Lifetime’s Devil on Campus: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Inspired by a true story about the Sarah Lawrence cult, Lifetime’s ‘Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story’ is a crime drama movie that follows the titular character, an ex-convict who moves into his daughter’s dorm unannounced and unexpectedly. By acknowledging the insecurities and fears of his daughter’s friends and taking advantage of them, Larry Ray thrusts himself into their lives with sweet words and claims that he can help them transform into a better version of themselves.

As the master manipulator gets the students under his spell, he then targets their friends and family by tapping into their weaknesses. Over time, Ray’s manipulation reaches such an extent that he is able to control the students not just mentally or emotionally but also sexually. Most of the story unfolds in and around Larry’s daughter’s dorm, where the cult is born. Under the direction of Elisabeth Röhm, the film’s visual aspect also enthralls the viewers and keeps them hooked on the story.

Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story Filming Locations

The province of British Columbia, particularly Vancouver, hosted the production of ‘Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story.’ Principal photography for the Lifetime film got underway in March 2024 under the working title ‘The Sarah Lawrence Cult Story’ and wrapped up after about three weeks in mid-April of the same year.

Vancouver, British Columbia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story’ were reportedly lensed in and around the bustling major city of Vancouver. Since the stunning skyline of the city might feature in a few establishing or aerial shots, you might be able to spot the Harbour Centre, Living Shangri-La, and Paradox Hotel Vancouver. On the other hand, in order to tape the interior scenes, the production team most likely took over actual establishments and residences.

Billy Zane took to social media to share his experience shooting the movie in the Van. He wrote, “Had the best time filming in #vancouver on an amazing, as yet unnamed movie ( stay tuned), directed by the incredibly talented @elisabethrohm with these lovely and gifted young actors @alexissides @frankatankk @tedrarogers @milesmmerry @erinwxlsh @themanuelasosa and a wonderfully kind and professional crew. This was a gift. Some great work done by all as a result of the spirit of gratitude all shared on set coupled with the support shown by all for brave and bold choices people brought to the table. Thank you all! And what a remarkably beautiful place #BC is!”

Moreover, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Billy was asked about the toughest scene he had to film in the Lifetime production. He responded, “That one with Claudia. And hammer scene, the abusive scenes. I’ve played nefarious characters in the past and then shied from it for a while. I couldn’t resist this one because of just the curious nature of it. And I hadn’t gone there in a while like this. I liked the platform a lot for it. I have never done a Lifetime movie. I hadn’t considered it. And I thought the network was so well suited for the story, because had it been on any other streamer, the story would’ve been eclipsed by graphic nudity and violence. The fact that there was restraint and a level of censorship required in this story, we could go deeper into character.”

Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story Cast

William “Billy” George Zane essays the role of Larry Ray, the ex-convict, in ‘Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story.’ Throughout his decades-long acting career, Billy has been featured in several iconic feature films, including ‘Titanic,’ Back to the Future Part II,’ ‘Big Kiss,’ ‘Finding Harmony,’ ‘West of Redemption,’ and ‘Trouble Sleeping.’ He also stars in various TV shows, such as ‘Samantha Who?,’ ‘Curfew,’ ‘MacGruber,’ and ‘Guilt.’

Besides Billy Zane, the Lifetime production features compelling performances from other talented actors in supporting roles, including Tedra Rogers as Claudia Drury, Frankie Warren as Isabella, Michael Karl Richards as David, Drew Henderson as Joe, Rhona Rees as Agent Maguire, Brenda Matthews as Ingrid Ray, Miles Merry as Daniel Levin, and Paul Almeida as the Hotel Manager. Furthermore, Alexis Sides, Erin Walsh, and Elizabeth Röhm are featured in the crime movie as well.

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