Michael “Caveman” Pyle: The Car Masters’ Handyman is a Proud Father

Image Credit: Michael "Caveman" Pyle/Instagram

‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ is a reality series on Netflix that revolves around the projects undertaken by the crew of Gotham Garage. Having built props for several movie and television productions, the Gotham Garage members are adept at transforming old cars into modern vehicles. The makeovers are done in hopes of fetching a high price and earning large profits. Each episode of the show is dedicated to a single project as the team decides the best way to go about their work.

Apart from the satisfying experience of watching a rusty old car becoming an automobile to cherish, the show is also known for its entertaining cast. Michael Pyle AKA Caveman is a member of the Gotham Garage and has earned a significant fan following thanks to his energetic personality and humor. Naturally, many viewers are curious to know more about him, and we are here to help them out!

Michael “Caveman” Pyle’s Age and Background

Born on April 8, 1969, Michael Pyle grew up in the city of Moreno Valley in California. The reality personality has a brother, whom he calls Patches, and a sister. As a teenager, he attended the city’s eponymous high school. Apart from his work in Gotham Garage, he seems to have a fondness for two-wheelers. He proudly calls himself a biker and often takes his motorcycle on road trips with friends.

Mike has strong political opinions and is not shy about sharing his views with his followers on social media. He leans towards the right side of the political spectrum and often posts and shares similar content. The Gotham Garage member also likes to support causes that he stands with, like autism. As of writing, the master handyman lives in Murrieta, California.

Michael “Caveman” Pyle’s Profession

As a member of Gotham Garage, Michael “Caveman” Pyle is quite the handyman. He loves cutting up things, but he’s mostly often seen using his considerable skills to help revamp automobiles. This reality star adores bikes and cars and is never short of ideas when it comes to the transformation of said vehicles. He often shares pictures of the automobiles he works upon, with his followers on social media.

As a part of ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches,’ Mike has earned a significant fan following due to his likable and charming personality. He also launched his own clothing line, Club Caveman, to sell merchandise with his face sometime in 2019. As of writing, the company’s website only offers a black T-shirt with his face printed on it.

Michael “Caveman” Pyle’s Girlfriend and Children

Michael “Caveman” Pyle has apparently been in a relationship with Diane Oliveira since 2013. The reality star is quite open about his affection for his girlfriend and often professes his love for Diane over the internet. This reported former divorcee has at least three sons, Justin Pyle, Terry Pyle, and Shane Pyle, plus a daughter too. Shane is his youngest son and sometimes joins his father on biking adventures. Through him, Mike also has two adorable grandkids.

Justin Pyle was apparently born on August 6, 1993, and is also not shy about talking politics. However, he firmly believes that people can have differing opinions and still be close to each other. Justin does seem to have different political leanings than his father. Mike also has a daughter named Alex and seems to be quite close to her. In 2020, the duo even posed for several Halloween pictures. Mike seems to have a fondness for sweet food and seems especially fond of Krispy Kreme donuts! We wish Mike “Caveman” and those close to him the best for their future and hope that they have a good life.

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