Constellation: Where is the Apple TV+ Show Filmed?

‘Constellation,’ created by Peter Harness, is an Apple TV+ series that follows an astronaut’s return to Earth after a catastrophic mission and the reality-bending mysteries she encounters as a result. Jo suffers an accident during her mission in space. She uses an escape pod and returns to Earth. Remembering her daughter’s call right before the incident, she emerges from the vessel, seemingly unharmed. However, Jo starts to doubt the reliability of her memories and consciousness when she discovers gaps in her life, with her daughter’s memories contradicting what she tells her.

The psychological thriller film portrays Jo’s mind-bending experience after her return to regular life. The show’s settings take on a dark character, from the cold void of space and expansive desertscapes to a frigid tundra and solitary home environments. Featuring such a depth of settings, one may be inspired to investigate the filming sites utilized in the production.

Constellation Filming Locations

‘Constellation’ is filmed in New York and internationally across sites in England, Finland, Germany, and Morocco. Principal photography began in September 2022 in Berlin and was wrapped up by February 17, 2023. “Working on that show didn’t only bring me to the most amazing places like Morocco or Finland, but it also got me together with the most amazing talent an actor can wish for,” wrote actor Julian Looman in the caption of a picture he shared on Instagram. Let us take a closer look at the filming locations used to create the show’s settings.

Inari, Finland

The small town of Inari in Finnish Lapland becomes a major filming location for ‘Constellation,’ as several sequences have been shot around its frozen landscapes. Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Finnish Lapland, Inari is an enchanting destination that adds a captivating backdrop for the thriller series. Renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and remote location, Inari offers filmmakers a unique setting that enhances the suspense and tension of the narrative. Five international airports ensure its ease of access all over the world. Much of the series’ snow-covered scenes, including those of Jo’s home, are shot in Inari. Production costs of the Finnish town exceed baseline amounts, with the production racking up over one million euros in costs, a fee that remained unpaid for a fair duration.

Berlin, Germany

The first season was filmed in Berlin, in September of 2022, and witnessed Turbine Studios from the UK establish its own operational branch, Turbine Studios GmbH, situated in Cologne and Berlin, to manage production affairs. “The fact the production received a combination of regional funding and the GMPF (German Motion Picture Fund) funding program makes us very competitive on a global scale,” said Daniel Hetzer, co-founder and managing partner of Turbine’s German operation. “We spent a very high eight-digit number just in Germany.” The production team was granted a historic €10 million from the German Motion Picture Fund by the German government for season 1.

London, England

During cinematic landscape shots in its episodes, we can spot scenes of London, especially of Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster, Central London. Turbine Studios, the production company behind the series, is also based in the city. The Trafalgar Square, a bustling public square in the heart of London, may seem worlds apart from the serene Inari countryside, but both offer unique characteristics that make it an intriguing filming location.

Errachidia, Morocco

Within East Morocco, the film crew of ‘Constellation’ season 1 ventured to the town of Errachidia and lensed scenes in the Errachidia Airport. The pod’s landing scenes of the desert and those thereafter were shot in the sparse desertscape of the Moroccan town. Gateway to the Sahara Desert, Errachidia possesses an expanse of desert dunes and rocky terrain providing an unfamiliar setting for building further unease in its narrative, with its stark beauty and remote atmosphere adding an element of isolation and mystery.

New York City, New York

Briefly, for a few shots in the show, Times Square in Manhattan is visible as we are treated to landscape scenes between the show’s sequences. They feature New York City’s emblematic Times Square as a vibrant hub of activity, one that embodies the essence of New York City’s bustling urban life. It serves as a significant commercial hub, entertainment center, tourist attraction, and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan.

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