Ciao House Season 1: Where Are the Chefs Now?

In the picturesque heart of Tuscany, ‘Ciao House’ hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini brought together 10 gifted chefs to compete and cohabit in a stunning villa. These culinary artists faced unprecedented challenges, showcasing their expertise in Italian cuisine. With each round, two chefs earned significant advantages, while one unfortunate contender bid “Ciao Ciao” to the villa. As these chefs navigated alliances and rivalries, their skills and resilience were tested to the limit. The ultimate prize? A transformative culinary education with Italy’s master chefs. The first season of Food Network’s ‘Ciao House’ premiered in 2023, and since then, the ventures of its exceptional culinary talents have been as vibrant and dynamic as their cooking.

Natalia Rosario is Spreading Her Culinary Wings

Natalia Rosario, a private celebrity chef based in Chicago, frequently collaborates with The Alinea Group and has showcased her culinary talents on shows like ‘Chopped Next Gen’ and ‘Beat Bobby Flay.’ Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Natalia was inspired by her mother’s Italian cooking and holds a diploma in Cuisine et Patisserie from Universidad Anáhuac. In September 2023, Natalia was a guest at the Latina Expo Exchange in Chicago and the next month, she conducted a cooking exhibition with ‘Ciao House’ alum Saba Wahid Duffy at Wright-Locke Farm.

She expressed feeling honored and nostalgic when she represented Puerto Rico at the opening of Entre horizontes: Art and Activism Between Chicago and Puerto Rico at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago after being captivated by their exhibition on Art in the Caribbean Diaspora in 2023. In April 2024, she revisited Italy for the first time since winning a competition in 2023. As of writing, she is vacationing in Indiana Dunes National Park.

Natalia is also gearing up to serve the attendees at Smoke Sessions at Frontier Chicago with her standout creations, like Guajillo Cavatelli Pasta featuring cochinita pibil, mascarpone, epazote breadcrumbs, and cotija on June 21, 2024. Apart from that, she actively shares her recipes with her followers on her social media platforms and is working on her first cookbook. Besides her professional endeavors, Natalia is thriving in her personal life. She is in a loving relationship with Gonzalo, and in spite of being in a long-distance situation, their spark is still strong.

Corey Becker is Battling Sarcoma with an Indomitable Spirit

Brooklyn, New York native Corey Becker may be battling cancer, but his resilience makes it appear like cancer is battling him. Until February 2023, he worked as Chef De Cuisine at Vics in New York, boasting 17 years of culinary experience and a degree in culinary arts management from The Culinary Institute of America. His culinary journey, inspired by growing up with a single mom, led him to a passion for farm-to-table cooking, with notable stints at Vics and The Chefs Club St. Regis.

Corey recently shared the uplifting news that his tumors have disappeared following surgery and treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center. His ill-fated cancer journey began in late 2022 after filming ‘Ciao House’ in Italy. Discovering a large tumor initially mistaken for a hernia, Corey faced 22 rounds of chemotherapy, which resulted in a halt in his career as he moved back home to be closer to family. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic, hitting the gym and maintaining a positive outlook.

Corey celebrated his 33rd birthday on August 22, 2023, despite undergoing chemotherapy at the time. After that, he attended his friend Jackie Finlay’s wedding on October 1. He shares a close bond with his father, Cliff Becker, and the younglings of his family. Through his journey, he emphasizes the importance of choosing to fight and pushing both mentally and physically to overcome his disease, inspiring others with his resilience and dedication. His long-term goals include opening a restaurant and buying a house on the Amalfi coast.

Matt Wasson Provides a Luxury Custom Fine-Dine Experience

Chef Matt Wasson, also known for his appearance on ‘Chopped,’ is currently an importer and wholesaler of Lacornasella Wines. With extensive experience in fine dining and working in Europe, Matt founded The Tailored Night to reconnect people with the joy of food, aiming to create unforgettable dining experiences. Based in Staten Island, New York, Matt got engaged to the love of his life, Mary Mokhtar, on October 22, 2022. The pair ultimately tied the knot on November 13, 2023, in the presence of their family and friends. His diverse culinary background and commitment to fostering a deeper connection between people and food continue to define his career.

Trenica Johnson is Working as a Nutrition Educator

Trenica Johnson, based in Houston, Texas, is a renowned food truck owner and private chef. She serves a clientele that includes celebrities and professional athletes. Originally holding a degree in chemistry and working in the oil and gas sector, Trenica shifted her career path to follow her passion for cooking, eventually attending culinary school. As of April 2024, she has taken on the role of Nutrition Educator at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

Her culinary talents have been featured on Food Network, Max, and Discovery Plus, highlighting her creativity and dedication to the culinary arts, both on and off the cameras. In July 2023, Trenica was honored to attend the Mayor’s Luncheon with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and other distinguished guests. She actively shares her culinary creations and innovations on Instagram, connecting with a broader audience and showcasing her passion for food and nutrition.

Saba Duffy is a Loving Mother and Runs a Food Truck

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Saba Duffy, a multifaceted culinary force renowned for her roles as a culinary educator, chef demonstrator, and imaginative recipe creator. Whether dazzling guests with her culinary creations at Poirier Sales and Service or sharing her expertise at the MAPP Impact event, Saba’s culinary artistry knows no bounds. As she meticulously crafts her first cookbook, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Modern Mediterranean cuisine, and dreams of opening her own restaurant, Saba invites us all to savor the flavorful journey of life alongside her through her vibrant social media presence.

Amidst the tapestry of life’s joys and sorrows, Saba shines as a devoted wife to Micéal Duffy and a nurturing mother to her two cherished children, Issa and Killian. From joyous celebrations, like Micéal’s last birthday on December 17, 2023, to moments of poignant reflection following her mother’s passing on April 29, 2024, Saba’s culinary passion remains unwavering.

Justin Robinson is Flourishing as a “Rockstar Chef”

Upon completing graduate school as a surgical physician, Justin boldly informed his parents of his new dream of becoming a chef. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Justin married the daughter of an Italian chef on April 2, 2022, and is honing his skills under his father-in-law’s guidance. Together, they aim to transform a newly acquired property into a premier Italian dining destination, with Justin eager to delve into Tuscan cuisine. Celebrating his 2nd wedding anniversary on April 2, 2024, he and his wife welcomed their daughter into this world on August 5, 2023.

He’s also a promoter for Home Depot and Traeger Grills. He vacationed in Cartagena, Colombia, in late April 2024 and before that enjoyed The Masters with his family in March 2024, where he also had the prestige of being in the event’s cook-out. Operating under his brand “Rockstar Kitchen,” Justin made a mark at the Georgia Food and Wine Festival and served as a keynote speaker at the University of Kentucky in February, following a previous engagement at Auburn University’s Men of Color Networking Social in September 2023.

Sarah Raffetto is Continuing Her Family’s Legacy

Sarah Raffetto, who has been immersed in the art of Italian cuisine since childhood, runs Raffetto’s Fresh Pasta, her family’s 118-year-old pasta business in New York City. She also co-manages Petite Pasta Joint with her friend Emily Fedner, an extension of the family enterprise. Recently, Sarah endured the heartache of losing her pet cat to kidney disease, compounded by the loss of her grandmother in January of this year. Despite these personal tragedies, she continues to pour her passion into her culinary ventures. In 2023, she found solace in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, vacationing there in August and September and reconnecting with the roots of her culinary heritage.

Omar Ashley Runs a Food Truck Network

Omar Ashley, hailing from Avenel, New Jersey, is the proud owner of Ashley’s Kitchen Food Truck, serving delicious fare across New York and New Jersey. Celebrating his birthday on March 16, Omar had the distinguished honor of hosting the Black History Month Gala at Gracie Mansion Conservancy on March 1, 2023, for which he congratulated the Mayor of New York. He shares a cherished bond with his wife Raven, and they have two children.

Jess Mahoney’s Mysterious Aura Remains Intact

Known to be working at Loz Feliz kitchen in Mirate, Jess carries her California roots with her wherever she goes, infusing her dishes with fresh, light ingredients and sustainable proteins. Raised by a single parent, Jess is proud of her homosexuality and she pursued her culinary education in New York. Jess is a versatile talent—a skateboarder, former butcher, and vegan—who has honed her skills in fine dining kitchens on both coasts and even opened a beach bar in Mexico. The chef remains closed lipped about her personal and professional life, leaving much to speculation for her fans.

Preston Paine Lends His Talents to a Multi-National Hotel Chain

Paine serves as the executive chef of restaurants at the Crescent Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, where he also oversaw the opening of Emilia’s Fort Worth, a coastal Mediterranean fine-dining extension of the hotel. He is also the owner and operator of Shug’s Bagels, an award-winning New York-style bagel shop in Dallas. In April 2024, Paine joyfully announced that he and his wife, Chandler Crumblish Paine (who is an avid jogger) are expecting a baby.

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