Did Bosch Have Dockweiler Killed in Prison?

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/Amazon Freevee

Developed by Michael Connelly, Tom Bernardo, and Eric Overmyer, ‘Bosch: Legacy’ is the spin-off of and sequel to the Amazon Prime series ‘Bosch,’ which originally streamed from 2014 to 2021. At the start of the sequel series, Harry Bosch has quit the Homicide Division of the LAPD and works as a private investigator. The primary focus of the show is on the relationship between Bosch and his daughter Maddie, who has just started her career as an LAPD officer.

Introduced in season 1, Kurt Dockweiler (Will Chase in the first season and David Denman in the second) is the primary antagonist of the first two episodes of season 2 of ‘Bosch: Legacy.’ He is the Screen Cutter, a rapist who wears a luchador mask. If the ending of season 2 has made you wonder whether Harry had something to do with Dockweiler’s death, here is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Dockweiler?

A building or property inspector, Dockweiler makes his first appearance in season 1 episode 9. As the police look for the Screen Cutter, Maddie spots an inspection notice and contacts Dockweiler, not knowing that this is the man they are searching for. In the season 1 finale, Maddie is abducted by Dockweiler, and Bosch realizes what happened. The beginning of season 2 depicts exactly how it transpired. Dockweiler sedates Maddie, takes her to the desert, and buries her alive in a makeshift coffin. He knows it’s a matter of time before the police catch up with him, so he tries to pre-emptive it by kidnapping Maddie, hoping to use her as a bargaining chip to take the rape charges off the table. He knows that if convicted on those charges, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. But as a prosecutor points out, if the authorities agree to his demands, every criminal will resort to the same method, and all LAPD officers will become potential targets for kidnapping.

A live stream is subsequently sent to the police and media of Maddie inside the box. Ultimately, Bosch finds his daughter with the help of Mo, Jerry, and Chandler before it’s too late. Later in the season, Maddie testifies at Dockweiler’s trial, ensuring he will go to prison.

In the final sequence of the season, after her father takes his dog out for a walk, his phone begins to ring. Maddie picks it up, and on the other end of the line, there is a man named Preston Borders. Fans of the original series will remember that this man appears in season 5, someone whom Bosch put away on rape and murder charges. After learning who she is, Borders tells her to inform her father that he took care of Dockweiler just as Bosch asked him to. The episode ends just as Bosch returns, and Maddie confronts him about what she just heard.

While what Borders tells Maddie can very well be true, the question here is why Borders, a convicted rapist and murderer, would do such a thing for Bosch. One answer can be that Bosch promised him something, which seems unlikely for a man of Bosch’s morality. But then again, Dockweiler hurt his daughter, so the shackles of morality can come off even for the most idealist person if their loved ones are threatened.

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