Control Z Season 3 Ending, Explained: Who is @allyoursecrets?

Netflix’s Mexican YA mystery ‘Control Z’ returns with a breathless season 3 that follows the ever-deepening mysteries surrounding the students of the National School. As the ominous online menace, @allyoursecrets threatens to once again spill the student body’s deepest secrets, Sofía and her classmates struggle to hide the brutal death they witnessed the previous year.

With things getting increasingly deadly, this is the Mexican YA mystery drama’s most violent season yet. No one is above suspicion, and the faceless adversary seems to have spread beyond just the school. The end, fittingly, leaves us with some burning questions. Ready to jump in and untangle the mysteries of ‘Control Z’ season 3? Let’s figure out what’s what. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Control Z Season 3 Recap

Season 3 opens in the immediate aftermath of season 2, with Sofía and the other students gathered around principal Susana’s body. Having just fallen off the school building, she is clearly dead, and the students panic. In the end, they decide not to call the police and flee the scene. We are then taken a year on, and the students discover that Susana’s dead body was found in her apartment and her cause of death deemed suicide. While most of them are relieved, Sofía remains convinced that not reporting Susana’s death will come back and haunt them. Soon enough, @allyoursecrets begins to once again post ominous messages on social media, threatening to reveal that the students caused Susana’s death.

When it is discovered that the photo being used to blackmail the students was taken by Raúl, he once again becomes the prime suspect. However, Raúl’s own plight soon makes it clear that their real tormentor is someone else. Because of his account getting hacked by @allyoursecrets, Raúl finds himself penniless and homeless. Gerry, meanwhile, finds himself in juvenile prison for the murder of Luis. After getting discharged from the facility, unable to go home, Gerry is taken in by Luis’ grieving mother.

Sofía and Javier try desperately to track down the identity of the real @allyoursecrets, but their partnership breaks down when Javier reveals that his father (a famous footballer) helped move Susana’s body in order to make it look like a suicide. Despite the faceless blackmailer’s actions getting increasingly vicious, Sofía continues chasing after him. She finally tracks down the social media posts and the sadistic games to Bruno, who used to be the head of the school IT department before being fired for starting @allyoursecrets (in season 1).

Control Z Season 3 Ending: Is Raúl @allyoursecrets? Did He Do It All For Sofía?

Bruno claims to have lost control of @allyoursecrets and reluctantly agrees to take Sofía to their hideout. However, she gets kidnapped by multiple youngsters wearing the same mask (which signifies @allyoursecrets) and soon finds herself in a cell with Raúl (who is kidnapped earlier). While attempting to escape, Sofía realizes that the numerous members that now seem to be part of @allyoursecrets are still being controlled by Bruno. She convinces them to take off their masks, essentially breaking up the outfit.

Back at the National School graduation ceremony, Sofía finally reveals the truth to the startled crowd. We are then taken a few months on, where she sits across from Javier in a coffee shop. The latter presents a theory stating that it was actually Raúl who was controlling @allyoursecrets the whole time. Sofía thinks for a moment and laughs at the suggestion before leaving with Raúl on his seemingly new motorcycle.

The season’s closing interaction between Javier and Sofía drops a massive last-minute twist and also fits neatly into a long-running joke. Over the season, Javier tries to assist Sofía with the investigation, but she regularly laughs off his theories as “weird.” This is exactly her reaction to his suggestion that it is actually Raúl that was behind @allyoursecrets the whole time. However, the theory that Javier puts forward this time actually seems to make a number of fair points.

For one, Raúl was connected to the online hacks seen in season 1 and also supported @allyoursecrets, which was started by Bruno. Secondly, he does get Sofía in the end, which, Javier claims, was Raúl’s goal all along. Perhaps most tellingly, we see Raúl astride a fancy new bike in the closing moments of season 3. This strongly hints that he was merely pretending to be broke, which means he could have also feigned his other misfortunes.

What is equally interesting is that Sofía might just believe Javier’s theory, even though she disregards it. She doesn’t reveal to Raúl what they spoke about, and perhaps she just wants the mystery to end. It is also possible (considering the show’s teen drama elements) that Sofía, at some level, is flattered by the psychotic lengths that Raúl is willing to go to just to be with her.

Thus, the season leaves the audience at a pretty big fork in the road, with the person behind @allyoursecrets possibly still being at large. There is a good chance that Javier’s theory is right, and Raúl was behind it all, with Bruno following his orders. However, even if that is the case, the end has a reconciliatory feel to it. With all the students graduating and not having interconnected lives anymore, it seems unlikely that @allyoursecrets will have a motive to strike again. Most notably, Raúl does end up with Sofía in the end, meaning he doesn’t need to continue his chaotic spree with @allyoursecrets.

Do the Students of National School Get Arrested in the End?

The season’s closing moments also see the students turning themselves in and giving statements to the police after Sofía reveals the truth at the graduation ceremony. It is a complicated affair since they are all guilty of hiding details about their principal, Susana’s death. However, since all their secrets are already out, the students can also reveal the vicious blackmail they suffered at the hands of @allyoursecrets, which stopped them from going to the police in the first place.

Ultimately, it looks like the students are all given community service, but none of them are arrested. Some might consider this odd, considering they are collectively responsible for Susana falling off the school roof and dying. However, it is impossible to pin the blame on a single person. Additionally, the person who let go of the bag Susana was holding and caused the fatal fall was Natalia’s sister, Maria, who had previously died of suicide. Thus, the students are not slapped with a murder charge. However, Javier’s famous football player dad is arrested for illegally disposing of the body.

Is Bruno Dead or Alive?

In an eerie reflection of season 1, Bruno is once again found to be behind @allyoursecrets. However, this time around, he seems quite powerless and tells Sofía that he has lost control of the group that has grown out of @allyoursecrets, who now wants to kill him. In the end, Sofía realizes that Bruno is lying and that he is still in control of the small army of masked youngsters that made up the @allyoursecrets members.

Realizing that the masked youngsters are being blackmailed just like she and her classmates were, Sofía tells them to take off their masks. When Bruno is discovered in their midst, the youngsters turn on him. Though we don’t see how things end up, they are unlikely to kill Bruno. The former IT department head does hold catastrophic secrets about each of the youngsters and threatens to reveal them.

It is pretty likely that Bruno is severely beaten up by them and possibly chased away with threats of death if he returns. Considering the young former members of the @allyoursecret army are all school students, it is highly unlikely that they kill Bruno. Thus Bruno is alive and likely arrested (again!) at the end of season 3.

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