Destined with You Episode 6 Recap: Love Triangle Intensifies

‘Destined With You,’ the Netflix South Korean comedy fantasy show, depicts an off-beat romance between the leads, involving a pesky love spell and two love triangles. In pursuit of curing a generational curse that manifests as a fatal disease, hotshot lawyer Jang Shin-yu bestows an ancient spellbook upon its apparent rightful owner, Lee Hong-jo, an ordinary civil servant. However, the situation backfires when Shin-yu accidentally becomes affected by a love potion Hong-jo brews for her office crush, Kwon Jae-kyung. Now, the duo finds themselves in a tricky situation as Shin-yu’s reluctant but burgeoning feelings for Hong-jo complicate their bickersome relationship.

In Episode 6, Hong-jo tries to cure Shin-yu of the love potion effect by casting a different spell meant to nullify disasters. The spell promises to turn Shin-yu and Hong-jo’s problems by giving the latter the freedom to pursue Jae-kyung and restoring Shin-yu’s easy relationship with his fiance, Na-yeon. Nonetheless, as the time nears, Shin-yu wonders if that’s what he truly wants. Let’s find out how things turn out for the pair and how the spell affects their lives. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Destined With You Episode 6 Recap

After a night of drunken misadventures, Shin-yu wakes in his bed with no memory of the previous night, where he came close to kissing Hong-jo. The problem remains: Shin-yu can’t remember if the night ended with him kissing Hong-jo or not. As such, he approaches Hong-jo the next morning to ask her about the night’s events. Nevertheless, the woman doesn’t divulge the night’s details but vehemently insists they never kissed. Her reaction only makes Shin-yu believe something must have happened between them.

At work, Hong-jo finds herself having lunch with Jae-kyung, who decides to accompany Hong-jo for the meal even though he’s already eaten. Furthermore, Jae-kyung inquires about Shin-yu, disclosing that he wasn’t able to sleep after Hong-jo left to drive the drunken man home last night. Hong-jo, realizing that her new neighbor may be interested in her, quickly assures him that there isn’t anything going on with her and Shi-yu. However, a new mystery arises when Jae-kyung denies being the one behind the basket of roses Hong-jo previously assumed were from him.

Eventually, the full moon rolls around, setting the perfect background for Hong-jo to perform the Disaster Nullification Spell. While Hong-jo prepares for the ritual, she recalls Shin-yu’s drunken night when the man tried to kiss him but passed out before anything could happen. Afterward, Hong-jo had to drag Shin-yu back to his apartment, where the lawyer confessed that he didn’t want to go through with the Disaster Nullification Spell.

That night, Shin-yu told Hong-jo that he’d never felt this way about anyone, and she was the only one who had ever made his heart beat like so. Due to the intensity of his emotions towards Hong-jo, Shin-yu wondered if his feelings were a result of the love potion or if he’s grown to really love Hong-jo. The confession had left Hong-jo speechless, but she brushed it off to his drunken state.

In the end, Hong-jo and Shin-yu arrive at a park to perform the ritual under the full moon. Although Shin-yu tries to put off the ceremony, Hong-jo casts the spell, handing Shin-yu a charm to keep on his person for 100 days. The same night, Shin-yu calls Hong-jo to share the great news that the love potion’s effects are waning.

Destined With You Episode 6 Ending: Who Sent The Roses To Hong-jo?

Although the mystery of the roses doesn’t take the cake in Hong-jo’s list of problems, she spends a fair amount of time wondering about the identity of the person who sent her the flowers. Previously, Hong-jo assumed her new downstairs neighbor had left the flowers on her doorstep. Therefore, she is ecstatic after realizing that Jae-kyung is her new neighbor.

Nevertheless, Hong-jo discovers that Jae-kyung never sent her those flowers. After learning about them, Jae-kyung, perhaps jealous, suggests Shin-yu may have sent them to her. Jae-kyung’s behavior toward Shin-yu saw a significant shift after the former found the latter outside Hong-jo’s house in a drunken state. Consequently, the atmosphere between the two had grown tense, affecting their workplace relationship. Therefore, Jae-kyung assumes the flowers must have been from the other man.

Consequently, Hong-jo inquires about the same from Shin-yu, who also reveals that he never sent her the flowers. In the end, the answer comes to Hong-jo after her working acquaintance, Joong-Beom, approaches her after office hours and asks her to dinner. As it would turn out, Joong-Beom also drank Hong-jo’s love potion after finding her water bottle in a park.

As such, Joong-Beom had sent her a basket of roses in a bold presentation of his affection. Even though Hong-jo tries to turn him down, Joong-Beom’s advances are unrelenting. Thankfully, Shin-yu arrives in time to rescue Hong-jo from his unwanted company.

Did The Disaster Nullifcation Spell Work on Shin-yu?

The episode primarily focuses on the Disaster Nullification Spell that Hong-jo casts to counteract the effects of her love potion on Shin-yu. Despite his constant complaining, Shin-yu is reluctant to see the spell through. Since the beginning, Shin-yu has been concerned that the love potion may awaken something in him and result in him developing real feelings for Hong-jo. Now that Hong-jo has found a way to rid Shin-yu of the spell, he’s worried he’ll discover he actually loves Hong-jo once the love spell is gone.

However, Hong-jo, oblivious to Shin-yu’s concerns, believes his hesitance to perform the ritual is only because of the love spell. As a result, she goes through with the ritual. Even though Shin-yu thinks the spell has worn off at first, he eventually realizes otherwise. The first indication of the Nullification Spell working comes when Shin-yu excitedly calls Hong-jo to tell her she is no longer plaguing his thoughts.

Although the pair believe it to be a sign that the counter spell has worked, Shin-yu showcases that he’s still very much thinking of Hong-jo by calling Hong-jo at an ungodly hour at night in the first place. Likewise, when Ma and Gong approach Shin-yu to get advice about the possible assault case with the angry citizen, Shin-yu can only focus on how the citizen had pushed Hong-jo to the floor.

As Shin-yu doubts the spell’s working, he discovers a crucial mistake Hong-jo made during the ritual. Hong-jo misspelled the words on the charm, rendering the entire spell useless. As a result, Shin-yu arrives outside Hong-jo’s house again to inform about the same. In the following argument, Hong-jo lets Shin-yu’s drunken love confession slip. At the same time, Jae-kyung arrives and asks Shin-yu to leave Hong-jo alone.

In response, Shin-yu tells Jae-kyung that he’s in love with Hong-jo. The episode ends with the revelation that the Disaster Nullification Spell didn’t work and created a second disaster. Despite being spellbound, Shin-yu seems to have accepted that he’s in love with Hong-jo.

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