Cristy Sharp is Still Passionate About Her Craft After The Great British Baking Show

Image Credit: Cristy Sharp/Instagram

Unencumbered by impeding obstacles, Netflix’s ‘The Great British Baking Show’ (or ‘The Great British Bake Off’) follows the journey of twelve contestants as they work through a series of challenges to win the season’s top spot. The cooking competition features the high-level intensity of a kitchen and the added pressure of delivering something unique and delicious. With each season upping the ante, the participants find themselves jumping several hoops to become victorious.

The fourteenth iteration of the reality television show thus also features tough competition. Cristy Sharp is one of the participants whose endearing nature has made fans curious. So, if you’re wondering more about this television personality, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Cristy Sharp’s The Great British Baking Show Journey

At 33, Cristy Sharp decided to display the skills she had accrued over the years in the renowned cooking competition. During her time on the show, she aimed to deliver the best results despite often doubting her abilities. In fact, in her very first challenge, she managed to go above and beyond not just her own but also everyone else’s expectations. Her nerves did get the best of her initially, but she managed to recalibrate and delivered an idyllic representation of a duck in the form of a cake.

Having wowed the judges with her eye for detail, Cristy proved herself to be a commending competitor in the first-week challenge. In addition to tackling her nerves, she also delivered great results by making a promising start. However, in the second week’s challenge, issues still continued to arise for her as she ended up using the wrong cookie dough. Nevertheless, she managed to wade off the pressure time and again to deliver classic British bakes.

Where is Cristy Sharp Now?

Having left her mark on the audience with her skills, Cristy continues to use her excellence as a creative being to further her career and abilities. After the cameras closed in on her, the reality star decided to showcase her journey as a baker online. She has amassed a significant following on social media since her appearance on the show. Naturally, she shares snippets of behind-the-scenes and her takeaways from the cooking competition. Besides sharing such tidbits from ‘The Great British Baking Show,’ she also uses her online platform to showcase her acumen for baking.

Aside from creating unique sweet treats and creative textures on baked goods, Cristy also delivers her services as a baker to others. In the past, she used her mettle in the kitchen to bake unique flavors for her partner, parents, sister-in-law, siblings, and children. Not just this, she has also supplied her services as a baker to others. From creating Christmas-themed cookies and biscuits to assembling a unique gift set filled with holiday-themed treats, Cristy has time and again displayed her eye for detail and penchant for finesse.

Naturally, her time on the show has awarded her a public stage to display her specialties. When she’s not focused on work, Cristy likes to take time out for her family and friends. Given that most of her flavors are a compilation of her Israeli heritage and her husband’s Jamaican lineage, it is apparent that she values her family and their culture just as much. So, in addition to turning up the heat on the oven in the Netflix series, Cristy continues to give time to her loved ones. Naturally, we await all the personal and professional achievements that lie ahead in her future!

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