Who is CeCe Moore, The Genetic Detective?

‘The Genetic Detective’ is ABC’s latest offering that delves into genetic genealogy and how it can be used to transform the face of crime-solving. CeCe Moore works with the crime scene DNA and uses her research skills to trace the path of a violent criminal’s family tree. Moore’s motto is that DNA doesn’t lie, and she uses her approach to reveal the identity of killers, bringing them to justice.

Moore has appeared on television earlier, like the PBS show ‘Finding Your Roots.’ She commented on how the motive is similar in both cases. In an Interview with People Magazine, Moore said, “The goal is still the same. It’s about families. It’s about providing answers and some type of resolution and really hopefully, justice in the end.” Curious to know more about her? We have got all the details right here.

Who is CeCe Moore?

CeCe’s career started as a hobby back in 2000 when she began researching her family tree. In 2010, as advancements in DNA technology grew, CeCe became one of the self-taught scientists who helped people find their immediate relatives through their DNA. It marked the start of CeCe becoming a professional genetic genealogist.

In 2010, she started her blog, Your Genetic Genealogist, where she began teaching and presenting genetic genealogy around the country. It caught the eye of Dr. Henry Louis Gates, an author, and historian, in 2013. The Harvard professor paved the way for her appearance in the PBS show. She also has a widely popular Facebook group called DNA Detectives, which she started in 2015.

Moore got the break she was looking for in April 2018. The California police revealed that they’d used freely accessible collections of DNA profiles, assembled on a self-service website set up by genealogy fans. It helped them capture the notorious Golden State Killer, a serial rapist, and a murderer active in the 1970s. Though CeCe didn’t play any part in his capture, it turned the tides in her favor, especially where crime-solving is involved.

Two weeks later, Parabon NanoLabs, a company specializing in forensics, announced the creation of a genetic genealogy unit, with Moore as its chief. According to her LinkedIn profile, she’s been at the job for a little over two years. Moore spoke about the link between genetic genealogy and crime-solving, saying, “There are a lot of tools in law enforcement, and this is just one of them, but if they’ve tried everything else and hit a brick wall, I’m hoping that the show will encourage them to try genetic genealogy.”

Where is CeCe Moore From and How Old is She?

Born in 1969, CeCe is 51 years old. She’s the proud mother of a boy who’s fifteen years old. CeCe’s LinkedIn profile lists her place of residence as Orange County in the California area. A profile by MIT Technology Review reveals that Moore lives in the hills outside San Diego, and works out of her family room, armed with a laptop, a notebook, a wifi connection, and a large whiteboard. Notably, Parabon is based out of Reston, Virginia.

CeCe Moore’s Famous Cases:

Moore has worked on several high profile cases of identification, and not all have been related to crimes. Her first success with Parabon came less than a month after the Golden State Killer was identified. She solved a double murder near Seattle, which had gone unsolved since 1987. Moore gained access on Friday and got results by Monday. William Earl Talbott II was arrested in 2018 and found guilty in June 2019. He received two life sentences.

In February 2019, Moore was able to crack a serial killer cold case in Portland, Oregon. The 1979 murder of the 20-year-old Anna Marie Hlavka was solved, and the police traveled to Texas to find out more about Jerry Walter McFadden, who was executed for a different murder by the State of Texas in 1999.

Most recently, Parabon and CeCe helped the Santa Fe police arrest Joseph Matthew Gregory Jones in May 2020, for the shooting of Robert J. Romero in July 2018. CeCe’s team helped the police narrow down the list of suspects. It is clear that CeCe has gained immense acclaim in the law-enforcement world, and among the public for her methods.

However, she spoke to People saying she doesn’t do it for fame. Moore said, “I’d be very happy sitting on my couch quietly working with no fanfare. No one needs anything more fulfilling and meaningful than what I’m already doing.” She intends to prevent crimes by proving that it never goes unpunished as CeCe’s methods can solve cold cases as well. She noted, “My greatest hope is that perhaps it will keep some people from committing a crime in the first place.”

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