Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint From The Big D: Everything We Know

Image Credit: USA Network

Despite the heartbreak that separation left in its wake, six divorced couples reunite to either rekindle old flames or find love elsewhere in USA Network’s ‘The Big D.’ The reality show follows the lives of six ex-couples in a picturesque tropical villa in Costa Rica. As the individuals unpack years of hurt, betrayal and resentment, drama and chaos follow naturally. From enduring jealousy to finding love once again, ‘The Big D’ takes its contestants on a whirlwind of emotions.

The show is hosted by ‘The Bachelorette’ alums JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers and focuses on contestants finding closure from their previous relationships and developing a romantic connection with other singles. As such, the willingness to understand their ex’s view and be open to a conversation nudges these twelve individuals to find inner peace and closure. Moving on from their past, divorced couple Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint appear on the reality television show together. If you’re also curious to learn more about the ex-couple, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint’s Background

Dede is based in New York City, and Thakur puts up in New Jersey. Despite their short marriage, the duo are still on friendly terms with each other and have hung out even after their breakup. As far as education goes, Dede graduated from Tarrant County College in Texas in 2010 and received a BBA from the CUNY School of Professional Studies in New York in 2017. Similarly, Thakur also explored a number of opportunities after completing his education. Keeping in line with their interests, the duo ventured into different fields.

Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint’s Profession

Although Dede initially controlled the operational overload as a Spa Manager in Texas, she has since redirected her skills to administration. In 2012, Dede began her career as a Medical Office Manager for the Grand Central Podiatry in New York City. Here, she worked on the day-to-day tasks of the company and managed time-sensitive documents pertaining to records and insurance.

After having gained sufficient experience in the industry by working at renowned names like PSL Group, and Peer View Institute for Medical Education, Dede finally joined ApotheCom an Inizio Company, in 2021 as Associate Program Manager. Dede has since been promoted to the position of Program Manager and continues to excel in her career.

On the other hand, Thakur’s work is multi-faceted. He has been working as a Talent Acquisition Consultant in New York since 2007. Thakur’s line of work is primarily freelance, which allows him to focus on other things as well. A fitness enthusiast, the reality star is also a model for a number of famous brands. Thakur also occasionally participates in physique competitions and displays his stealth when it comes to body-building flawlessly.

Are Dede Lewis and Thakur Wint Dating Anyone?

After meeting on a dating app, sparks between Dede and Thakur flew fast. The duo got engaged in 2015 when their sons Kieren and Kylan were little. In 2018, after having been engaged for three years, the couple decided to tie the knot. Unfortunately, Dede and Lewis found that despite their dedication to their children, and respect for each other, they do not make a good pair. Dede filed for divorce after she discovered that Thakur was no longer committed to her wholly. As such, the two decided to part ways and are now continuing their journey separately.

On the personal front, Dede likes to keep her dating life under wraps and does not disclose the nature of her relationships to the public. However, after the cameras stopped rolling, Thakur managed to find someone he loves and respect. The reality star is currently in a relationship with Meleah Clinton. Both Thakur and Meleah share loving moments from their relationship on social media.

Along with his sons, Thakur and Meleah regularly travel and explore a number of places. And so, even though Thakur and Dede have parted ways, their emotional rekindling as friends on ‘The Big D’ is a testament to their interpersonal connection. Naturally, we continue to hope that Thakur and Dede gain success in all their future endeavours and find the right partner for each other!

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