Carlson Young to Direct ‘Breathe’ Next

Carlson Young is set to direct the feature film ‘Breathe.’ The shooting of the project is set to commence in Mexico City, Mexico, next month and will last for five weeks. Gigi Levangi penned the movie.

The film revolves around Lauren, who needs to get away for a few days and clear her head. She feels that the whole world is after her body and soul, only to eventually realize that she is right. Every person she encounters tries to take something from her. Still, she feels grateful that she has her dog, Georgie.

Young most recently helmed the romantic comedy ‘Upgraded,’ featuring Camila Mendes in the lead, for Prime Video. The film revolves around Ana, who gets upgraded to first class during a work trip, only to get mistaken for her boss Claire by the charming Will, leading to a series of glamorous events, romance, and unexpected opportunities. Young also directed ‘The Blazing World,’ based on her debut short film as a director. Inspired by her own dreams and Margaret Cavendish’s works, the film features Young alongside Udo Kier and
Dermot Mulroney. Additionally, she helmed the music video of Peel’s “Catch & Release.”

Levangi wrote the story of Siddharth Malhotra’s comedy-drama ‘We Are Family.’ The film revolves around a divorced mother managing a harmonious household until her ex-husband introduces his new career-oriented girlfriend. Levangi’s credits include the adaptation of her book ‘Maneater’ into a TV miniseries with Suzanne Martin. The show follows an enterprising young woman navigating the professional landscape of Beverly Hills in pursuit of the town’s hottest producer, unaware of the challenges ahead.

Additionally, Levangi’s creative contributions include the book that inspired the TV show ‘The Starter Wife,’ focusing on Molly Kagan’s journey to an independent life post-divorce from a Hollywood mogul. She also co-wrote Julia Roberts-starrer ‘Stepmom,’ a poignant tale of a terminally ill woman coping with her ex-husband’s new lover, the children’s stepmother. Levangi’s diverse portfolio further includes two episodes of the TV series ‘In the Heat of the Night.’

Mexico City, the principal location of the film, previously hosted the shooting of ‘A Million Miles Away‘ and ‘Saw X.’

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