Chucky Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Chucky’ reaches the midway point in its debut season with a thrilling episode that is filled with exciting twists. The fifth episode focuses on Lexy, Devon, and Jake teaming up together to deal with Chucky once and for all. On the other hand, the flashbacks continue to sketch out Charles Lee Ray’s past by introducing the show’s viewers to two very important characters from the ‘Child’s Play‘ franchise. Naturally, viewers are bound to have some queries about the horror show’s fifth episode, and we have got all the answers you need! Here’s everything that happens at the end of ‘Chucky’ episode 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of Chucky, titled ‘Little Little Lies,’ opens with a flashback to Charles Lee Ray’s early adult years. He bonds with a dancer at a strip club. In the present, Caroline wakes from the coma and immediately demands Chucky. However, after seeing the deformed Chucky, she doesn’t want the doll anymore. Caroline’s father, Nathan, throws the doll through a garbage chute.

Lexy, Jake, and Devon learn about the doll’s whereabouts and decide to find him so that they can put an end to his reign of terror. However, by the time they arrive at the garbage disposal, Chucky is already gone. Lexy and her family return to their home, and Nathan gifts Caroline a new Good Guy doll called Thomas.

Lexy loses her cool after seeing the doll and tries to smash it to pieces. Her parents restraint her, and she realizes that Thomas is harmless. The following day at school, the trio of teenagers tries to come up with a plan to locate Chucky. They theorize that Chucky must be itching to kill someone and will make a move soon. In another flashback, we see Charles meeting a young Tiffany Valentine and killing his stripper friend.

Back at home, Nathan finds the deformed Chucky in Caroline’s room. He is about to throw the doll outside when Lexy and Michelle get into an argument. Back at the Wheeler house, tensions rise between Junior and Jake as the latter is spending more time with Lexy and Devon, who usually hang out with Junior. Bree expresses to Logan that it is probably not the best time to have Jake around. She later visits her therapist to discuss her issues.

Elsewhere, Chucky, possessing the body of a paraplegic woman, Nica Pierce, commits a murder with his lover/partner-in-crime, Tiffany. Lexy traps Chucky inside a garbage can and informs Jake and Devon. The boys arrive and, together with Lexy, destroy the doll. On their way home, Jake and Devon share a kiss. Believing that they are in the clear, the trio attends a town hall meeting. Principal McVey’s decapitated head appears in front of the gathered townsfolk at the meeting, shocking everyone.

Chucky Episode 5 Ending: Is Chucky Dead or Alive?

Towards the episode’s end, the teenagers are shocked to see that Principal McVey is dead. They immediately connect the dots and figure out that Chucky somehow survived their brutal bashing and is still alive. We see Chucky pulling the strings from behind the stage curtain, thereby confirming that the serial killer is not dead. Of course, fans must already be aware that destroying the doll would only kill a fraction of Chucky’s soul as he has split it and sealed the parts in various bodies, including that of Nica.

However, the teenagers did not even manage to reduce Chucky’s power by a fraction. In a flashback, we see that Chucky arrived at the Cross house and transferred his soul from the deformed Good Guy doll into the new doll named Thomas. Therefore, Chucky survived and is continuing his murderous charade. The entire situation shows just how cunning Chucky is while underlining the inexperience of the teenagers. The episode’s ending leaves the trio in desperate need of guidance on how to defeat the evil doll.

What Is Bree’s Secret?

In the first episode, during Chucky’s ventriloquist act, he mentions that Jake’s aunt, Bree, is hiding a secret from everyone. Chucky’s choice of words seems to indicate that Bree is cheating on her husband with another man. However, in the fifth episode, the truth about Bree’s secret is revealed. During her conversation with her therapist, Bree mentions that she constantly thinks about her secret.

She is ailing from stage four cancer and hasn’t told anyone about it. Her therapist advises Bree that she should tell the truth to her family. Bree says that she will but doesn’t do so by the episode’s end. The revelation provides a new tangent for the story to follow and will add to the Wheeler household’s tension in the upcoming episodes.

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