Why Did Chang Yong-Heung Leave Physical 100?

Image Credit: Chang Yong-Heung/Instagram

It is an undeniable fact that Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ has provided many fitness experts a chance to make a name for themselves through the show. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why each and every player wants to go as far into the competition as possible with the hopes of becoming the winner. Hence, Chang Yong-Heung’s decision to step down from the competition when he was set to be just one quest away from the finals of season 2 came as a surprise to many. Given just how famous the series is, the voluntary decision to step down has certainly led to many questions being asked about the reason for the same.

Chang Yong-Heung Left One Competition For Another

During his time on the Netflix show, Chang Yong-Heung’s performance was certainly admirable. He was able to compete in the Pre-Quest and Quest 1 on his own, having faced Kim Hee-Hyun in the latter. He then became a part of Andre Jin’s team alongside Park Woo-Jin, Power Who Yami, and Jung You-In. Together, the group was able to defeat the group led by Kim Min-Su/Thanos in Quest 2. This was followed by their fulfilling the requirement of Quest 3 and hence becoming a part of the Top 20.

Just before the start of Quest 4, which was revealed to be the last one before the Final Quest, it was announced that Yong-Heung had decided to withdraw from the competition. This surprised many of the contestants, though his own team leader, Andre Jin, explained the reason behind it to everyone. Around the same time that the production of season 2 was going on, the Asian Games had started in Hangzhou, China.

Though the Asian Games are conducted every four years, the 2022 events had been postponed and were conducted from September 23, 2023, to October 8, 2023. As the captain of South Korea’s rugby sevens team, Yong-Heung had to make the tough decision of either continuing the show or leaving it to be a part of the Asian Games. He decided to prioritize his country’s international performance over the possibility of a personal victory by exiting the reality show.

For rugby sevens in the 2022 Asian Games, 13 different countries had taken part in the tournament. Under Yong-Heung’s leadership, South Korea was able to clear the group rounds and proceed to the quarterfinals. They then had to face Malaysia and defeated them 26-5 in order to proceed to the semi-finals. Their next opponent was Japan, whom they were also able to win over, with 12-7 being the final score. However, in the finals, South Korea had to face off against Hong Kong. Though the team lost the match 7-14, they did lay claim to the silver medal.

Yong-Heung’s decision not to be a part of ‘Physical: 100’ was certainly shocking, given the staggering prize of 300 million South Korean won. However, his decision to exit could not have been nobler, and the athlete was certainly able to reap the benefits of the same. After all, getting a silver medal in the Asian Games is no small feat, and the feeling of accomplishment that the athlete must have rightfully gotten is something his supporters cannot help but be happy with.

That said, it is not like a different form of fame did not greet Yong-Heung when he came back home. From being featured on the cover of reputed South Korean magazines to giving interviews left and right, the medal position has certainly made him a beloved of his country. Moreover, depsite his unexpected exit from ‘Physical: 100,’ his performance was certainly enough to impress even those who might have been unaware of his feats as an international rugby player.

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