Who Is Davina Potratz From Selling Sunset?

Just like any other famous reality series, Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset‘ is full of over-the-top drama and includes interesting yet slightly inane characters, while having a luxurious and glamorous setting. We’ve been introduced to the successful realtors and fierce women of The Oppenheim Group and have seen how they love nothing more than discussing their personal lives and going to parties when they are not working.

And one such woman in the firm is Davina Potratz. She didn’t have a major role in season one of the series apart from appearing here and there and stirring up some drama, but she did have a much more crucial role in season two. Intruiged to find out more about her? Keep Reading!

Who Is Davina Potratz?

Although Davina’s actual birthdate is unknown, we do know that she was born and raised in Germany and attended the International School in Hamburg, where she learned how to speak English and from where she graduated with her International Baccalaureate. In an interview with VoyageLA, she revealed that growing up, she traveled a lot with her family through Europe and North and South America. And because her mother is half Native American, she would come to the US a lot to visit family. So, after high school, she decided to move to America to study Advertising at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Davina, like most of her other colleagues, was a part of the entertainment industry. She was a former model signed with Ford Model Agency and had worked in the business for almost ten years living in places like London, Milan, and New York. She even made her television debut back in 2004, when she appeared in ‘On the Set: Raising Helen.’ You can also catch her making an appearance in the hit movie ‘Monster-in-law.’

In the same interview, she even revealed how she got interested in real estate in the first place. “In many of my graphic design classes I would create real estate magazine covers but to get the images, I would drive around Malibu and door knock asking homeowners if I could photograph their property. To my fortune, many delighted at the idea so I got great images to work with on my assignments. Seeing these incredible homes lead to a passion and fascination with real estate.” Therefore, it was only natural for her to settle down after her career in the entertainment world by working in real estate.

Davina got her real estate license in early 2006, and ever since then, she has been thriving. According to her profile on The Oppenheim Group website, in all her time in the business, she “has secured property sales in excess of over half a billion dollars and served as an international sales and marketing consultant at several branded and marquee luxury developments.”

Where Is Davina Potratz Now?

Davina is still working at The Oppenheim Group and is not only a broker for them, but is also the Director of the New Development Division. Because of her skill set and passion, she gets to travel all over the world on behalf of the company to ensure that her clients get the best possible deal for their money. As an employee of this real estate business, she also got the opportunity to be in front of the camera again as a cast member of ‘Selling Sunset.’

In 2015, before she came into the spotlight, she established her own real estate agency by the name of The Davina Group, where she works with buyers, sellers, and developers so as to focus on her private clients and provide her services to them in the best possible way.

As for her personal life, she does have a boyfriend named Alex, who we got to see a glimpse of on the show. Davina doesn’t talk about her relationship a lot or post about it on her social media, so, unfortunately, we do not know the nitty-gritty of how they met or even when their romance blossomed. But, we hope to see a whole lot more of them as the series continues.

Davina Potratz Net Worth 2020

By being a successful model, a successful real estate agent, and having such a high position at The Oppenheim Group, Davina has surely accumulated a lot of wealth. According to our estimates, Davina Potratz’s net worth, as of 2020, is close to $1.5 million.

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