Where is Curb Your Enthusiasm Filmed?

Larry David is the brains behind ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm‘, which airs on HBO. Larry is shown to be a semi-retired television writer and producer. While the plots and subplots of the episodes are structured beforehand, a lot of the dialogue is improvised on spot, through a process known as retro-scripting.

Much like ‘Seinfeld’, in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ too, the subject matter deals with the minute and mundane details of American life. We see a regular day where Larry interacts with society. The show is based on his faux pas and problems with conventions and expectations. Often, Larry is also exasperated with other people’s behavior, which he expresses, driving the humor of the show.

Larry and his gang are almost Joycean in the sense that they go around the city, much like Leopold Bloom in ‘Ulysses’. They eat, drink, shop, and spread a little ill will. We have seen Larry primarily in Los Angeles, and once in New York. Naturally, you might be wanting to know about the locations that Larry and his gang hit up, and where ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ has been filmed. We have got you covered in that regard.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Filming Locations:

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ mostly follows Larry David in Los Angeles, except for the one time he goes to New York. Several Los Angeles locations appear in the show, including Moreno Avenue. Larry’s house was at 553 Moreno Avenue, but that was demolished. He has now moved to 537 Moreno Avenue, in the show.

The interiors of his office are filmed at Broadway & Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica. The establishing shot of the office is taken in South Fair Oaks Avenue & Green Street, Pasadena. Other locations include Westwood and Glendale. New York too has quite a few recognizable locations that show up in the series. Without further delay, let us tell you about the particulars of the show’s filming locations.

Los Angeles, California

Being a show about nothing, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ eschews the iconic locations of Los Angeles. But the show, in its flaneur-like tendencies, is a treasure trove of locations. Many of the spots in the show might be familiar to LA locals. In fact, the food joints Larry hits up deserves a list of its own.

Some of the locations Larry visits are Pickwick Bowl, where he goes bowling, at 1001 Riverside Drive in Burbank, Marmalade Cafe, where Larry and the gang can be seen on multiple occasions, and Bandera, a happening Brentwood spot where Larry almost misses a meeting with Diane Keaton. John O’Groats is another location featured in the show, where Larry tries to fix his TiVo man’s tips.

We see Larry’s singing prowess in Karaoke Bleu, where he grabs Mel Brooks’ attention. Another classic haunt where Larry and the gang go is Izzy’s, a Jewish deli located at Wilshire Boulevard and 15th Street. We see the Wilshire Restaurant where Larry almost wins Cheryl back.

Some of the other Los Angeles locations include the Banana Republic in Santa Monica, where Larry leaves wearing the pants he did not buy when a fire alarm goes off. Across the street is a Sur La Table, where Larry goes to replace a ‘slow toaster’. We also see Brentwood University Synagogue, where Larry buys tickets for High Holidays. 23rd Street Jewelers also features in the show, but it closed down in August 2019.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ has also been filmed at Alex Theater in Glendale. You can check out the post below, confirming the same.

Larry David has also been seen filming on West Olympic Boulevard. Check out the post below.

Since Larry spends a lot of time in LA, it is impossible for him not to have caught a couple of games. The show has been filmed in the Dodgers Stadium and Staples Center. The latter, as sports fans know, is home to the Lakers. In fact, there is a picture of Larry at a Knicks game, filming for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. Check it out, below.

As for the filming at the Dodgers game, it has a rather interesting story behind it. The raw footage of the filming is being used by a man who has been accused of murder. He is using the footage to prove his alibi, that he was at the game. You can check out the post below, showing Larry at the game as well.

New York City, New York

When Larry heads to New York, we are treated to a whole array of new locations. Larry and Jeff eat at City Hall Restaurant at 131 Duane Street, while Larry’s apartment is the Milan Condominium at 300 East 55th Street. He plays softball against Rosie O’Donnel at Heckscher Field in Central Park.

Larry also looks for viagra and runs with Terry, his trainer, near Washington Square Park. In fact, there is a post about the show’s filming in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. You can check it out here.

Larry’s stay in New York has its share of celebrity appearances as well since he is miffed with Michael J. Fox talking during Jennifer’s performance at The Carlton Hotel on 88 Madison Ave. Jeff and Susie’s apartment is at 353 Central Park West. Central Park’s Conservatory Water is shown in a scene where Larry is re-gifting.

Larry’s therapist’s office is located at 13 East 20th Street/Gramercy Park South. Yaris’s Autonomics is actually Downton Auto & Tire Center at 348 Bowery. Leon helps Larry get into a baseball memorabilia show, at Loews Regency Hotel, 540 Park Avenue.

In conclusion, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ offers a plethora of locations, partly in New York, but mostly in Los Angeles. While these locations are not particularly significant on their own, they gain new meaning in the light of the show. As Larry and his friends traverse around the city, we see it through their eyes.

The choice of filming locations is deliberately low-key, so it does not interfere with the progress of the show too much. That being said, there are ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ city tours in Los Angeles, that will let you walk in Larry’s footsteps, showing how much of an impact the choice of filming locations has already had on pop culture.

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