Carlo Civitella: King of Collectibles Cast Member is Leading His Best Life Today

As a reality series breaking bounds and living up to its title in every way conceivable, Netflix’s ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch‘ can only be described as entertaining plus intriguing. That’s because it revolves around the daily operations of a leading memorabilia-based auction house — Goldin Auctions — without involving any of its employees’ needless personal drama. Amongst those to thus feature in both seasons of this original is actually Carlo Civitella, whose meticulousness as a Consignment Director and dedication to being a family man has won him countless hearts.

Carlo Civitella is a Collector and a Salesman

It was reportedly back when Carlo was merely a young boy growing up in Malvern, Pennsylvania, that he first developed an interest in card collectibles, just for it to never really stop expanding. However, by the time he’d graduated high school in 2003, he’d decided to enroll at Saint Joseph’s University for a Bachelor’s in Marketing in the hopes of establishing a career around the same. Though little did he know he’d get his start by serving as a Warehouse Manager at Mondo Imports while still in college, only to then hold a few similar positions before evolving ahead.

Carlo was actually a property manager at Lawrence Park Industrial Center from 2005 to 2008 and a branch manager at Incom Direct from 2008 to 2011 prior to finally stepping into his field of interest. It was January 2011 when he landed the position of senior sales plus marketing manager at Universal Culinary Associates, where he proudly worked for the ensuing six years in utter contentment.

In fact, whether it be acquiring new clients to represent, designing sales techniques, maintaining relationships, training sales personnel, or running entire trade shows, Carlo did it all at the company. It was thus no surprise he only moved on when he got an opportunity to serve as sales director at Sweet Lady Jane in 2017, but then he joined JJ McDonnell & Co. in 2019 as sales manager for a year.

Where is Carlo Civitella Now?

While it’s true Carlo was thriving by late 2020, he simply couldn’t turn his back on Goldin Auctions once he realized a job here would combine his sales acumen with his passion for collecting. He hence became a consignment director in January 2021, a designation he’s happily holding onto even today — it’s been over three years, yet he’s still dedicated to every aspect of this role.

In fact, per Carlo’s biography on the organization’s website, his hard work has been such that he closed deals worth over $50 million within two years, so now this number is probably close to 70 or 80 at the moment. Furthermore, this modern sports trading cards expert reportedly has his own private card collection at home, which is how he has more than three decades of experience in the collectible buying, selling, and trading business.

Coming to Carlo’s personal life, this Greater Philadelphia area resident is a family man through and through — he married the love of his life, Chelsea Civitella, on May 22, 2021, before welcoming a baby boy into their world. Roman was born on December 23, 2022, and it’s evident the Civitellas are now happier than ever as they’re undertaking every endeavor coming their way while unwaveringly maintaining their core beliefs and values. In other words, following season 2, fitness as well as travel enthusiast Carlo is simply thriving in each aspect of life these days, especially with the loving support of his family.

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