7 Movies Like The Man from Toronto You Must See

Image Credit: Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

Patrick Hughes of ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘ fame directed ‘The Man from Toronto,’ the fun action-comedy movie. The robust premise turns the bromance genre on its head. Teddy is a screw-up, but at least he can help the police catch the notorious titular assassin by taking on his identity. However, a commotion unfolds in the airplane carrying Teddy as the real Man from Toronto descends to settle the score.

Teddy soon realizes he is charting troubled waters, but he gives the assassin the benefit of the doubt, who comes off as friendly at a second glance. With Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson essaying the central roles, the concoction is potent in laughter. However, you must be wondering whether there are similar features following an unlikely covenant. In that case, we have put together a list of films you cannot resist. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘The Man from Toronto’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Due Date (2010)

Directed by Todd Phillips, ‘Due Date‘ is a blast of a black comedy road movie championing an unlikely pairing. Peter must travel cross-country to reach Los Angeles and reunite with his wife and newborn child. For the lack of a better option, Peter is forced to team up with an aspiring actor hoping to audition in LA and his dog with a neck collar. The sprawling trip takes them to eccentric avenues, and Peter even ends up in jail in a twisty turn of events. While resting on the chemistry of its two male leads, Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, the movie also showcases the American highway life. If you want to watch another film after ‘The Man from Toronto’ where the two central characters do not go well, here is a movie you should consider watching.

6. The Devil’s Double (2011)

Image Credit: Sofie Silbermann

Helmed by Lee Tamahori and based on the book by Latif Yahia, ‘The Devil’s Double’ is one of the most gripping movies about double identities and doppelgangers. The narrative is a foray into the autocratic empire of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi politician, and dictator. A man with no possession gains entry into the household of Saddam. The resemblance between him and Saddam’s son seems to be uncanny. In a quest for survival, he has only two options, becoming the double for Saddam’s popularly hated son or death. If you have liked the doubling aspect of ‘The Man from Toronto,’ this is an underrated gem you must check out at all costs.

5. The Endless (2018)

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead jointly directed the mind-bending sci-fi cult movie ‘The Endless.’ Justin and Aaron are two brothers, and while one has his life almost figured out, the other is still looking for avenues to explore. After they escaped from a cult that lives in the jungle, many years have passed. After receiving a cryptic message, they return, and the past rushes back. However, the way out is not as straight. In apparent sight, sci-fi horror thriller ‘The Endless’ walks an entirely different route than ‘The Man from Toronto.’ And yet, you may find resemblances in the story of two contrasting brothers escaping from a threat that lies beyond them.

4. Rush Hour (1998)

Brett Ratner directed the first installment of the action-comedy franchise, ‘Rush Hour.’ While taking Jackie Chan to the pinnacle of commercial success in the West, the movie cracks some wholesome laughter. To save the daughter of a Chinese consul from gruesome thugs, Hong Kong detective Lee must sail to the US. Despite his concerns, he makes an unlikely partnership with garrulous and frolicking LA detective Brett Ratner. The recipe, especially the chemistry between Chan and Chris Tucker, was so flavorful that the producers spun two sequels. If you are in the mood for a film with another unlikely tale of friendship and rivalry after ‘The Man from Toronto,’ this movie you can count on to fill your popcorn bucket.

3. The Negotiator (1998)

F. Gary Gray directed the cerebral and gripping action thriller movie ‘The Negotiator.’ The film sees Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey flaunting the garbs of hostage negotiators. With his back against the wall, negotiator Danny Roman is forced to take a drastic decision. In a curious turn of fate, he takes a few hostages in his office. Roman demands hostage negotiator Chris Sabian, who Roman believes would help him prove his innocence. While loosely based on a true story, the movie is a remarkable showcase for both Spacey and Jackson. If following ‘The Man from Toronto,’ you seek to see another movie about a hostile dynamic based on some trust, this is a film you must bet on.

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

1998 seems to have been a gratuitous year for cinema since it was also when the Coen Brothers came up with a film widely regarded as their magnum opus. The movie we’re talking about is the black comedy existential epic ‘The Big Lebowski.’ Owing to a mishap of mixed-up identity, the laid-back Jeff Lebowski, who goes by the name of the Dude, gets his prized possession of a rug stolen. The incident compels the Dude to go to the opulent house of the other achiever Jeff Lebowski, who employs him to deal with the kidnappers of his trophy wife, Bunny. Lebowski’s daughter has a stake in the equation, and so has Dude’s reckless war veteran buddy Walter. Things mess up further with Dude’s blackouts, but he figures a way in the end. If it’s a tale of mistaken identities and unlikely brotherhoods like ‘The Man from Toronto,’ you should watch the Coen Brothers’ classic.

1. Boiling Point (1990)

The ingenious Japanese auteur Takeshi Kitano directed the black comedy road movie ‘Boiling Point.’ The narrative follows a low-level baseball player who puts himself in peril by clashing with a gangster. He must get help from an eccentric local bar owner with underworld connections. Although, it is not clear whether the bar owner is enough to dissuade the erratic Yakuza gangster (Kitano himself essays the role). Precisely edited, refreshingly told, and bearing signature Kinato camera techniques, the movie also packs a surprise in the end. If you have been enticed by the crime aspect of ‘The Man from Toronto,’ here is a movie you should bank on.

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