Chucky Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Chucky’ lives up to the potential of its psychological horror elements with a dark and twisted seventh episode that finally sees Chucky’s master plan beginning to take shape. Speaking of shapes, Junior and Devon are both bent pretty out of shape with the recent losses of their mothers. Both teenagers deal with their loss in a drastically different way.

The episode ends by unveiling a new killer and the arrival of Andy Barclay in Hackensack. With so many important developments, we are sure viewers must be looking for clarification about some of the episode’s events. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Chucky’ episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode (titled ‘Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss’) opens with a funeral for Bree with Lexy, her family, and Devon also attending. Tiffany arrives to pay her respects and kisses Logan, infuriating Junior. Devon becomes distant from Jake and suggests that they look for Chucky separately. Junior hits Jake and creates a scene at the wake. Later, Jake visits Devon, who is packing his stuff and leaving to live with his aunt. Devon expresses that he wants to be alone.

Logan begins to drink heavily after Bree’s death. Meanwhile, Junior meets Tiffany, who implies that his father cheated on his mother with her. Junior finds Chucky and starts talking to him. In a flashback to 1988, we see Chucky and Tiffany’s relationship declining after Chucky begins to kill people on his own. In the present, Chucky coerces Junior into killing his father and Jake. Jake contemplates the recent events in his life and decides to leave the town. He packs some stuff and takes money from Logan’s wallet. Elsewhere, Andy Barclay and Kyle stop at a gas station. However, Andy leaves Kyle behind and heads to Hackensack.

On his way to the train station, Jake spots a delivery man with a Good Guy doll. Jake buys the doll and learns its delivery address. Devon heads to Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home and finds Nica held hostage there. Jake meets Lexy, and the two deduce that the doll is being delivered to Charles’ home. The duo realizes that Devon is at the house. However, before they can move out of the house, the doll comes to life. Andy arrives at the Wheeler residence a tad too late.

Chucky Episode 7 Ending: Is Logan Dead? Who Killed Him?

As the episode reaches its conclusion, a shocking transformation awaits the fans. Chucky begins to manipulate the volatile feelings of Junior. The serial killer doll takes advantage of Junior’s newfound resentment towards his father and urges him to kill Logan. After an argument with Logan wherein he insults Bree, Junior finally snaps and hits Logan in the face with the doll. Junior continues to smash at Logan’s face with the doll until Logan dies.

In the end, Junior kills Logan and feels no remorse for it. Thus, Chucky finally succeeds in transforming one of the teenagers into being a killer like him. How this plays into Chucky’s larger plan remains to be seen, but he has already moved the pieces in place. Logan’s death is particularly tragic because he becomes just like his twin brother, Lucas, towards the end. Chucky also has a hand in both their murders, so perhaps one can see some bemused poetry in their deaths. In stark contrast to Jake, Junior actually goes through with the murder, highlighting his declining state after his breakup with Lexy and the passing of his mother.

Is Devon Dead? Are Lexy and Jake Alive?

In the final moments of the episode, Devon frees Nica from confinement. However, right then, Charles’ spirit takes over Nica’s body and introduces himself. He picks up a taser from Devon’s bag and prepares to attack the teenager. The episode ends without revealing Devon’s fate. On the other hand, Lexy and Jake are also being targeted by another Chucky doll. At Charles’ childhood home, the killer has assembled numerous dolls, and they all come to life. Therefore, it is safe to say that Lexy, Jake, and Devon are in imminent danger.

It is difficult to tell whether they will survive, but since Jake and Lexy are facing only one doll, they might emerge out alive. On the other hand, the odds are stacked up against Devon, who is trapped in the house with Chucky and the dolls. Thus, the episode ends on a major cliffhanger by keeping the fates of its three main characters a mystery. It seems unlikely that external help will arrive to save the teenagers, and they will have to rely on their own wits to survive.

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