Chantel Everett: Family Chantel Star is Single and Has Famous Suitors

A spinoff of ’90 Day Fiancé,’ TLC’s ‘The Family Chantel‘ is a gripping series named after the show’s star, Chantel Everett. As she tries to navigate the various ups and downs in her life, she is faced with numerous problems that fans of the show cannot help but be curious about. With the recent changes in her romantic life, Chantel’s admirers have become more interested than ever about just who she might be dating. Is there a new love interest in the life of the show’s leading lady? This is a question every fan of the show cannot help but ask.

Chantel Everett’s Ex-Husband

It was primarily thanks to her marriage to Pedro Jimeno that Chantel became so famous. The latter is a resident of the Dominican Republic, where Chantel visited him a grand total of three times prior to them getting engaged. Their time after this was filmed for ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ season 4 as the two got to know each other and their families more. While Pedro tried to sort out his issues with the K1 visa and his subsequent status as a green card citizen of the USA, Chantel prepared for their wedding.

It was in March 2016 that Chantel and Pedro got married. In fact, they decided to tie the knot twice, once in the Dominican Republic and once in the USA. However, it was not long before the trouble in paradise began. Pedro became insistent about helping his family members financially, though Chantel did not seem completely on board with the plan. Their reality TV journey was also far from over, as they appeared in several television shows.

Following their reality TV debut, Chantel and Pedro were seen in seasons 2 to 4 of ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ They were also seen in shows like ’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’ and ’90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined.’ However, it was indeed the star of ‘The Family Chantel’ that showcased just how much interest the couple had been able to garner from the public. The show is the first-ever spinoff of the franchise that is focused on a singular couple.

However, throughout their television appearances, it seemed evident that Chantel and Pedro might not be on the best terms. From financial disagreements to trust issues, the two had several reasons to argue about, and their families certainly did not seem very inclined to help preserve the relationship, with each side growing to dislike the other more and more. With a show focused singularly on the family, the couple’s woes became only more evident to the world.

Ultimately, on April 27, 2022, Chantel and Pedro separated for good. The following month, Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel, citing that the relationship was certainly broken beyond hope. He claimed that Chantel had mismanaged the couple’s joint wealth. In turn, Chantel also filed for divorce, accusing her partner of adultery and physical violence. Both of them also filed for mutual restraining orders, and their relationship since then has been far from amicable.

Chantel Everett is Not in a Relationship

As of writing, it does not seem like Chantel Everett is dating anyone. The reality TV star seems cautious about reentering the world of dating after her seven years of marriage. Since the news of her separation officially broke out, there have been several individuals with whom she has been linked, including Drake and Rich Dollaz. The rumors were all but confirmed by Chantel in the last season of the TLC show, but her attitude towards the same is indicative of the hurts she seems to be carrying even now.

“After Pedro left me, I started getting a lot of attention from some really great guys, actors, football players, baseball players,” Chantel shared. “But it doesn’t matter who was showing interest. Even if a famous Canadian rapper showed interest in me, I wasn’t emotionally available to be receptive to anybody. I’d just gotten out of a seven-year marriage, and that meant something to me.” However, Chantel has certainly not given up on her dreams of a happy ending.

During a conversation with her brother Riverknight “River” Everett, Chantel admitted that she has always dreamt of just what she wants in an ideal guy and how she felt that she might have fallen for Pedro so hard as she wanted to believe that he was the man of her dreams. Chantel also vented how men in the USA often only propose after four years of marriage, which she thought might delay her life plans, which is why she started making plans to possibly freeze her eggs.

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