Are Chelsea Meissner and Nick Dana Still Together?

Bravo’s famous reality show ‘Southern Charm’ introduced to the world the rich Southern culture and its political history through seven socialites residing at Charleston, South Carolina. One of the cast members introduced to the audience as a guest in season 3 is Chelsea Meissner. She made a mark on the audience and became a series regular since its fifth edition.

For some reason, her love life became the central point of focus since the beginning. From initial flirting to the first kiss with a fellow cast member, everything was caught on camera. Naturally, the relationship did not last. But the ‘Survivor’ alum and finalist seems to have learned her lesson well as she now remains entirely discreet about her personal life and its ups and downs.

Chelsea Meissner: Southern Charm Journey

When Chelsea Meissner began her journey on ‘Southern Charm,’ she immediately landed in an awkward love triangle between two other contestants, Shep Rose and Austen Kroll. The latter caught her attention, and they started dating while the cameras were still rolling on them. Eventually, the budding romance flamed out, and they mutually decided to part ways, believing that both were at completely different places in their lives.

Although Chelsea never dated Shep, a close friendship developed between the duo and remained at just that. With her decision to not return to the series for its seventh season, her fans have become impatient to know the intricate details about her love life. The reality TV star made a startling revelation on season 6 of the show, and it had something to do with a new man in her life! Interestingly, he has already received a green flag from her best friend, Cameran Eubanks, who can see that she is the “happiest” with him.

Are Chelsea and Nick Still Together?

After Chelsea cleared up the mess spewed on the hit American reality series, she began to share pictures of Nick Dana, a dashing sailor. She met the ‘America’s Cup’ contestant during one of her vacations. His job profile takes him around the world, making the setup of their relationship a long-distance one. While on the show, she opened up about her love interest to her father, who argued that their lifestyle differences might soon become a tripping point for unending conflicts between them.

Picture Credit: Nick Dana/Instagram

However, she did not pay heed to the forewarning and seemed confident in the equation she shares with her boyfriend. Chelsea finally spoke about Nick during a 2018 interview with Bravo’s ‘Daily Dish.’ “I do have a boyfriend and all is going well,” Meissner shared. “He travels a lot because he’s a professional sailor. He’s got a lot, I’ll just say that.” From their respective social media accounts, it seems implausible to judge whether the two are still together or have decided to part ways.

Picture Credit: Chelsea Meissner/Instagram

There is a fair chance of both the scenarios to have played out. The possibility of the couple eventually calling it quits due to the distance and schedule issues is as high as them having worked out the differences. Her fans speculate that the post she shared of her trip to El Salvador in January might be pointing towards a positive direction. But because Chelsea remains inactive on Instagram for the most part and her beau has set his account on private, there is no way a sure-shot claim could be made.

Picture Credit: Chelsea Meissner/Instagram

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