Christmas with a Kiss: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Roger M. Bobb, Hallmark’s ‘Christmas with a Kiss’ is a Christmas romance that centers upon Mona. She is a successful social media brand ambassador who has been less fortunate when it comes to romance. The New York-based influencer returns to her hometown to participate in its annual Christmas carnival. She is warmly welcomed by her sister and parents, and they reminisce about her grandfather and his wish-fulfilling Christmas tree. One of the wishes she had made of the tree was to be married before turning thirty-five. They reassure her and recommend finding a date and kissing him under the mistletoe after the carnival dance, fabled to bring true love, as it had done for them.

Mona is skeptical but soon runs into an old crush, Fletcher, who has since become a firefighter. It quickly becomes apparent that there is a spark between them still. Meanwhile, she is interviewed by a handsome reporter, Dez, who inquires about the carnival tradition started by her great-grandfather. As she takes him through the customs, the two grow surprisingly enamored with each other. A once unlucky-in-love woman, Mona is now courted by two dashing suitors. She just has to pick the right one for the Christmas carnival dance. Watching the romance unfold in a homely festive town, you may be wondering where the filming of this heartwarming tale took place and who are the actors breathing life into it.

Where Was Christmas with a Kiss Filmed?

‘Christmas with a Kiss’ was filmed in the Greater Toronto area, including the towns of Oakville and Milton, in the province of Ontario. Principle photography began in early October 2023 and was wrapped up within the month. So, allow us to take you through the specific filming locations used as a backdrop for the Hallmark Channel movie.

Toronto, Ontario

The highly populous provincial capital city presents an iconic and diverse landscape for filmmakers. Its historical streets, green swathes of parks, soaring skyscrapers, and quaint outskirts fulfill the requirements for a variety of filming backdrops. Additionally, the metropolis boasts a vast pool of movie crews, talent, and infrastructure. Such perks, sweetened by tax credits for shooting in the city, make Toronto a filming destination that is difficult to turn down. Thus, the city finds itself a recurring location for Christmas films. These include, ‘A Christmas Story,’ ‘The Santa Clause,’ ‘Fir Crazy,’ and ‘Scrooged.’

Milton, Ontario

Nestled southwest of Toronto, the city of Milton also served as a filming location for ‘Christmas with a Kiss.’ Residents of the serene town found a section along Milton’s Main Street closed off, from James to Martin Street, for the filming of ‘the Hallmark production between October 4 and 13. The film’s adept production crew transformed the section of downtown Milton into a Christmas wonderland to establish the backdrop for scenes of the Christmas carnival. The compact parking area amid Knox Presbyterian Church and Chudleigh Blossom Café had been cordoned off and ingeniously turned into the make-believe Christmas festival.

The transformed set boasted artificial snow and whimsically adorned shops explicitly tailored for the holiday movie. The set can be seen in multiple scenes of the film whenever the members of our love triangle are out enjoying the festivities in town. The city of Milton embodies a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. This growing town offers a picturesque setting for filming heartwarming Christmas movies, with its charming downtown adorned with festive decorations and historic buildings that exude holiday cheer.

Oakville, Ontario

Situated to the east of Milton in the Halton Region, Oakville is a large captivating town on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. The cast and crew likely spent some time filming in the area. The town’s charming downtown, characterized by quaint boutiques and historic architecture, exudes a festive ambiance during the holiday season. Part of the Greater Toronto Area, the city is home to tree-lined streets, adorned with twinkling lights and seasonal decorations, that evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia, enhancing its appeal as a filming location for crafting memorable tales of the holiday spirit.

Christmas with a Kiss Cast

Mishael Morgan headlines the cast of ‘Christmas with a Kiss’ by portraying the character of Mona. She is most well known for starring in ‘The Young and the Restless’ as Hilary Curtis. Other works of hers include essaying Dr. Petra Dupre in ‘Chicago Med,’ Chandra O’Neill in ‘Republic of Doyle,’ and Sophie Porter in ‘Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas.’ Morgan is joined by Ronnie Rowe Jr. and Jaime M. Callica, who portray her love interests, Dez and Fletcher, respectively.

Jaime M. Callica has been a part of productions such as ‘Trap House’, ‘Hypnotic’, ‘Christmas Party Crashers,’ and ‘Ruthless.’ Ronnie Rowe found his footing in acting through theatre during grad school, and has since gone on to star in  ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘Black Cop,’ ‘The Man from Toronto,’ and ‘Inventing the Christmas Prince.’ Other cast members include Jayd Deroché as Bryan and JaNae Armogan as Erin.

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