Dexter: New Blood Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

In its 4th episode, titled ‘H Is for Hero,’ Dexter: New Blood’ finally offers answers to some of the key questions that have been bothering most viewers from the beginning. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is confused by Kurt’s (Clancy Brown) claim that his son is alive and back in New York, while the rest of Iron Lake collectively breathe a sigh of relief. Harrison (Jack Alcott) is hailed as a hero of the town after he is supposedly attacked by Ethan, who he states was going to murder several fellow students at school. However, Dexter has his share of doubts about the sequence of events. Meanwhile, the second serial killer makes his move toward his next victim. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 4 Recap

The episode begins as Dexter and his conscience’s version of Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) speculate about why Kurt is going around telling people that his son, Matt, is alive. After all, Dexter has irrefutable knowledge that the younger Caldwell is dead. Dexter believes it’s just a delusion of a grieving father, while Debra says Kurt is lying and intends to go after the man he thinks killed his son. According to her, Kurt has concluded that Johnny Bullhorn, a member of the local Seneca population, murdered his son for killing the white buck. Now, the mayor of Iron Lake wants to take matters into his own hands, believing that Angela (Julia Jones) is protecting Johnny.

While he is at work, Dexter gets an emergency alert from Harrison’s school and learns from Angela that something has happened there and Harrison is involved. Fearing that the Dark Passenger has finally woken up inside Harrison, Dexter rushes to the school and discovers that Harrison was apparently stabbed by Ethan, a boy who was supposed to be his friend.

After Ethan’s disturbing sketches are found that corroborate Harrison’s claim that the other boy was planning to shoot several students at school, the grateful people of Iron Lake come to regard Dexter’s son as a hero, who potentially saved the lives of several of them. However, as much Dexter wants to be proud of his son, the CSI and the killer inside him gradually realizes that his son is lying. Meanwhile, popular podcaster Molly Park (Jamie Chung) offers Angela her help with the missing young girls. Realizing that Molly has the resources that she lacks, Angela accepts.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 4 Ending: What Happened at the School? Who Stabbed Whom at the School?

In terms of the narrative, episode 4 is a pivotal point in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ It finally shows whether Harrison has indeed inherited the Dark passenger from his father. The sequence of events begins as Harrison listens to Molly’s podcast (he most likely heard about it from Audrey) about the Trinity Killer or Arthur Mitchell and how his mother was his last victim. He also learns that he was found sitting in Rita’s pool of blood.

In the intermediate period between this scene and the next in the sequence, where a worried Dexter arrives at the school, Harrison likely stabbed an unsuspecting Ethan in the legs with a razor, the same type of weapon with which Mitchell killed Rita and then stabbed himself in the abdomen to make it look like Ethan was the one who attacked him.

Dexter realizes that Harrison’s stab wound and the bloodstain pattern don’t match his son’s story. Towards the end of the episode, he also finds the razor hidden inside a torch. Like Dexter, Harrison was found sitting in his mother’s blood and has turned out to be exactly how his father feared — a monster. Meanwhile, Ethan wakes up at the hospital and tries to tell the truth. But because of his sketches, no one believes him. Angela even says that she is going to bring charges against him and ignore his statement on Harrison.

Who Is the Second Serial Killer in Iron Lake? Why Are the Young Girls Going Missing in Iron Lake?

This episode pretty much reveals who the other serial killer is in Iron Lake. In the closing scenes, as Harrison speaks to teachers and students about how they all share responsibility for Ethan’s actions and Dexter rummages through Harrison’s belongings and finds the razor, Kurt leads Chloe, the new runaway girl in Iron Lake, to the basement of the cabin where Lily was previously locked in.

Earlier, the conversation between the two of them revealed that Kurt gave money to her so that she could go back to her mother, but she used it to buy food, because she was hungry, and a jacket, because she was cold. He even offers her a job, which Chloe declines, asserting that she just wants to return home. He seemingly then lets her stay in the basement of his cabin.

By all indications, as we hypothesized earlier, Kurt Caldwell is the second serial killer, the man behind the disappearances of several young women over the years, possibly including Angela’s friend Iris. This gives an interesting context to the conversation that Dexter and Kurt have about their sons. In the original series, Dexter always develops personal relationships with the seasonal antagonists. And it seems that ‘Dexter: New Blood’ is heading in the same direction. Both Dexter and Kurt inadvertently played a crucial role in their sons turning into monsters like themselves and now have nothing but regrets about it.

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