Ciao House Season 2: Where Are the Chefs Now?

For its sophomore season, Food Network’s ‘Ciao House’ returned with hosts and judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini welcoming ten talented chefs to a stunning villa in Puglia. Season 2 exuded even fiercer competition as the chefs lived and cooked together, facing unparalleled tests of their proficiency in Italian cuisine. In the heart of Puglia, the epicenter of Italian culture and cuisine, these culinary artists navigated alliances and rivalries, aiming to be the last chef standing.

With its unique format, the show is nothing short of a less brutal version of ‘Hunger Games.’ The season proved to be another thrilling experience showcasing the culinary excellence and personal growth of the contestants. Apart from their time at ‘Ciao House,’ these chefs have embarked on remarkable personal culinary-centric odysseys, expanding their horizons and honing their craft.

Austin Cobb is Always Around the Ocean, Even When He is in the Kitchen

Austin, originally from Palos Verdes, California, is a highly skilled chef with experience in Italy’s fine dining scene. Now residing in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, Austin works as a Private Sushi Chef under the brand Grande Sushi. His culinary journey has been shaped by his time in Italy, where he honed his skills with light, fresh, and clean flavors using the finest ingredients.

Beyond his culinary pursuits, Austin is also an artist, often painting fish, which showcases his deep love for seafood. His artwork, some of which he sells, reflects his connection to the ocean, blending his passions for cooking, painting, and fishing. Embracing a Hemingway-esque lifestyle, Austin spends his free time fishing and enjoying the natural beauty of Costa Rica, embodying the true spirit of a beach boy. His life is a harmonious blend of creativity, culinary excellence, and a profound appreciation for nature.

Stikxz Williams is Expanding On Her Caribbean Roots

Stikxz brings a vibrant and bold cooking style to the table, which revolves around a carefully crafted blend of Caribbean and Italian flavors in her dishes. In March of this year, Stikxz was recognized as one of the 150 #CBNBossLadies for #WomensHistoryMonth. She appeared on Food Network’s Kwanzaa Special in January 2024 and showcased the flavors of Jamaica at the NYAM Supper Series in November 2023.

That same month, she did food styling for an advert with Highsnobiety and Timex. On September 24, 2023, she participated in ‘For Those Who Refuse To Blend In,’ an event she has catered for in the past. Additionally, in August 2023, the New Yorker collaborated with Prince Abou’s Butchery to cook lamb sausage for a Jamaican Independence Day Brunch. Stikxz continues to make her mark in the culinary world with her unique and flavorful creations and an unmissable style.

Devan Cunningham is a “Chefpreneur” Today

Phoenix-based chef Devan Cunningham has made a name for himself under the label The Good Food Table, providing exceptional catering and private chef services. He also works at CC’s On Central, a restaurant he co-owns with his mother, where they specialize in Southern flavors with a modern twist. Devan’s culinary passion was ignited in his childhood while cooking with his mom, a bond that continues to flourish in their joint venture.

This year, on World Donut Day, June 7, Devan and CC’s On Central delighted customers with special donuts. He also appears in episodes of Cookout Culture, where he explores various eateries. A fan of the rapper Spitta Andretti, Devan had the opportunity to share his bucket of Dankensteins with the artist when he visited Arizona on January 8, 2024, much to the rapper’s enjoyment. Creativity, family roots, and a passion for Southern cuisine mark Devan’s journey in the culinary world.

Drew Keane is Rock n Rollin’ in Life as a Chef

Drew Keane currently serves as the Executive Chef at Gibsons Italia in Chicago. Known for being the life of the party, Drew’s culinary journey is marked by his self-taught expertise and rapid rise to an executive chef role by the age of 23. This year, he depicted his skills on Food Network’s ‘Guys Grocery Games’ in January and made his mark at the Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival in December 2023.

He has been dating Rachael Denae for at least seven years now and the couple have stuck it out through thick and thin. Apart from his cooking career, Drew is a fan of the rock band Taking Back Sunday and attended their live show at the Sad Summer Festival in July 2023. He also shares his insights as a special guest on the Music Movies Podcast, blending his love for food, music, and entertainment. Drew’s dynamic presence and culinary talents make him a standout figure in the Chicago food scene.

Hanna Haar is a Private Freelance Chef

Hanna Haar has an impressive background that reflects her Irish and Scandinavian heritage. Despite her roots, she has explored over 20 countries, bringing a wealth of global culinary influences to her work. Based in Montauk, New York, she also specializes in kitchen transformations, making her a versatile and sought-after culinary professional. Celebrating her most recent birthday on May 22, 2024, Hanna offers exclusive private chef services tailored for various occasions, along with custom cakes and dessert tables.

Ivan Barros Serves as an Executive Chef at a Fine-Dine in Miami

Ivan Barros is a seasoned freelance chef with over a decade of culinary experience and has honed his skills alongside multiple James Beard Award winners. Recently, on March 24, 2024, he was appointed Executive Chef at Amara at Paraiso by Chef Michael Schwartz and prior to that he launched a new menu at his restaurant with Schwartz’s assistance on March 15. He also made an appearance at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival on March 3 in Miami. Living in Los Angeles with his two dogs, Luna and Rigatoni, Ivan is currently dating Caroline Strauss and celebrated her birthday on December 30, 2023.

Jan Parker is a Proud Filipino Kitchen Owner

Jan, with roots in Pampanga and Manila, Philippines, has built an impressive culinary career, bolstered by a Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management and an Associate in Baking and Pastry. She founded a culinary program in Wiesbaden, Germany, and has served as an instructor, demonstrating her passion for education. In Tacoma, her hometown, she launched Reyna Filipina Kitchen as a part of her dedication and initiative for Filipino cuisine and culture.

On May 30, 2024, she shared her culinary insights on New Day Northwest and catered the 2024 Global Empowerment Conference on May 25. Jan, married to Nicholas Chang, is a devoted mother to two aspiring chef sons, Harrison and Ben, and a French bulldog named Olive. She celebrated the first anniversary of her On Blend Knee Winery on March 26 and marked her birthday on October 5, 2023 by encouraging donations to the Tacoma Indigenous Leaders Academy Pacific Northwest.

Maria Bregatta is Now a Cafe Owner and Published Author

Maria Bregatta, based in Burlington, Vermont, is the proud owner and operator of Cafe Mamajuana. Married to Geo Vann and blessed with a daughter named Ayla Ray, her culinary journey is a fusion of her dense and varied heritage. Raised by a Sicilian mother and a Dominican chef father, she inherited a rich tapestry of culinary traditions, mastering both classic Italian dishes and Latin cuisine. Maria is also a published author, adding another dimension to her multifaceted career.

Phuoc Vo is Onto Greener Pastures in Silence

Stemming from Tampa, Phuoc Vo has recently bid adieu to his role as Executive Chef at CBK Catering & Events, sparking speculation about his next culinary ventures. Raised in a traditional Vietnamese family, Phuoc was immersed in the world of exquisite cuisine from a young age. Despite initially pursuing pharmacy studies, his true passion for cooking led him to culinary school. Known for his innovative dishes, Phuoc frequently delights his followers with his culinary creations on social media platforms. He recently celebrated the premiere of ‘Ciao House’ season 2 with his girlfriend, Haley Huminski, and friends on June 1, 2024, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Shannon Odom is Blending Cookery With Entrepreneurship

Texas native Shannon Odom is not your average 28-year-old. A self-taught chef and savvy entrepreneur, she and her husband, Austin Odom, co-own a thriving gourmet meal prep business. On the personal front, Shannon has been married to Austin Odom since August 2017. The pair dated for about two years before deciding to tie the knot. Over the six years of their marriage, Austin and Shannon have welcomed two kids — a daughter, Violet, and a son, John Wesley.

Shannon’s culinary journey began with a passion for creating delicious and wholesome meals, which eventually led her to establish her own enterprise. Her dedication to providing quality cuisine has earned her a reputation as a culinary force to be reckoned with in the local community and beyond. In addition to her culinary ventures, Shannon also owns Barbicelli’s Pizza in Hico, building on her success at Oma Leen’s in Walnut Springs.

Tiana Gee is Carving Her Own Path in the Cooking Industry

In the heart of Los Angeles, Tiana Gee has become synonymous with culinary innovation and cultural celebration through her ventures at The Medley Hospitality and Entertainment LLC. Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, Tiana flaunts her culinary expertise as a private chef and food stylist, hosting the popular YouTube cooking show ‘Cookin with Tee.’ She channels her rich heritage into her cooking, blending Filipino and African American flavors to create innovative fusion cuisine, a theme reflected in her SoulPhil pop-up dinner gig.

Recently, Tiana hosted a vibrant party on May 18, 2024, to celebrate the premiere of ‘Ciao Chef’ season 2. Her passion for food and culture has taken her to various events, including the Person Of Colour Food and Wine gathering on May 7, 2024, and prior to that, a feature on Kron4tv news channel on May 3. In April 2024, she indulged her wanderlust with a journey to St Barth, St Martin, and Anguilla, documenting her adventures extensively on her YouTube channel. However, amidst her bustling career, Tiana experienced a loss earlier this year when her great-grandmother passed away in February.

Zev Bennett is Oscillating Between His Several Passions

Zev Bennett, a man of many talents, brings his passion for cooking to the professional realm as part of the cooking crew for Inter Miami CF in Miami. Beyond the kitchen, Zev is a devoted cat dad to BonBon and proudly advocates for autism awareness, sharing his own experiences as a member of the spectrum. While he keeps his romantic life private, Zev enjoys traveling with his partner, as seen during their getaway to Vatican City in November 2023. If his charming looks were not enough, Zev also expresses his creativity through music, crafting spontaneous compositions that reflect his experiences, such as the inspired piece from his Costa Rica journey in July 2023, which he generously shares with his online audience.

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