Carolyn Wiger From Survivor 44 Credits Her Son as the Greatest Source of Support

Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

CBS’ ‘Survivor‘ has returned with season 44 of the long-running reality show. Amongst the many new faces is Carolyn Wiger, a woman on the quest to succeed in the game while being her spontaneous and goofy self. Viewers are drawn to her unique play style and love seeing her authentic self just go about her day. Her background might be quite different than other contestants, but she undoubtedly has the spirit of a winner! If you’re eager to learn more about her backstory and everything which led to the formation of her amazing persona, then here’s all you need to know ‘Survivor 44’ contestant!

Carolyn Wiger: Family Roots and Background

Carolyn is a strong and fierce 35-year-old woman, all the way from Hugo, Minnesota, although she grew up in North St. Paul. She loves gardening, rescuing bunnies, and ice skating but hates peculiar things like nail polish that chips too easily. Carolyn cannot stand people who assume she’s sick just because she is not wearing makeup, plus individuals who make fun of things beyond their understanding.

One of her biggest accomplishments is battling addiction and staying sober for 13 years while raising her 9-year-old son Luca, her biggest strength through this journey. The powerful mother is deeply inspired by her parents, especially her father, Chuck Wiger, who dropped out of school and joined a circus but eventually rebuilt his life when he attended law school and became a Minnesota Senate. He married Carolyn’s mother, Christine Wiger, and they raised a beautiful family together.

One of her sisters served in the army and was also recruited for the Iraq expedition when Carolyn was in high school. So, she undoubtedly has some great role models to look up to who are actively contributing toward the welfare of the country. Carolyn also revealed some of her quirks, like eating too much candy and having her three teeth crowns because she keeps damaging them from atomic fireballs and jawbreakers. She’s also admitted to falling asleep multiple times while eating too much chocolate, but we reckon she won’t have that problem on ‘Survivor 44.’

According to Carolyn, her battle with addiction is an experience that makes her feel ready to take on the challenges of this show. Even though she never took an interest in the reality series before and barely knew anything about it before signing up as a contender, she is confident in her ability to do well in the game.

Carolyn Wiger’s Profession

Carolyn attended the North High School at North St. Paul in Minnesota. She graduated with a Community Leadership and Development degree in 2008 from Metro State University and studied Chemical Dependency Counselling at Century College. In 2008, she was employed at the St. Paul Public Housing Agency for a year as an After-School Program Coordinator. Shortly after that, she interned for seven months at American Indian Community Development Corporation Detox Center.

From June to December 2010, she was an ADC-T at Juel Fairbanks, a rehabilitation center for addicts. She joined Haven Chemical Health Systems, LLC as a LADC in 2011 and was promoted to an on-call LADC in 2015. Meanwhile, she was recruited in the Chemical Health department at Washington County, where she works as a Drug Counselor.

Carolyn Wiger’s Life With Partner Mike and Her Kid

Yes, Carolyn Wiger has been engaged to Mike Boche since March 8, 2014. Together, they celebrate Christmas, birthdays, and Halloween and seem like a happy-go-lucky duo. It is reported that the couple tied the knot in October 2018, but there have been no official announcements or concrete statements about the same; however, they are successfully bestowing all their love and care on their son Luca. Moreover, Mike and their son are quite supportive of Carolyn’s participation in ‘Survivor 44.’

In an interview with Parade, Carolyn spoke about her little one and recalled how he motivated her before joining the show. He said, “Mom, you better win immunity, or you’re not coming home. Just remember, it’s okay if you cry. You don’t have to apologize for how you feel.” Those are some wise words for a child, and we truly hope she takes his kind words to heart and comes out victorious.

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