Derek and Claire: Where is The Amazing Race S34 Winning Couple Now?

In 2022, season 34 of CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race‘ swept audiences into an exhilarating adventure across the Euro-Mediterranean, where twelve dynamic duos with pre-existing relationships competed fiercely for the coveted $1,000,000 prize. Adapting to COVID-19 pandemic constraints, the season used a chartered plane for seamless transitions between countries, adding a layer of intrigue with new game-changing twists like the Scramble and relentless eliminations every leg. Among the highlights was the inspiring and wholesome journey of Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss. Their paths crossed on ‘Big Brother 23’, where their shared New York roots and mutual interests sparked a sweet showmance.

Derek and Claire’s connection, forged in the competitive atmosphere of the ‘Big Brother’ house, proved to be the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship. Although they both fell short of winning the ‘Big Brother’ game, their time in the jury house blossomed into a romance, and they have been happily together ever since. This bond was further solidified when they appeared on ‘The Amazing Race’ season 34, capturing viewers’ attention as a formidable and adorable couple and winning the season. Their unparalleled synergy and strategic brilliance saw them crowned the ultimate winners, but how has the road been for them since then?

Derek and Claire’s Journey From Big Brother To The Amazing Race and Beyond

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss entered the show as a couple, a product manager, and an AI engineer, aiming to win. Under Phil Keoghan’s enthusiastic guidance, they tackled challenges across three continents and eight countries. Derek and Claire quickly showed their skills by winning the first leg and maintaining strong performances throughout the season. Their blend of diplomacy, chemistry and navigational abilities kept them at the forefront. Despite some setbacks, their teamwork propelled them into the final three. In the thrilling final leg, they took an early lead and held it, securing victory and highlighting the strength of their partnership.

Derek is Now Thriving as a Content Creator and Developer

For nearly 3 years, as the founder of DX Media, Derek has been orchestrating impactful national campaigns, leveraging his success as the victor of season 34 of ‘The Amazing Race.’ Before transitioning into reality TV, he initially began his career as a Tech Product Manager, leading teams in developing features for millions of users. Amidst advocating for increased Asian representation in media, Derek took a hiatus in 2021 to pursue unscripted TV opportunities, ultimately founding DX Media. Through this platform, he collaborates with industry leaders like Microsoft, Walmart, and Corona, generating content with over 100 million impressions, solidifying his position as a influential figure in the media landscape.

Amidst his media ventures, Derek has been actively promoting the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app. In April 2024, he made an appearance in the NAB Show and and expressed support and promotion for Dev Patel’s film ‘Monkey Man.’In addition to his media engagements, Derek has lent his influence to a variety of brands including TurboTax, Jiffy Lube, 1800tequila, and FitBit. Notably, in September 2023, he took part in a Google shoot and shared a memorable tennis match with Jeff Probst, an experience his girlfriend couldn’t contain her excitement over.

In the summer of 2023, Derek embarked on travels to Europe and Cabo before transitioning into a busy social calendar, attending Coachella 2023 with his girlfriend. His journey continued with moments shared watching the Super Bowl finals with friends in February 2024, followed by relocating to San Francisco with his girlfriend in March 2024. Despite the move, their wanderlust persisted, as they ventured to Lake Tahoe in early April 2024 to learn skiing and skateboarding. Amidst his adventures, Derek remains grounded, maintaining close ties with his parents in Harford County, Maryland, and sharing his culinary passions with recipes for Szechuan Dry Pot Sauce, Chicken Katsu, and his mom’s dim sum delights.

Claire Rehfuss is a Full-Time AI Solution Manager and Part-Time Content Creator

Until May 2022, Claire was a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft in New York, working on cutting-edge cloud solutions in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Her role saw her leading executive strategy briefings, technical design sessions, workshops, hackathons, and proof of concept sessions while coordinating teams of data scientists, engineers, and stakeholders to design and deploy scalable ML models.

In August 2021, Claire founded Rehfuss Media, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. In March 2024, she transitioned to a new role as Senior AI Solution Manager at C3 AI in the San Francisco Bay Area. Outside of her professional undertakings, Claire delights her audience with funny and engaging videos created alongside her partner, Derek. Recently, she debuted a chic new haircut in March, reflecting her vibrant personality.

Claire’s vibrant life reflects her passion for wellness, financial acumen, and cultural pursuits. As an advocate for smart money management, she shares insights drawn from their ‘The Amazing Race’ winnings with Derek. Their shared love for exploration has led them to events like the Boston Calling Music Festival in May 2023 and skiing trips to Lake Louise Banff in March of the same year. Claire’s diverse interests range from enjoying shows like ‘Traitors’ to attending Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour in Los Angeles in August 2023. A dedicated ambassador for Virgin Cruise Voyages, she wholeheartedly embraces travel and adventure,

Claire marked her 27th birthday on June 6, 2023, by achieving a remarkable personal milestone: running 27 miles alongside Derek. Her life, marked by a harmonious blend of professional success and personal fulfillment, positions her as an inspiring figure to follow. On top of all the personal and professional undertakings, the couple proudly embraces parenthood to their cherished cat, Velma, exemplifying their capacity for love and responsibility.

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