Constellation: Who is the Father of Jo’s Baby?

The first season finale of Apple TV+’s science fiction series ‘Constellation’ reveals that Jo has been pregnant for four weeks. After getting admitted to a facility run by Irena Lysenko, she undergoes an ultrasound test, only for the former to discover that her patient is carrying a baby. Towards the end of the episode, Irena reveals the truth about the pregnancy to Jo, who eventually shares the news with Magnus and Alice. Even though they talk about the baby, Jo explicitly doesn’t reveal who the father of her kid is. Since she is from an alternate universe, is there anything normal about her pregnancy? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Jo’s Ambiguous Pregnancy

Magnus from Jo’s current universe is most likely the father of her baby. After returning from the International Space Station, Jo must have had a medical checkup to ensure that she is completely fine physically, especially considering the accident that happened in space and her risky return. If she was pregnant even before leaving for space, Jo must have learned about it way before her admission to Irena’s facility. Therefore, she seemingly gets pregnant after coming back to Earth. Jo has been sharing her life with Alice and Magnus ever since her return, which indicates that the latter must be the father of her baby.

Even though Frederic Duverger’s name can be associated with the baby, especially since he had an affair with Jo, it is significant to note that the head of ESA had an extramarital relationship with the alternate version of the astronaut. Jo, who returns to Earth after the ISS mission, is not the same person who shared her life with Frederic. The ESA head’s lover is Jo who is left behind in the ISS after the accident. After a swap, Jo A remains in the space station and Jo B ends up in the former’s original universe. Since Jo B never had an affair with Frederic, Magnus A should be the father of the former’s baby.

Since the baby is the creation of two people from two distinct universes, it is safe to say that there’s nothing normal about the pregnancy. After the ultrasound test, the image of the fetus Irena obtained shows an interference effect or a duplicate fetus parallel to the real one. As far as quantum superposition is concerned, a single particle can exist in multiple states at a certain point in time. The result of Henry Caldera’s CAL experiment is eerily similar to the ultrasound image because both show a particular thing’s existence in multiple states. The baby may exist in multiple states because Jo B and Magnus A are from two different universes.

If Magnus A is not the father of the baby, Jo B may not even be the real mother of the kid. From Henry and Bud’s interactions, we know that alternate versions of the same person can control each other. Therefore, Jo A’s pregnancy may be reflected in Jo B. The strange ultrasound image can even be the reflection of such a pregnancy. However, for Jo A to get pregnant, she must have had a sexual relationship with someone in the ISS right before the accident. Even though she is close with both Paul and Ilya, there’s no indication of her having an affair with either of them, which makes this theory improbable.

Irrespective of the identity of Jo’s second child, the baby may help her settle in this new universe and form a family with Magnus A and Alice A. The unborn child may bring these people closer and create a sense of stability among them.

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