Where Was Lifetime’s Yoga Teacher Killer Story Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Inspired by true events revolving around a love triangle that turned deadly, Lifetime’s ‘Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story’ is a crime drama movie co-written and directed by Katie Boland. Pro-cyclist Moriah Wilson gets involved in an affair with a fellow cyclist named Colin Strickland despite the latter being in contact with her on-and-off girlfriend, Kaitlin Armstrong, who is a yoga teacher. However, their affair turns out to be quite short-lived as soon, Moriah is found dead.

All fingers point to Kaitlin, who decides to disappear when she is accused of the murder. In order to stay out of reach of the police and get charged, she changes her appearance every now and then while being on the run. Throughout the story, which unfolds in Austin, Texas, the characters find themselves in different settings, raising questions in the minds of the viewers if the makers stayed authentic in terms of the shooting sites as well.

Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story Filming Locations

‘Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story’ was filmed in its entirety in British Columbia, particularly in Vancouver. According to reports, the shooting for the Lifetime production was carried out over the course of a few weeks, between February and March 2024. One of the cast members, Francisca Dennis, took to social media to express her gratitude as she wrote, “It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with @caitylotz and director @katieboland13 on this shocking true crime story…”

Vancouver, British Columbia

Although the story is set in Texas, the filming unit of ‘Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story’ set up camp in the vast city of Vancouver, which is situated in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. From the looks of it, the cast and crew members were spotted taping several pivotal sequences in different parts of the city as various streets and neighborhoods were turned into film sets portraying places in Texas for the movie.

In an interview with Fox41Yakima, Caity Lotz and Kyle Schmid were asked about their experience on the set of the thriller film. While the former said that it was awesome for her, Kyle admitted, “I was nervous. I was like, “Is my marriage going to last this thing?” Living together and loving one another are two different things. Then you’re working together. I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years. We got on set, and watching Caity work was really cool. Being able to see your partner who you love for totally different reasons and then being professional and doing what we do together. Watching people fall in love with her and watching her create this character. I went from nervous to being excited on the first day.”

Caity then elaborated, “I was pregnant while we were filming. It was early, so I was getting this morning sickness and thinking how it would go. Having Kyle there to help take care of me was so helpful. I only threw up in the car once.” Besides doubling for Texas in ‘Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story,’ Vancouver has previously hosted the production of various film and TV projects. Some of the notable ones are ‘Bad Times at the El Royale,’ ‘The A-Team,’ ‘The Unforgivable,’ ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette,’ ‘One Of Us Is Lying,’ and ‘So Help Me Todd.’

Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story Cast

Caity Lotz dons the garb of Kaitlin Armstrong in ‘Yoga Teacher Killer: The Kaitlin Armstrong Story.’ The multi-talented artist, who is also a dancer, singer, and director, might seem like a familiar face to many of you as she has been featured in ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘Arrow,’ and ‘The Flash‘ as Sara Lance/White Canary. She has also shown her acting skills in other projects, such as ‘The Pact,’ ‘Live at the Foxes Den,’ ‘Mad Men,’ and ‘Death Valley.’ On the other hand, the Toronto-native actor Kyle Schmid, who is also the real-life husband of Caity, portrays Kaitlin’s on-and-off romantic partner in the Lifetime film.

Widely recognized as Robert Morehouse in ‘Copper’ and Alex Caulder in ‘Six,’ Kyle has also been featured in several movies in supporting roles, like ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ ‘A History of Violence,’ ‘Babylon Fields,’ and ‘Being Human.’ Moreover, the crime movie stars other talented actors in supporting yet pivotal roles, including Larissa Dias as Moriah Wilson, Brad Harder as Detective Bertrand, Christian Sloan as Tom, and Francisca Dennis as Leader.

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