Greg and John: Where is The Amazing Race S35 Winning Duo Now?

Gregory Franklin and John Franklin, brothers and computer scientists, emerged as the victorious duo on ‘The Amazing Race’ season 35. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, this thrilling season of the CBS show saw thirteen teams with pre-existing relationships racing around the globe for a grand prize of $1,000,000. The adventure spanned three continents and nine countries, covering over 23,800 miles across twelve legs.

Starting in Los Angeles, California, the racers navigated through the vibrant cultures of Thailand, Vietnam, and India, the historic landscapes of Germany and Austria, the scenic beauty of Slovenia and Sweden, and the lush greenery of Ireland before concluding the epic journey in Greater Seattle. As the excitement of their victory fades, fans are left wondering what Greg and John Franklin are up to now.

Greg and John Faced Several Challenges on Their Journey To the Finish Line

Greg and John, the formidable and adorable brother duo, were a dominant force throughout ‘The Amazing Race’ season 35. Their exceptional attitude, quick learning ability, and impressive memory skills consistently propelled them to the top of the pack, finishing in the top half for ten legs and winning four consecutive legs leading up to the finale.

During the final leg, they encountered several setbacks in the scramble challenge but managed to reach the crucial memory Roadblock in second place. John’s sharp memory and a vital mistake by their competitors, Joel and Garrett, with their kayaks allowed Greg and John to make a remarkable comeback. They ultimately crossed the finish line first, narrowly edging out the best friends to become the official winners of the season.

The Franklin Brothers Are Making Waves in the Tech Industry

Greg and John Franklin, originally from Chicago, have carved out successful careers in the tech industry despite living on opposite coasts. Greg, 25, a Manhattan-based software developer and solutions engineer who graduated in 2020 with a computer science degree, resides in New York City. His brother John, 27, works as a product manager for a tech company in Mountain View, California. Together, they combine their tech-savvy skills with a shared passion for innovation, bridging the distance between them through their professional and personal bond.

John Franklin is a multifaceted technologist and musical creative, passionate about the intersection of hardware and entertainment. At Google, he plays a pivotal role in leading the company’s foldable phone program. Following the launch of one of the first foldable phones in 2023, John continues to collaborate with teams across engineering, marketing, user experience research, legal, and various partners to advance this innovative product line. As a Product Manager, he oversees hardware definition, manufacturing execution, product narrative, and the overall success of the launch.

Before stepping into his role in product management, John built a solid foundation as a computer scientist with both industry and academic research experience. His work at prominent companies like Twitter, Disney, and Pixar has been instrumental in leveraging AI and enhancing human-computer interaction to create engaging and entertaining user experiences. His contributions to machine learning software and user experience design have consistently pushed the boundaries of technology in the entertainment sector.

Gregory, a seasoned and adaptable consultant with a background in computer science from Amherst College, has made significant contributions in the field of cybersecurity. Until January 2023, he worked at Deloitte as a Cyber Security Consultant. In this role, Gregory played a key part in developing an internal endpoint detection system in collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This system achieved a 95% accuracy rate in detecting anomalous login activities. Additionally, he was instrumental in creating the platform’s backend API, facilitating data transfers from Chronicle to Splunk using Docker containers and Google App Engine, and deploying multiple Kubeflow pipelines to automate and containerize machine learning algorithms.

Gregory’s technical acumen and leadership skills were honed during his tenure at Deloitte, where he spearheaded numerous projects within the Cyber Security practice. His experience also includes a stint as a venture capital intern at Loeb Enterprises, where he developed his business-oriented skillset. This blend of software engineering and business expertise has positioned him to tackle complex cybersecurity challenges effectively.

In January 2023, Gregory transitioned to C3 AI as an Associate Solutions Engineer, a role he continues to hold today. At C3 AI, he leverages his extensive background in software development and cybersecurity to drive innovative solutions. Additionally, Gregory is actively involved with the non-profit organization Management Leadership for Tomorrow, further showcasing his commitment to leadership and community development.

They Are Also Relishing The Tide of Their Successful Lives

Greg Franklin has been making strides not only in the tech realm but also as an ardent food aficionado. Recently, he expressed his admiration for New York’s Laurel Bakery (though it’s unclear whether this was a paid endorsement or simply a testament to his love for their baked goods). His culinary interests are a recurring theme in his life, as he frequently shares food reviews online, with a particular focus on bakeries.

Greg is dating Ann on the personal front, and the couple enjoyed a memorable vacation in Spain and the Canary Islands this past May. His adventures don’t stop there; he was also spotted exploring the magical world of Universal Studios in Florida with his friends. Greg’s love for travel and nature is evident, as he is often seen venturing into picturesque wilderness settings, capturing the beauty of the outdoors. Through his culinary explorations and travels, Greg continues to blend his professional achievements with his passions, living a well-rounded and adventurous life.

The elder Franklin brother, John, is an avid cinephile, recently seen reveling in the glamour of the Cannes Film Festival in France. Despite having lived in California for at least five years, he attended Coachella for the first time in April 2024 (we don’t blame him; Silicon Valley jobs can be demanding). His diverse interests also extend to wildlife, as evidenced by his visit to Nara National Park, where he enjoyed the serene company of deer.

In his personal life, Frank is in a relationship with Celeste Witting, and he proposed to her at The Art Institute of Chicago in March, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. His passion for travel has taken him to a variety of stunning destinations, including Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park in Botswana, Johannesburg in South Africa, and Mexico City. Through these adventures, Frank continues to explore his interests in film, music, and wildlife, enriching his life with a blend of cultural and natural experiences.

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