Elite Season 7: Why Did Carmen Kill Raúl? Will She Get Caught?

In the seventh season of Netflix’s Spanish seriesElite,’ Carmen kills Raúl by pushing him from the roof of his apartment complex. Raúl dies instantly and the police conclude his death as a suicide since they fail to find any evidence from the scene of his death. Although officers interrogate Chloe, Raúl’s girlfriend at the time and Carmen’s daughter, they don’t garner any leads. While Carmen believes that she is safe, Dalmar rewatches a video that can threaten her life. The seventh round ends with a cliffhanger that makes us concerned about Carmen’s future. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Chloe’s Protector

Carmen kills Raúl to protect her daughter Chloe. Raúl tricks the new admission to Las Encinas into believing that he is a good person after parting ways with Sara. Chloe, at the time, has been dealing with a sense of worthlessness. She hasn’t been able to form a meaningful connection or relationship ever in her life, which leads her to short-lasting sexual adventures one after the other. Raúl takes advantage of the same to trap her into a fake relationship only for him to make Sara jealous. Chloe, without realizing her new boyfriend’s real intentions, moves in with him as well.

Chloe seeks comfort in Raúl after learning that Carmen kissed Iván Carvalho, the former’s brother and the latter’s son. Raúl realizes that the friction between the mother and daughter is essential for him to isolate her. He then blocks Carmen from Chloe’s phone after telling the latter that her mother is nothing but a toxic person. Since Chloe is captivated by Raúl’s deception, she doesn’t realize that the same is his way of distancing her from her mother so that he can make her surrender to him. When his plan nearly succeeds, Sara starts to get concerned about Chloe.

Sara ends up having sex with him and records the same for Carmen to see. She warns the woman that the latter needs to intervene if she wants her daughter back without getting hurt. Carmen runs to her daughter, only to see a slap mark on Chloe’s cheek. Ever since losing Iván, Chloe is all Carmen has. She has been taking care of her little girl with utmost care but without limiting her freedom and self-expression. When she realizes that a toxic man has put an end to the same freedom to treat Chloe like a prisoner, Carmen loses her patience, which leads her to kill him.

After Iván decides not to accept his mother, Carmen knows that Chloe is the only family she has. She doesn’t want to lose the same, especially to a sadistic and abusive man who knows nothing but to control and hurt his partners. Carmen kills him to make sure that her daughter won’t lose herself and get hurt.

Dalmar’s Video

Even though Carmen kills Raúl, she avoids arrest due to a lack of evidence to conclude that the death is a murder. Due to the same reason, the police soon consider the same as suicide. But what Carmen doesn’t know is that there is a video that exists in which she is seen looking from the roof of Raúl’s apartment after the latter falls and dies. The seventh season ends with Dalmar rewatching the video, likely to figure out what he should do with the same. He is extremely shocked after witnessing a murder firsthand.

If the video clip surfaces, Carmen’s arrest may become an inevitability. But Dalmar may not be in a hurry to share the video with the authorities. First of all, he may enquire about the dead Raúl and find out that he is an abusive predator. If that’s the case, he may not want to get engaged in tedious legal proceedings to bring the murderer to justice. Furthermore, if he learns that the murderer is the mother of his best friend Joel’s ex-partner Iván, he may destroy the evidence for the sake of the latter.

If Carmen learns about the video, she may even try to “buy” the same from Dalmar, especially using the money she garnered from Iván. Considering his financial troubles, Dalmar can be more than happy to accept the same and delete the video.

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