Dance Life: Where Are They Now?

Image Credit: Jordan Bradley/Amazon Studios

Set in Australia, Amazon Prime’s ‘Dance Life’ follows talented dancers and educators of Brent Street. Over the years, the dancers worked hard to hone their skills, and the last leg of their journey was upon them when they were featured in the reality show. Each and every member of the cast had their own journey to complete during their year as a student, which was avidly followed by the viewers. Now, the world wants to know just what their favorites have been up to these days.

Lucas Newland Has Four Kids

Seen in a commanding role in the Amazon Prime series, Lucas Newland is the proud Managing and Creative Director of Brent Street. Since 2015, he has also been the Owner of the establishment and has played a crucial role in shaping the organization to its current form. Prous of every student that walks the halls of Brent Street, Lucas remains determined that every person is presented with the opportunity they deserve. On a more personal note, the artist is a father of four and enjoys spending time with them whenever possible. Whether it’s going to musical events or a simple outing, he cherishes every moment with his two sons and two daughters. Lucas also has a dog named Alfie, whom he adores very much.

Cassie Bartho is Happily Married

More famously known as Cassie Bartho, Cassandra Corbett continues to wow the world with her skills as a dancer and choreographer, given her firm grasp on Jazz dancing. From May 2023 to July 2023, she served as an Assistant to The Squared Division while working alongside Warner Brothers Entertainment. Based in Maroubra, Australia, Cassie enjoys her role as an educator very much. In September 2023, Cassie tied the knot with her partner, Tom Corbett, and is presently enjoying marital bliss. The happy couple went to France for their honeymoon and are always ready to be there for each other.

Emily Smith is Now a Professional Dancer

Let’s now talk about Emily Smith, who has found joy and comfort in dancing from a very young age and captured the attention of many with her determination, kindness, energy, and hard work, along with her undeniable skills as a dancer. Based in Sydney, Australia, Emily is now 20 years old and is represented by Focus Talent Management. Now a professional dancer, she is focused on furthering her career and is also quite stoked about her debut in the world of reality TV, which tells the story of her year before graduation.

Max Ostler Hopes to Move to Los Angeles

Having appeared in season 17 of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Max Ostler is no stranger to the world of reality television. Though he did not make it past the semifinals, the experience did allow him to develop a liking for the thriving art scenes in Los Angeles, California. Affiliated with Focus Talent Management, Max got the opportunity to dance for Opera Australia at the Sydney Opera House. Though he currently lives in Glenmore Park, New South Wales, Australia, Max is saving money to move to the City of Angels and explore the available opportunities there. With over 28K followers on Instagram and more than 30K admirers on TikTok, the reality TV star is also known for posing as a model.

Archer Howland-Rose Walked at the Australia Fashion Week

Based in Concord, New South Wales, Australia, Archer Howland-Rose is working alongside Focus Talent Management and Kult Models. Their work as a model and dancer have allowed them to explore many new opportunities, which they have not shied away from taking full advantage of. In fact, they even walked for CELINE in Paris, France, as well as during the Australia Fashion Week. Archer’s good looks and undeniable talent have helped them shine brightly, and their fans are hopeful that they will continue to climb the ladder of success. They are also known for their skills as a stylist, with Kim Naylor often donning clothes chosen by Archer.

Arabella Meleo is a Part of a Cabaret Show

Up next, we have Arabella Meleo, whose dedication and determination have helped her gain the admiration of many viewers. Represented by Presley Management, the dance is now 20 years old and is based in Sydney. She is currently part of Sydney Showboats, a cabaret dinner cruise establishment that takes pride in being the country’s longest-running cabaret show, having started in 1987. Following her graduation, Arabella even booked a TikTok advertisement and kept auditioning for musicals while simultaneously working three different jobs.

Max Simmons Appeared in Australian Idol

Max Simmons is yet another talented dancer whose growth in the Amazon Prime show was nothing short of admirable. The artist is based in Syndey and is affiliated with Focus Talent Management. After his graduation, he was even able to become a part of a professional dance company in Australia. Though he and Conor Bann-Murray broke up, the two remain good friends, indicating an amicable split. He and Erin Gaw also appeared in ‘Australian Idol’ quite recently.

Conor Bann-Murray Has Performed Alongside Meghan Trainor

Another talented Brent Street graduate, Conor Bann-Murray, has gone on to wow the world with his skills. The dancer, like many of his fellow cast members, is represented by Focus Talent Management. As of writing, he is a part of the musical ‘Wicked,’ for which he auditioned three days after graduation and landed a part. As such, he has been touring Australia and has performed in numerous cities. Moreover, he has shared the stage with stars like Meghan Trainor, Jessica Maulboy, Kylie Minogue, and Tones and I. As for his love life, Conor and Max Simmons have separated on amicable terms, and the dancer is now seemingly single.

Tiana Vassallo is in a Happy Relationship

Another talent represented by Focus Talent Management, Tiana Vassallo’s skills as a dancer wowed many across the world, given her performance in the Amazon Prime show. The artist is now part of the production of ‘Gatsby’ at the Sydney Opera House. Additionally, she has rejoined Brent Street but is now a teacher at the very establishment that helped hone her own skills. On a more personal note, Tiana is still in a relationship with Thomas “Tom” Young.

Kim Naylor is Both a Model and a Dancer

A lady of many talented, Kim Naylor is represented by Vivien’s Model Management and Presley Management, working both as a model and a dancer. Following her graduation, she went on to make a fantastic debut as a professional dancer at the Syndey World Pride event, with her performance being choreographed by none other than The Squared Divison. The artist was delighted to be a part of her first Mardi Gras dance in 2023 at the events celebrating LGBTQ+ members from across the world.

Erin Gaw is Pursuing Business Studies

Having firmly expressed her desire to start a business using her skills as a dancer, Erin Gaw is now pursuing a business degree at a university, likely to make her dreams come true. Affiliated with Presley Management, she and Max Simmons recently appeared in ‘Australia Idol.’ The dancer continues to embrace her talent as a performing artist and is part of ‘Gatsby’ at the Sydney Opera House, not unlike Tiana Vassallo. The Sydney resident is also known for posing for photoshoots and is always happy to spend time in the company of her loved ones, especially her partner, Josh.

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