Who is Shawn Pilot? Everything we Know About Car Masters Actor

Netflix’s ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ is a popular automotive reality television series, particularly among car enthusiasts. The focus of the show is on a skilled team of mechanics employed by Mark Towle in his Temecula, California-based Gotham Garage. Over the years, Gotham Garage has constructed a variety of props for film and television productions and has branched out into the field of automobile restoration projects. In every episode, the group of mechanics obtain vintage, worn-out cars for less money and gives them a modernized transformation by changing them into whole new vehicles.

Due to their high-level upgrades, these makeovers drastically increase the value of the automobiles, which allows owners to either sell or try to exchange thereafter for big profits. A project this intriguing also has some pretty interesting crew members. Among the gifted individuals is Shawn Pilot, an immensely popular and unconventional member of the team. If you’re curious to know more about him, we’ve got you covered!

Shawn Pilot’s Age, Family, and Background

Born in March 1963, Shawn Pilot is a resident of North Hills, California. He is a very reserved individual who prefers to keep the details about his family and personal life under wraps. However, it seems like Shawn was born to Carol and Gilles Pilote. He also appears to have at least one sibling, a sister named Patricia Pilote. What is certain about the 59-year-old is that he began making and restoring automobiles at an early age.

Years ago, Patricia posted an adorable photo (as seen above) of Shawn with a cat he rescued. Giving a backstory to the picture, she wrote, “My brother is amazing… saved these wild creatures a year ago; just a couple days old and minutes from death… and he is very allergic to them! LOVE > allergies…” From the very little he lets on, it seems like Shawn is still quite close to his family members.

Shawn Pilot’s Profession

Before honing his skills as a talented automobile transformation specialist, Shawn Pilot entered the world of mainstream entertainment. In 1999, he made his acting debut in the supporting role of a Berm Soldier in the film ‘Three Kings,’ starring Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, and Ice Cube in the lead. Despite kickstarting his acting career in such an outstanding film, things changed for Shawn after that.

Shawn spent almost a decade off from acting before returning to television in 2011 on the show ‘Inside West Coast Customs,’ which is about Ryan Friedlinghaus’ auto-modification business. Shawn appeared in the second episode of season 2, titled ‘Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas’ working alongside Hunter Clancey and Ryan Friedlinghaus, the owner of the business. They worked together to add 2008 contemporary elements to a 1958 Corvette.

The experiences Shawn gained from the Burbank-based car remodeling reality television show helped him gain valuable knowledge to make a unique presence in ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches.’ Interestingly, Shawn is also a skilled poker player. This gifted man has a long history of mastering the art of poker and has developed into the poker expert he is today. Despite not being a top player, he is skilled enough to play poker professionally.

In his poker career, Shawn is reported to have earned more than $400,000 from tournaments alone, excluding cash games. To date, he has reportedly participated in over 67 live tournaments and has advanced significantly in the standings. As per reports, Shawn is ranked 2601 among American poker players and 5020 overall in terms of money won. Shawn’s achievement of reported winning approximately $40,000 in a single poker event is equally amazing.

Shawn Pilot’s Ex-Partner and Children

Shawn Pilot is a very secretive individual who doesn’t like to divulge any information about his familial or romantic life. However, we have gathered that at one point in his youth, Shawn was likely in a relationship with Christine Olimpieri. Though the two apparently went their separate ways, they share a daughter named Shawnee Olimpieri, who appears to be currently dating Nikole Whitney. Interestingly, Shawn seems to be a grandfather too.

Is Shawn Pilot Dating Anyone?

As far as Shawn’s current relationship situation is concerned, we can’t say with certainty whether the 59-year-old California resident has a special someone in his life or not. Moreover, the occasional updates he shares on his social media platforms are exclusively about his work or the shows he is a part of. Since Shawn likes to keep the information about his personal life brushed under the carpet and is focused on furthering his professional career, we would only like to wish the best for his future endeavors.

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