Children Ruin Everything Renewed For Season 4 at CTV

CTV has renewed the sitcom ‘Children Ruin Everything’ for season 4. The shooting of the upcoming installment will begin in Toronto, Ontario, in May. Kurt Smeaton, who created the series, continues to lead the writers. Melanie Orr, who previously helmed sixteen episodes of the show, is also returning as a director.

In the third season, Astrid and James deal with Viv’s ADHD diagnosis and navigate different approaches to manage it. Felix’s newfound interest in coffee leads him to some unexpected challenges, prompting Astrid to experiment with diet changes. The couple faces discipline issues with their kids, Astrid’s confidence takes a hit during a presentation, and they struggle to find time for themselves amidst parental duties. Shopping for Felix’s new wardrobe and Viv’s crush on the babysitter add further complications. Astrid attempts spontaneity, only to face unexpected obstacles, and the couple grapples with time management and work-life balance concerns. Despite their efforts, mishaps and misunderstandings continue to arise, challenging their parenting skills and relationship dynamics.

In the fourth installment of the sitcom, the viewers can anticipate Astrid and James facing new parenting challenges as their children continue to grow and develop. With Viv’s ADHD diagnosis still a prominent part of their lives, the couple will likely explore different strategies for supporting her while navigating the everyday chaos of family life. Felix’s emerging independence and evolving personality may lead to unexpected situations and dilemmas, challenging the couple to change their parenting approach accordingly. As they strive to maintain a balance between work, family, and personal aspirations, the duo may encounter fresh hurdles and humorous mishaps along the way. With their trademark blend of heartwarming moments and comedic chaos, season 4 is expected to deliver relatable insights into the joys and struggles of modern parenthood.

Most of the main cast members, including Aaron Abrams as James, Mikayla Swaminathan as Viv, Dmitry Chepovetsky as Bo, Logan Nicholson as Felix, Veena Sood as Nisha, and Meaghan Rath as Astrid are expected to feature in the fourth installment. Additionally, Nazneen Contractor as Dawn, Ennis Esmer as Ennis, Darius Rota as Corey, and Lisa Codrington as Marla may also return.

Toronto has been a significant filming location of the series over the years, along with Hamilton. The city previously hosted the production of Prime Video’s ‘Reacher‘ and ‘The Boys‘ as well.

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