Cubby Hoover: Where is the Alone Contestant Now?

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Since its premiere, History Channel’s ‘Alone’ has introduced many survivalists who have faced the adversities of the wilderness during their appearance on the show. Season 11 was equally brutal in having contestants survive in the harsh environment of the Arctic Circle. Over several weeks, it tested the mettle of ten hardy survivalists by sending them into remote wilderness and seeing who could hold out the longest while facing the dangers of their biome and isolation. One such person who made an impact with his tenacity and level-headedness when exposed to dire situations is Missouri bowyer Cubby Hoover.

Cubby Hoover is Back to Crafting Bows Today

Cubby Hoover returned home to Washburn, Missouri, to his homestead, where he resides with his wife, Sydney Hoover. In an interview by Connection Magazine in December 2023, he was asked questions about the origins of his bowyer work and elaborated upon the bushcraft skills he passes on through his venture. By the end of the year, Hoover was out and about and spent a day in the wilderness with his beloved Osage selfbow. He also started crafting bows and completed an Osage orange selfbow with burnt-in stippling for added grip and handmade Flemish twist bow string.

As he got back into the full swing of his business, the Gentry, Arkansas native began the new year with optimism and a promise to remain determined, thankful, kind, and focused on the good. “Crafted with care, straight from the heart of my land! Embracing resourcefulness,” wrote Hoover in a social media post. “I make bows using materials from my own terrain. I use hand tools, so every curve, every detail is a testament to the dedication poured into each piece.” He also reached out to Joe Rogan, promising an exquisitely crafted bow to the comedian and podcaster if he hunted with it next season.

Cubby Hoover Has Made New Friends and Treasures the People in His Life

Cubby Hoover recounted that it was only last year that he and his wife sold everything, bought an RV, moved to Missouri, and started a homestead to pursue his passion for bow-making. The move came with the renewed priority of spending more time with friends and family after the death of a close friend, making Hoover realize the limited time we share with those around us.

Sydney and Hoover want to start their own family but are facing some setbacks with reproductive health. As a step in the direction of expanding their family, the two brought home a new dog, a terrier-blue tick mix, who they named Timber. The ‘Alone’ survivor was surprised at how fast the canine learned commands and discipline. Around Valentine’s Day, Hoover lovingly crafted an Osage selfbow with Flemish twist bow string and fox fur string silencers for his wife, who had been asking for one of her own.

On an especially snowy day, they stayed home and shot arrows together. “These are the moments that life is all about,” he wrote in the caption of a video about the two of them practicing archery together, which he shared on his social media platform. “These little gems pop up in the times they are most needed. Super sappy, I know, but I love my wife. She is my best friend for real. We didn’t understand what that really meant for the longest time.”

Hoover also has a lot of love for his friends and community, participating in festivals and often raising awareness about local issues. At the 2024 Brewha Bushwhack festival, he joined a group of artisans and primitive skills experts in holding classes for attendees and putting up his prized bows on display. In April, Hoover reunited with fellow ‘Alone’ contestant Dusty Blake at the Cane Creek Archery Club. The two seemed to have a grand time shooting through various challenges together.

Further reunions followed in May when ‘Alone’ season 7 contestant Keith Syers and fellow season 11 survivalist Peter Albano met up with Hoover. The hardened craftsmen seemed to share a strong bond of camaraderie and spoke highly of one another. Picking Albano up at the Twin Oaks Bowhunters in Tennessee, Hoover drove him down to Cane Creek Archery Club, where the two made a bow and shot through its course. Having had a lot of fun, the bowyer expressed his excitement for visiting Albano’s neck of the woods soon.

Cubby Hoover continues to make traditional bows with gusto and passion while nurturing a loving relationship with his wife. He endeavors to preserve traditional skills and craftsmanship through his ventures, frequently collaborating with the Cane Creek Archery Club and participating in local festivals. His appearance on ‘Alone’ seems to have drawn more attention to his work and helped him forge new friendships.

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