Darren McMullen: The Voice Host’s Private Life After a String of Romances and Heartbreak

‘Heat’ star Darren McMullen, the talented television and radio personality, has effortlessly woven his way into the hearts of audiences worldwide. With his captivating charm, quick wit, and genuine ability to connect with people, he has become a beloved figure in the global media landscape. Beyond his magnetic on-screen presence, Darren is also a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, using his platform to raise awareness and promote inclusivity. His unique ability to engage and entertain audiences has undoubtedly made a lasting impact, earning him the adoration of fans and the respect of industry peers alike.

Darren is Not Originally From Australia

Often mistaken for being an Australian native due to the start of his career in television there, 41-year-old Darren McMullen actually hails from Glasgow, Scotland, where his mother worked as a lawyer and his father owned a chemical company. Young Darren did a few odd jobs. When he first moved to Australia at the age of 12, his initial job was selling hot pies at football games. Then his remarkable journey began in sales, negotiating his first job at the young age of 14 and found himself managing sales teams and eventually overseeing the entire sales force for Optus in his early 20s.

As a host and presenter, Darren made notable appearances on Arena’s Exclusive News on Foxtel and in advertising campaigns for Westfield and Gloria Jean’s. However, Darren started gaining prominence in his television career from MTV Australia’s ‘The Lair’ and a car show titled ‘Ignition’. But his career soared when he hosted ‘Love in the Wild’ on NBC. He explored diverse roles, including hosting ‘Darren McMullen’s Outsiders’ on National Geographic Channel and ‘The Voice Australia’ as well as appearing in the drama series ‘House Husbands.’

Darren’s versatility shone on entertainment shows like ‘The Masked Singer Australia’ and as the runner-up on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’. In the world of television, Darren has become a familiar face after ‘The Real Love Boat’, surrounded by strong, empowering women, but behind the scenes, his love life remains an intriguing mystery.

Darren’s Past is Surrounded by Whispers of Romance and Heartbreak

In 2009, speculations of romance surrounded Darren and Erin McNaught, an Australian model and actress, when the undeniable chemistry between them became evident in numerous candid photographs captured on red carpets. Rumors gained traction when The Daily Telegraph reported that the pair were spotted together enjoying on Sydney’s Coogee Beach, although they never officially confirmed their relationship. In the same year, Darren experienced another heart-wrenching chapter in his love life when one of his relationships came to a sudden end after being engaged for two and a half years, leaving him devastated and emotionally shattered.

Darren told The Sydney Morning Herald that his heartbreak became so overwhelming that it led to a hospital stay. Reflecting on the difficult period, Darren realized that his former fiancée was not the right match for him. Despite their initial connection, they eventually drifted apart, transitioning into a friendship that ultimately faded away, especially after she found happiness in marriage. Although he never mentioned the name of his then-fiance, it was speculated that he was allegedly referring to Rechelle Jenkins, an Australian model.

Amidst the aftermath of his heartbreak, Darren found himself in the public eye once again in 2012, this time with British actress Roxanne Pallett. Despite persistent rumors surrounding their relationship, neither Darren nor Roxanne confirmed their romantic involvement. The pair, however, continued to fuel speculation as they were spotted together on several occasions, notably gracing red carpets side by side. Their appearances together added an air of mystery to their connection, leaving fans and media intrigued but without any official confirmation about the nature of their relationship.

In late 2012, Darren was again in news. This time with Delta Goodrem, an Australian musician and songwriter. Despite their apparent affection for each other, both have consistently denied any romantic involvement. When asked about the rumors, Goodrem told The West Australian, “I didn’t realize I had to announce anything officially when I spend time with somebody, but I really enjoy (Darren’s) company. He’s a really close friend of mine.” She emphasized her preference for keeping her personal life private, citing lessons from her past relationships.

Darren and Crystal Reed’s Unexpected Breakup

Once again, Darren McMullen gave a chance to love and openly expressed his admiration for the ‘Teen Wolf’ actress Crystal Reed, describing her as strong, independent, and endlessly creative. While talking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Darren said that he first met Reed at a bar in Los Angeles in 2013. Their relationship was marked by mutual respect and understanding, with Darren even sharing his desire to have children.

However, Darren and Reed chose to delay marriage until same-sex marriage became legal in Australia, a milestone achieved in 2017. Despite dating for six years, the pair split up in 2019. Naturally, their unexpected breakup left fans of their relationship surprised. Neither of the parties has come forward to talk about their split in detail or give out the reason behind their separation.

The Mystery Surrounding Darren’s Dating Life

There is another tale that began in 2012, when Darren McMullen and DJ Milly Gattegano were rumored to have shared a fling. Fast forward to the lockdown era, and it seems these two have been spending quite a bit of time together once again. Despite the persistent rumors surrounding their relationship status, neither celebrity has officially addressed the speculation. However, their bond seems unbreakable, as they continue to be spotted together at various high-profile events and intimate gatherings.

One such occasion was reported by the Daily Mail UK in late November 2021 when Darren and Milly were spotted enjoying lunch with P.E Nation owner Pip Edwards at a chic Japanese eatery, Raw Bar, in the heart of Bondi Beach. This enigmatic connection between the duo, veiled in secrecy yet thriving in the public eye, kept fans and gossip enthusiasts buzzing with curiosity. But sources confirmed that they are not together anymore.

Darren McMullen has more or less managed to keep his relationship status under wraps, maintaining a veil of mystery around his personal life. Despite his prominent presence in the entertainment industry, Darren has chosen to keep his romantic affairs private. The television personality’s decision to remain away from putting his relationship status on display sets him apart, adding an aura of intrigue to his already captivating persona. As a result, fans and followers are left in suspense, looking forward to more of his personal and professional accomplishments. However, single or not, we wish the actor the very best in all his life endeavors.

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