Chucky Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the first half of its debut season, ‘Chucky’ sets up the storylines of various new and old characters of the ‘Child’s Play‘ franchise, while the sixth episode sets them all on a collision course with one another. In the episode, Jake contacts Andy Barclay for help in dealing with Chucky. However, before Andy can arrive to lend a helping hand, Chucky strikes again and delivers what can be considered his most devastating blow to the teenagers. Without wasting any more time, allow us to dive into the episode’s events and break down the shocking ending of ‘Chucky’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode of ‘Chucky’ (titled ‘Cape Queer’) opens in Charleston, South Carolina. Andy Barclay and his foster sister, Kyle, pretend to be from the US census department and visit a suburban family. At the family’s house, they find one of the dolls with a shard of Charles Lee Ray’s soul inside it. Andy shoots the doll in the forehead and kills it before it can hurt anyone. Back in Hackensack, Detective Evans arrests Miss Fairchild on suspicion of being involved in the murders of Principal McVey, Detective Peyton, and Oliver.

Lexy, Jake, and Devon, realizing that it is only a matter of time before Chucky strikes again, decide to call in Andy for help. At a motel, Tiffany (possessing Jennifer Tilly’s body) and Charles (possessing Nica Pierce’s body) are disposing of the body of their latest kill. However, a splash of blood brings forth Nica’s consciousness. Tiffany hits Nica with a pan rendering her unconscious. She then takes Nica to a house she has recently purchased. The house is Charles’ childhood home.

In a flashback to 1987, we see Charles and Tiffany buying a car in which a couple died. Charles finds a book about voodoo in the car. In the present, Jake contacts Andy and tells him about Chucky’s murderous charade in Hackensack. Andy and Kyle head to the city while Jake and Devon plan to protect themselves. Bree reveals her cancer diagnosis to Logan and Junior. While returning from her therapist’s office, Chucky pushes Bree through a glass panel, and she plummets to her death. While Junior and Logan reel in from the loss, Jake, Lexy, and Devon prepare to take a stand against Chucky.

Chucky Episode 6 Ending: Are Bree and Detective Evans Dead?

In the episode, Chucky kills Bree and makes it appear like a suicide. Bree was visiting her therapist and planned on refusing treatment for her cancer, which she had little chance of recovering from. Therefore, she is the perfect target for Chucky. By killing Bree, Chucky adds more chaos to Jake’s life. Towards the episode’s end, the serial killer corners Lexy at the Wheeler house, where the teenagers are having a stakeout. However, Chucky offers Lexy a deal: kill Jake and save herself. Jake arrives, but before he can attack Chucky, the doll flees, only to be tasered by Devon.

Chucky quickly recovers and runs away. Just then, Detective Evans arrives at the house, and Chucky pushes her downstairs before disappearing into the night. Detective Evans snaps her neck during the fall. Lexy, Devon, and Jake gather around her body as she lifelessly lies on the floor. Therefore, it is safe to say that Detective Evans is no more. In the episode, Andy warns Jake that the doll will try to take advantage of their vulnerability. Andy’s words prove to be true as Chucky kills Bree and tries to coax Lexy into killing Jake. Surprisingly, Chucky never tries to hurt Devon. Therefore, it appears that the murderous doll is trying to torment the teenagers by killing their dear ones.

Do Lexy and Junior Break Up?

In the last few episodes, we see Lexy and Junior growing distant as Lexy focuses on stopping Chucky. Consequently, she spends more time with Devon and Jake, causing Junior to feel insecure. Lexy is the one who suggests keeping the truth about Chucky a secret from Junior. Junior’s breaking point comes in the sixth episode, wherein he is trying to talk to Lexy about his mom’s cancer diagnosis. However, Lexy is distracted by her mission of defeating Chucky. Junior snaps and breaks up with Lexy.

After his mother’s death, Junior also blames Jake for everything wrong happening in his life. It is clear that Junior resents Jake, and Chucky could manipulate his feelings. The vicious killer wants Jake dead. Therefore, he could try to use Junior’s hate for Jake just as he attempted to use Jake’s disdain for Lexy earlier. Junior might end up walking down on the dark path Chucky tried to set Jake upon.

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