Claudio: How did Rocco Siffredi’s Brother Die?

Image Credit: Lucia Iuorio/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Supersex’ might seem like just another erotica that focuses on a man’s quest to find power and identity through sex, but it is much more than that. What makes the show different than other shows about sex is how much the series invests in the character’s journey before he ends up on the path that leads him to the doorstep of the porn industry. For the protagonist, Rocco Siffredi, the death of his brother is one of the events that leads him in a direction that ends up changing his life. What happened to his brother in real life? Are the events in the series real or made up?

Claudio’s Death Influenced Rocco to Follow His Dreams

While there are many things in ‘Supersex’ that have been fictionalized for dramatic effect and to add more gravity to the plot, the arc of Rocco’s brother Claudio is not one of them. Just like in the Netflix series, Rocco, in real life, also lost his brother at a young age. He mentioned this event in his interview and revealed that he was barely six years old when his brother passed away, though he didn’t mention what really happened to his brother.

In the show, Claudio is revealed to have been suffering from a brain injury that he received after being beaten up by the bullies who target him and his brothers. It is due to his injury that he wears a red helmet. It has also affected his cognitive abilities, and he is unable to talk properly or express himself to others. His condition makes his mother extremely protective of him, and she spends most of her time looking after him, giving little to no attention to her other children.

It is unclear whether Rocco Siffredi’s brother in real life also had a brain injury or some similar condition. In the show, Claudio learns to live with this condition, and he is the happiest when he is with his brothers, Rocco and Tommaso. It is when Tommaso is fed up with his mother berating him for being with Lucia that he decides to marry her and move away. His leaving has an adverse impact on Claudio, and as he watches his brother leave, he falls unconscious and never wakes up.

Whether or not he passed the same way in real life is uncertain, but the impact that his death had on Rocco is pretty much exactly as shown in the TV series. Rocco’s mother was drowned in grief following the death of her beloved son, and seeing his mother in pain exacerbated the grief he was already feeling. This loss led him to retreat into himself and find comfort and purpose in an unexpected place. It was after Claudio’s death that he discovered the magazine Supersex and became so obsessed with it that he ended up building a career in porn.

In his interviews, Rocco Siffredi confessed that his brother’s death had a part to play in him wanting to pursue a career in porn. To him, anything that could help him get over the pain and make “this life less and less hard” was worth doing. When he found the Supersex magazine, it felt like a sign to him. Rocco revealed that with time, it felt more natural to converge towards that line of work because he had been sexually active since a young age. The porn industry didn’t just offer him the distraction he so desperately needed, but it also offered him a lot of money, which didn’t feel so bad after all.

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