhawk, a cybernetically enhanced soldier, and his boyfriend, Alex Taylor, track and kill the Eden Vice President and take his likeness to infiltrate a facility, where they steal a codec that will give them access to unlimited credits. However, Alex betrays Laserhawk and leaves him to die after obtaining the codec.

Eventually, Laserhawk wakes up at the Supermaxx prison, where he is locked up with a female assassin, Jade, a hybrid pig, Pey’j, a frog named Bullfrog from the Brotherhood of Assasins, and wrestler Cody Rhodes. The Warden, who runs the prison, reveals she has implanted the group’s brains with exploding chips and kills Rhodes to demonstrate her power over them. The group is deemed dead in the public eye, and the Warden uses them as a part of a covert operations task force. On their first mission, the group is tasked with infiltrating the base of Pagan Min, a Triad leader.

During the mission, the group is caught and outnumbered, resulting in Jade’s death. Their objective, to replace the Super-Scope, a device capable of opening a portal to another dimension, goes awry when Alex is revealed to be working with Min. The mission fails when Alex gets away with the device, and Pey’j kills Min against the Warden’s orders. Alex opens a portal and unleashes Kaiju from Dimension X. The superhero team Ninji 6 stops the Kaiju attack, but their leader, Rex, makes xenophobic comments on television, angering Rayman. Consequently, Eden’s Board of Directors replaces Rayman with a clone.

Alex’s plan brings Laserhawk’s team to a wrestling event where the former engineers a brutal assault on hybrids. Laserhawk finds Alex but refuses to listen to his former boyfriend and kills him. Bullfrog and Pey’j try to help the hybrids, but once the brainwaves affecting humans are stopped, an all-out war breaks out between humanity and the hybrids. After killing Alex, Laserhawk tries to sacrifice himself, but the Warden saves him, and they embark on a mission to save Marcus Holloway while Eden sends an army to take over the New Wasteland.

Laserhawk and the Warden are hit with tranquilizers and find themselves back at the Supermaxx prison, where the Warden reveals her past. She is Sarah Fisher, the daughter of war hero Sam Fisher, who tried to get her away from Eden’s control when she was young. They took Marcus’ help in escaping the organization, but Sarah, deluded by Eden, reported Marcus and his hacker friends. Eventually, Sarah and Laserhawk learn they are in a VR facility, which Marcus reveals was once controlled by Eden and serves as a purgatory. Marcus confronts Sarah over their interlinked past while Laserhawk makes a choice of his own.

Captain Laserhawk Ending: Is Captain Laserhawk Dead?

In the finale, Laserhawk finds himself inside a VR simulation that reunites him with Alex, giving the battered soldier a chance at a happy ending. However, Laserhawk realizes he has left Bullfrog behind, who was arrested and sentenced to be executed. As a result, Laserhawk asks Marcus to allow him to leave the VR facility. Before leaving, Laserhawk vouches for Sarah, as Marcus has been untrustworthy of her, given she was responsible for his and his team’s arrest and torment at the hands of Eden. However, Marcus decides to forgive Sarah, but she turns on him, forcing him to relinquish control of the VR facility.

Meanwhile, the Board sends its entire army, headed by Niji 6, to retake the New Wasteland. As a result, they encounter Laserhawk and prevent him from leaving, resulting in a massive battle between the cybernetically enhanced soldier and the mecha-powered Niji 6. However, Sarah has hacked Laserhawk using a virus, leaving him incapable of fighting back. Nonetheless, Laserhawk finds a way to overpower the virus and decimates the Niji 6 members and Eden’s army singlehandedly. Eventually, Laserhawk sees through Sarah’s ruse and returns to the VR facility to fight her.

Laserhawk uses Sarah’s wristband to activate the chip in his brain, resulting in an implosion that presumably kills Sarah and Laserhawk. Ultimately, Laserhawk is a mere pawn in the larger war for control. However, unexpected to him and Marcus, Sarah turns out to be the biggest threat to the rebel efforts. Laserhawk seemingly defeats Sarah by sacrificing himself. However, the final moments see Laserhawk’s consciousness awakening in another virtual space, where he encounters Sarah’s father, Sam Fisher, who was presumed dead. Sam prepares Laserhawk for a counterattack, and the cybernetic soldier chooses to join the fight.

Is Bullfrog Executed? What Happens to the Board?

Bullfrog is the last surviving member of Laserhawk’s squad who is arrested after the humans vs hybrids war. Bullfrog is branded a terrorist and prepared to be executed. However, a message is delivered to Rayman, which implores him to speak with Bullfrog and seek answers. Bullfrog reveals how Eden used Rayman as a mouthpiece to propagate their oppressive rule. Consequently, Rayman is filled with rage and prepares to face the Eden Board Members who manipulated him all along. Ultimately, Rayman shows up at the Eden headquarters just as Bullfrog is about to be executed on live television.

The HQ is already low on security as the Board sent most of its forces to the New Wasteland. Rayman holds the Board at gunpoint and forces them to call off the execution, saving Bullfrog’s life. After the execution is aborted, Rayman executes the Board members for manipulating and using him to promote their fascist propaganda. Meanwhile, during her fight with Marcus, Sarah reveals the Board is a modern version of the Templar Order from ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ an organization that strives to control humanity. Sarah plans to overthrow the order and establish her own regime, implying she was responsible for the message that set Rayman on the path to execute the Board.

Is Sarah Dead? Is Sam Alive?

In the final episode, Sarah is revealed to have manipulated Laserhawk and his squad into doing her bidding as she plans to overthrow Eden and establish her own order. Sarah’s past story about feeling remorse for giving up Marcus and his team’s location is a trick that allows her to get close to Marcus and seize control of the VR facility. However, Laserhawk finds a way to take her out by sacrificing himself. Despite being blown up in an explosion, Sarah survives.

Sarah is revealed to be a completely cybernetic creature, implying she underwent the enchantment program that Sam advised her against. Thus, Sarah was likely brainwashed by Eden, resulting in her villainous turn. Meanwhile, the finale’s closing moments deliver another twist in Sarah’s tale as her father, Sam Fisher, is revealed to be alive. However, Sam seems to be inside a virtual space where he encounters Laserhawk. Nonetheless, Sam has seemingly been preparing a counterattack, which will directly pit him against his daughter in the future should the series return for a second installment.

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