Echo: Are Charlie Cox and Alaqua Cox Related?

Image Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

In Disney+’s superhero series ‘Echo,’ Alaqua Cox’s protagonist Maya Lopez/Echo fights Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil in a scene in the first episode. Maya, along with two other members of the Tracksuit Mafia, beats up a gang that competes against her adoptive uncle Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, only for Daredevil to show up out of nowhere to fight her. Charlie’s portrayal of Daredevil has made the viewers wonder whether he is related to Alaqua, especially since they both have the same surname. Despite this similarity, Alaqua and Charlie are not related. Their common surname is just a coincidence. Still, the actress had an incredible experience shooting the fight sequence with Charlie, whose performance as Daredevil is much loved by the ardent Marvel admirers!

Charlie Cox and Alaqua Cox Are Just Co-Stars

Alaqua Cox met Charlie Cox for the first time when the latter joined the production of ‘Echo’ to shoot the fight sequence in the premiere episode. “That was a great experience. We [Alaqua and Charlie] only worked together, probably, two days or so and I think it was funny when I first met Charlie, I went, “Oh my gosh, we have the same last name, hi.’ I was just so nervous to meet him but I just think it was so funny. But he is such a nice guy to work with,” Alaqua told The Hollywood Reporter.

Alaqua wanted to work with Charlie more after shooting the fight scene. “So that [Daredevil] fight scene, I think it was a week, if I do recall, it was probably up in the roundabouts of a week of filming like that. We only met maybe a few hours before that and learned the choreography. But he, I just, Charlie Cox, he’s such a nice guy. I wish I was able to work with him a little bit more. We only got a very brief time together, but he is very nice,” the actress told CinemaBlend.

Alaqua’s wish may materialize since ‘Daredevil: Born Again,’ a series that revolves around Charlie’s Daredevil, is currently in the production stage. Although the ‘Echo’ actress is not confirmed to be a part of the upcoming show’s cast, the chances of them featuring together in it are high, especially since they are both a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Alaqua’s character Maya’s adoptive uncle Wilson Fisk/Kingpin is an integral part of the show’s narrative as he is expected to join hands with Daredevil to serve the people of New York. Although Maya reconnects with her family in Tamaha, Oklahoma, she may return to New York if her help to fight evil becomes necessary.

In Marvel Comics, Echo and Daredevil’s paths cross several times. The publisher even released a four-issue miniseries titled ‘Daredevil & Echo’ recently. Therefore, we can expect Alaqua’s Maya/Echo and Charlie’s Daredevil to grace our screens together once again.

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